Child Abuse is Soul Murder

by BMW Princess

People who traumatize others through abuse rape or otherwise need to be held responsible for what they do.

I consider destroying someone's personhood to be as bad as murder. Even if you emotionally scar someone you should be liable. Ignorance is no excuse. There are people who enjoy hurting others and they should be held responsible. Some people can lie and manipulate.

In Canada you can sue for emotional distress but it takes about 3 years. The person can lie. They can manipulate the person you hurt and make them feel like a bad person. It's the person who's doing the abuse or traumatizing you who has the problem. A person is profoundly weak pitiful and cowardly if they hurt someone who can't defend themselves. They won't hurt someone who can. That's cowardly. IMO

In the afterlife you see what kind of person you were. If you're a bad person you answer for that. Or at least my gut says so. Oh intuition please be right!

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