Child Abuse: My Daughter Has No Rights

by NB
(New Jersey, USA)

My daughter was sexually abused by her dad. That was 5 years and many evaluations ago. The courts in Passaic County do not care about children's rights. I've been told children have no rights. The laws need to be changed. Parents of abused children need to band together and demand changes be made in the senate for children's rights. We need to protect our children! When a child has been abused they need to be heard.

My daughter's nightmare began September 2003. When she approached her dad and said to him, "You don't put your hands in my pants. You don't touch my privates." Her dad was touching her when he was watching her, when I was in the shower. I tried to help her and keep her safe. But the family courts do not recognize abuse. Instead, some of the evaluators feel sorry for him. He is not the victim; HIS DAUGHTER IS!

My daughter Mary is now 8 years old. She has been forced to see her dad through supervised visitation (his mother is supposed to be supervising). Mary's had panic attacks, trouble sleeping. She had been seeing a therapist for 2 1/2 years, in which she is now not allowed to see her. Her therapist BELIEVES MARY WAS ABUSED.

Many mistakes were made in this case because an attorney that I hired told me he knew about abuse. He lied to me. I found out he was a real estate attorney and knew nothing about abuse, and ruined the case. By then I had exhausted all my funds. My mom mortgaged her house to try to help, and in the end had to sell her house. I cannot afford another attorney to help Mary.

My heart breaks for Mary, for what she has been through. I love her very much. Children should just know happy. I'm very angry for what her dad has done to her and put her through. Telling evaluators she's crazy and that he never touched her.

The evaluator makes her see a psychiatrist to evaluate Mary. The evaluation went well for Mary. I hope there will be closure for her some day. Mary just wants him to say he's sorry, and he will not. Mary said to me, "Mommy, I'm not a liar. Why doesn't anybody believe me?" I said to Mary, "I believe you. I know you are not a liar." Her dad told her not to talk about the secret anymore. I said to her I was proud of her for being brave, for telling me the secret, and I told her it was not her fault. I divorced Mary's dad. Mary's rights have been violated.

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