Child Abuse – No one is Listening to the Children

by CM
(Pennsylvania, USA)

My two wonderful grandchildren ages 3 and 4 are being abused by their father. He has court ordered visits. They are to be supervised--by his girlfriend! She threatened to kill the kids!!!!!!--She has done jail time!--He is now in prison--and wants the kids to be driven to the prison (approx. 6 hours away from their home)--to see him. He hates my grandson (age 4) my grandson has started to stutter, and begs us not to send him. His visits start back up as soon as he is released!!!!

At the very 1st overnight visit, my grandson awoke to find his sister missing. He alerted the family that was to be supervising them. They searched all over the home--then outside. They found his 3 year old sister outside under the car, she was dirty and didnt have any shoes on. It was cold that day----she could have been killed. She just a baby!!!!!

Authorities were notified. My grandson was called a flat out liar. They were not allowed drinks and the father put bugs in my grandsons food! He also told us they were locked in the bedroom without a light. They were not to be around any smoke, due to severe allergies and my granddaughters breathing treatments---yet both the father and his girlfriend smoked the entire visit. So much more has happened that i could go on forever! What do we do---where do we turn??? I have written to the congressmen--And child services in SOMERSET PA is a total joke!!They must get paid extra money to stay in the news with all the child deaths and abuse---thats all anyone can figure. ONLY GOD CAN HELP THE CHILDREN

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