Child Abuse Story From a Worried Citizen

by Mary
(Georgia, USA)

I have disclosed my own child abuse and my recovery on this site (see Child Abuse Story From Mary3 and Story of Healing From Mary). What I would like to tell you now is a story of two little girls' child abuse and no one cared.

I worked as a criminal paralegal for fifteen years. About eight years ago in a little town in my judicial district there was a three-year-old girl who was abused by her parents. She was put in a clothes dryer and sewed up with sewing thread. This story made national headlines. The news media ate this up. Money was raised for the little girl and she was eventually adopted by some wealthy family from Atlanta.

However, about six months after this story, my law firm caught a case from the same small town about two girls who had been abused. These two girls lived with their mother and her boyfriend in a house without electricity and water. Their mother worked as a waitress in a restaurant. The girls ages 10 and 11 stayed at home with the boyfriend. One of the mother's male friends had started raping the little girls. The girls told the boyfriend. He told them not to tell. In turn he started raping the two little girls. He invited a much older friend to join him in the rape of the little girls. The much older friend would take the girls and buy them pizza and then take them to the woods and rape them.

Finally someone noticed that the girls weren't acting right and called authorities. The three men were arrested. The girls' mother said that the girls were lying and that she did not want them in her home. The girls were awarded to the state. The men pled guilty to rape and various other charges and were sent to prison. The news media never reported on the case. No one took up for the little girls. They both were sent to juvenile because nobody wanted them. I don't know what happened to them, but no one loved them enough to help them out. How sad.

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