Child Abuse - Story From a Daycare Worker

by Drew
(Location Undisclosed)

Okay, so this isn't my story, but I do play a role in it. So, I work at a daycare in the town I go to college in (I'm a junior). Anyhow one day I'm at work playing with my school kids, and one of the girls tells me she has something to tell me, but doesn't want the other kids to hear. Long story short she tells me that a kid at school told everyone he was being abused, and she was worried about him because no one seemed to do anything about it. After we talked some more turns out the teacher heard what he'd said and had written it down on a note on her desk, but that was all she saw, and she wanted someone to do more for him. I told her that more would be done, and that the only reason the teacher just wrote it down was because she needed to wait until she had time to go to the principal, or that she was making note of it in case he said more another time. I also explained to her how she (like me and my co worker) were mandatory reporters and how that all worked. I haven't heard anything else about it, and I haven't asked her because I doubt she'd know of anything else that was being done anyway. What really impressed me was how much she cared about this kid, and wanted to help him. (Btw I did also tell her that the best thing for her to do was to be a good friend to him, and also to be there for him if he needed someone to talk to). What also impressed me is that I believe she's only in like first or second grade, and she's doing this which made me very proud.

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