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Child Abuse Story:

This child abuse story from Kristen page was created October 26, 2006 and was originally posted on October 5, 2006 as story #41.

Kristen is from Brentwood, Tennessee, USA

The following child abuse story from Kristen depicts sexual abuse and emotional abuse at the hands of her pageant trainer; he held a gun to her if she didn't do what he told her to.

The child abuse effects on Kristen: pain, fear and worry

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Child Abuse Story From Kristen:

Before I was born, my mom had always wanted her little girl to be a beauty pageant person. So she entered me in competitions starting when I was about 2 years old. Then, once I was about 4 years old, she found a company that she really liked. It had different pageants all the time. It was perfect.

Well, about six months after I had been with the company, the pageant director made me (and six others) his "special friend." He molested me for over 4 years. He also took pornographic photos of me. He made me perform sexual acts to and for him. He threatened me with a gun, so I didn't tell.

One really upsetting thing about this was how much parents trusted him. I mean, my mom use to have me stay there for a week or two, to (in my case) "train" for pageant things. I spent four years of my life in pain, fear, and worry. I mean, I know that this doesn't sound as bad as the other stories that are listed here, but anyway, it really hurts.

He used to force me to dress up in really small outfits. If I complained, he would hit me. He did stuff like this to me until I was nine years old. The only reason he stopped was because one of the other girls told. Then her mother reported him and soon after that, I also confessed to my abuse.

He was sent to jail for the minimum sentence with probation. That just disgusts me. I mean, he is a criminal who has ruined little girls' lives. I truly hate him.

I do understand that what happened to me was bad, but I just cannot dwell in what has happened to me. I am so upset to see that so many children are being abused and they are afraid to tell. I know that in some cases you don't get the results that you want, but it would be a lot better than having an abusive person take advantage of you.

One thing that really helped me was going online to see other abuse stories similar to mine. Just talking about it really helps. I hope that if something like this ever happens to you, that you will have the courage to speak up.

Thank you for listening to my story. :-)

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E-book: Victim To Victory

From Victim to Victory
a memoir

How I got over the devastating effects of child abuse and moved on with my life


E-book: Victim To Victory

From Victim to Victory
a memoir

How I got over the devastating effects of child abuse and moved on with my life


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