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This child abuse story from Phillip page was created January 13, 2007 and was originally posted on December 27, 2006 as story #55.

Phillip is from Boone, North Carolina, USA

The following child abuse story from Phillip depicts physical child abuse and emotional child abuse, as well as child neglect.

The child abuse effects on Phillip: the inability to bond with others, and unauthorized drug therapy at the hands of his mother caused loss of employment opportunities.

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Child Abuse Story From Phillip:

Hello, I am 38 years old now; when I was a child I suffered daily attacks from my mother when we lived in a small town in Idaho; my mother Brenda now lives in La Grande, Oregon. Physical abuse was used to correct behavior problems; in reality, this abuse caused more behavior problems from the repeated trauma. Abuse involved repeated beatings with a leather belt, at the time I was age six. This behavior continued until I was a teenager and stood up to her threatening the same treatment.

During my childhood, I was isolated from the other children. Without an opportunity to socialize with other children, I was denied the ability to bond a friendship with others, causing difficulties as an adult. Psychological therapy can not undo the emotional harm caused from repeated abuse inflicted by my mother.

Later in life, my controlling mother took it upon herself to make allegations within the community that I was a child molester. Malicious intent of this nature is cruel and inhumane; it was her intention to have me institutionalized for paranoid psychosis.

I also learned of my mother administering pharmaceutical drugs to influence predicted behavior patterns; this is a classic case of drug-induced psychosis. Unauthorized drug therapy was her way of controlling me, thus preventing employment opportunities by creating a constant illness, which is unexplainable; lab work at the hospital identified blood levels of a particular drug that was not prescribed.

This woman is a control freak, she has the delusion of her own perfect world, and no one is better than she is. After completing a psychology class in college, my opinion is of antisocial behavior from her greed, deception, and manipulation toward the rights of others.

After moving across the country to separate my manipulative mother from my life, my health improved until she came to visit. At this point, she convinced the neighbors to participate in her sick delusion of mind control by causing illness once again with more unauthorized drug therapy.

It is everyone's belief that their mother is there to care for and nurture their child in a positive environment. It is unbelievable that a mother would intentionally try to poison her own child in retaliation for her own wrong doings.

I am also aware of my mother trying to correct her own parenting mistakes with her grandchildren; this must be out of remorse from a guilty soul.

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E-book: Victim To Victory

From Victim to Victory
a memoir

How I got over the devastating effects of child abuse and moved on with my life


E-book: Victim To Victory

From Victim to Victory
a memoir

How I got over the devastating effects of child abuse and moved on with my life


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