Child Abuse - Right to Privacy an Issue

by Anonymous
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Still happening at 47: 
It's so incredible to read all these stories, it makes me feel like I have an invisible family to relate to. So much of this the pain is the fierce loneliness and isolation, holding onto hope that somehow the offenders will see the terrible damage they are doing but they seem to be so damaged themselves that they are blind and oblivious to the never ending put downs and poisoned insults they hurl at their target and it is a one and only chosen target. He/She who will take it and not stand up for themselves and even when you do try to defend yourself they can get even worse. Part of it is trapping you and making you utterly dependent on them so you feel you have no way out.
It seems like a power thing, a demand for you to respect them no matter what. A feeding of their ego and their insecurities. These stories are so important, there are times when I don't think any family should be allowed privacy,times when I think every new parent ought to be policed at home with live in police until that child is of age and ready for independence. There is so much hidden abuse and it is too late when the damage is done and it is all done behind closed doors because people have their right to privacy which they abuse over and over again.
It may seem crazy but maybe this right to privacy should be earned when there are innocent children involved, their lives forever ruined by their own families. Maybe this ought to be debated on the world stage as an emergency.

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