Child Abuse Death of Baby Kalynne Flores

by Jess
(Michigan, USA)

kalynne Flores was four months old when she died her father robert flores was babysitting her one day robert decides to go get beer buy does not wanna take kalynne with him so he puts her in a laundry basket with unfolded clothing and puts her in a closet so neighbors couldnt hear cryin robert was gone for an hour when he gets home he dont bother to check on kalynne he has some of his precious beer watches a movie an hour passed thats when he decided to check on his daughter but kalynne was already dead he did cpr but didnt work deserii cortez kalynnes mommy came home at three in the morning after working an overnight dhify at regional medical center in lascruces newmexico when she bent down to kiss her baby goodnight she noticed kalynne didnt move being a registered nurse deserii did cpr on kalynne but was unsuccesful they rush her to the hospital kalynne marie flores was died on dec 6 2007 born july 24 2007 4 months old robert flores got 18 yrs in prison

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