Child Abuse - Labels As Emotional Abuse

by BMW Princess

I don't really want to tell you this b/c I am afraid ppl will judge me.I think saying a child has oppositional defiant disorder is emotional abuse.
It is an unfair label and makes the child sound "bad" The dx of ODD puts the blame on a child for hurting. There are other reasons a child could be hurting. A diagnosis of ODD is a good cover to molest a child. If the child is "bad" he may not be beleived Molestation of a "bad" child adds to the hurt and can cause the child to act out more. That label will follow a child wherever he goes. I was dx with that label in high school. I don't even like to talk to my professor b/c I am very attached to her and I think "OMG she knows." But i did tell her in an evasive way because i needed to get the hurt out. I told her in an essay. I just brought the topic up. I can't even be like "Good morning J--" b/c she might see how evil i am. The labels have made me afraid of school. I don't wnt to be judged on this page. There are kids who die from being shaken and i am griping about emotional abuse. There are ppl my age w. cancer who want to live and i'm healthy and don't want to live. I feel weak b/c emotional abuse can make me want to die. I know i'm giving the evil _ what he wants. I will emphatically NOT commit suicide b/c that is giving him what he wants. I think we should remove ODD from the DSM (Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). Find out why the child is hurting. If a child is acting out because of sexual or other abuse you have a moral obligation to help the child. You also have a legal obligation to report abuse. I don't want to be judged for this essay.
The hurt needed to come out. Emotional abuse is very harmful to the soul.
Please post this and please don't judge me.

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