Child Abuse on Military Bases

by K. Smith, Retired Military
(Location Undisclosed)

I am so sick of hearing of stories about children who are being abused on base! Not because I don't believe them, but because it is a tragedy that our government, the very same that I served for all those years, is still covering up for low-life scumbags that only enlisted because they didn't or couldn't get a normal job. I was drafted, I didn't have a choice.

One story in particular gets me, though. A man who calls himself a servant of the United States military was caught beating and abusing his step-daughter, repeatedly. Social Services came out to the base, and filed a report each time. Years later, the couple divorced. When his ex-wife had gone to court for their divorce, the abuse was brought up, but ignored because it wasn't his biological child. The military shredded all of the evidence against him in that matter and basically allowed him to continue abusing until she finally left him.

That is disgusting! It's okay to beat someone else's kid, but not your own? She was only 8 years old!!! He was backed by the air force for some ridiculous reason, considering he hands out tools in the maintenance division, and is no asset to anyone!

It's people like that who give military dad's a bad name! My son gave his life for this country, and is survived by his two lovely daughters and one brave young son. This man (this abuser) lives in Georgia, just a few miles from me. If I had my legs, and didn't have a loving family who would miss me, I would dispatch him myself.

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