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My 14 yo stepdaughter has been trying to get help from abuse from her father (my ex husband) for years now. I divorced him because of abuse and the poor little girl has had to remain in his custody. She has had CPS notified several times by the school system and has ran away and reported all the abuse and her father's drug addiction to the police. The CPS worker denies any reports done and basically told me she did not care if the child runs away again, because she will be put in a juvenile detention center and it is her own fault. WOW! I thought they were supposed to protect our children?? When I stated that I did not understand her reasoning, because she has been telling people for years about the abuse and since no one will help her she runs away to get away from abuse, but it is her fault?? No wonder we have so many adults addicted to drugs, alcohol or in jail, we allow abuse to continue throughout each generation and do nothing to stop it. I don't know how can CPS be held accountable for their actions.

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