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May 01, 2009
Additional information:
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

The mother, the boyfriend and the uncle had their convictions overturned in a New Mexico Court of Appeals, but on June 21, 2006, justice prevailed: their sentences were reinstated by a New Mexico Supreme Court ruling.

I can only hope that Brianna's tragic life and eventual death can have purpose. Thank you, Jessica. Perhaps re-telling Brianna's story here will help save the life of another precious child.

From Victim to Victory, a memoir
Darlene Barriere
author. speaker. survivor. coach
From Victim to Victory, a memoir

May 01, 2009
A little girl killed by sick, sadistic adults
by: Anonymous

Poor Brianna. I hate those sick, sadistic adults for killing her. They will get their karma.

May 02, 2009
Why birth a beautiful child and Then???
by: maurice

No words of mine could answer this Question. I have read and heard about so many infants like Brianna been brutalized/tortured/dying because of such as described by Anonymous and you Darlene. It makes my understanding of human beings ever so difficult to fathom. Even Animals don't destroy their own. How a woman/MOTHER could be part of such abnormal behaviour allowing her beautiful child to be harmed so badly by animalistic thinking minds. Darlene, your brave to highlight Brianna plight on your site. Thank you for giving your visitors an opportunity to share their feelings. It is the Mother I really cannot express my real feeling against. How she could do it. or allow 2 male very sick in their minds to do what they did to Brianna. Brianna is now as I believe (Christian) an Angel of God. A special child of His for me to use an His instrument for me to Pray and keep close to Him living my life. I can't blame the God I believe in for allowing this to happen. Three very out of the minds senseless human beings choose to do this awful abuse causing her death. Why does a woman birth a child and let this Happen to her beautiful girl/child. Banish people like this Mother/ Boyfriend/ Uncle to the four conrners of the earth away from each other to spend every day they wake up living with their crime. I forgive them but will never forget Brianna.

May 02, 2009
Justice may be blind but she is also, sometimes, indifferent
by: Linda Settles

Wouldn't it be great if justice always won out? The jail terms awarded the sick, perverted people who tortured and killed a baby proves that sometimes justice prevails. At other times, crimes go unnoticed, and if they are brought to court, lady Justice seems to wink at them and let them go.

Being one of those people who have a strong sense of justice, as most of those reading this probably do as well, I don't handle the "winks" very well.

One thing assauges my anger and helps me regain my serenity when I witness the injustice in the world, is the belief that nothing goes unnoticed by the One who sees the sparrow fall. Remember the old song of faith, "The One who sees the sparrow is watching over me."?

If our vision is limited to time and space as we understand it here on Earth, we may become bitter because of the inequity and injustice of our social system. If, however, we believe that there is a "hereafter" and a High Power who represents absolute justice, then we realize that 51 years or 27 years in jail is only a relatively comfortable prelude for those who killed Baby Brianna Lopez and for all those other murderers, rapists, and sexual offenders who think they got away with their crime.

Lady Justice may be inconsistent, but there is One who looks on the heart and He will show no mercy to those who harm others and think they got away with it.

May 04, 2009
by: Anonymous

i THinK THey SH0ULD SPenD THe "ReST" 0F THeRe "LiFe" in PRiS0n, i JUST CAnT BeLieVe S**T LiKe THAT!!!

May 07, 2009
Why Did No One Help!!
by: Anonymous

What type of society to we live that would allow a precious little life to be taken as though it was nothing. Why didn't one the "adults" have the guts to speak up? When the "adults" were aware of the situation, why couldn't they remove the child to a safe place? I simply cannot fathom how grown men could find pleasure in hurting such an innocent little girl. It's time the adults stood up & made some noise to protect children. This case is a prime example of the mother having knowledge of neglect/abuse & she did nothing to try and save her child's life. She should rot in hell....

May 13, 2009
by: Angie

This is awful. Thes people will surely go straight to hell with no stopping.. How could you do this to a precious angel. Here her people were suppose to protect her from harm, but they choose to put this innocent baby through hell. I am sure she is no longer in any pain and she is surely one of gods little angels now. May she rest in peace.

May 16, 2009
So Sad
by: Anonymous

This is so horrbily sad. Why would anyone go through a pregnancy and then torture and kill a beautiful baby? Why don't these people go for adoption? How any woman could do this to her own child or any child is a question I don't think we will ever know the answer to. I don't have children but I have animals. I view animals and children as angels of the Earth. Both are brought into the world without any choice. They are the innocent creatures of the Earth and deserve to be loved, taken care of, treated with gentleness and respect. Please don't have a baby or own animals if you can't love them and treat them with kindness.

May 21, 2009
Be happy baby girl
by: Jackie

I recently learned of Brianna's story, I have two children of my own, but after reading this I feel as if Brianna was also mine, I am mourning her, thinking about her and am crushed that I could not keep her safe. I am so heartbroken that I could never give her bubble baths and tell her how beautiful she looks in a new dress. I am sad that she could not be loved and protected by my husband, the way daddy's are supposed to. I would have never pinched you or hurt you, or let any one ever hurt you baby girl. Just know that the world loves you and fought for you tooth and nail so justice was served. I hope to see you one day with no bruises, just a precious smile and I will hold you and love you as if God had sent you to me. Until then, sleep well, and know that we all love you. Hugs and kisses.

May 22, 2009
Let Baby Brianna Lopez be our Love for all children birthed beautiful
by: maurice

Oh how loving it is that Baby Brianna moved us all to be ever aware of the sacredness of a birthed baby and life. We were all born beautiful let us not forget that. Sadly with all Visitors and Darlene we were abused in our innocence which makes Baby Brianna's death ever so real and effective in our human response to it. She certainly is my Angel in the Skies. Abuse is Bad, Bad as I am hearing so much of it right now here in Ireland. Oh what was done in the name of the creator to the innocent children was SAD SAD. I am finding it quite difficult to find words to express my anger about it all. Brianna certainly was the worse form of it all.

May 28, 2009
by: emma from england

There are no words on this earth to say how sick this is! How anyone could do this to a beautiful baby girl is beyond my belief! her mother should be steralised and the uncle and boyfriend should be castrated Brianna was a helpless baby and my understanding is it should be a life for a life, 57years is not long enough for a babies life, It makes me sick to the stomach to think that they enjoyed this!
Words really cannot express how saddened i am for Brianna, But i guess it really does go to show that god only takes the best and she is now in the safe hands of him, and there she will be looked after like the princess she is
Rest In Peace angel, your in my dreams x

Jun 03, 2009
never forget
by: Sus, Sweden

The day I heard about baby Brianna my heart broke.I think of her all the time, I have cried so many tears. I will never forget....

Jun 09, 2009
Rest in Peace Baby Brianna, you are now playing in Heaven and surrounded with LOVE
by: NES

Baby Brianna, I don't celebrate your Birthday Feb. 14, because it was the day that your little premature life discovered what was the meaning of torture and Hate which you never deserved. Every day passed without you knowing what was Love, caressness, a simple HUG. Feelings and gestures that are so basic to human kind and you were screeming and begging for it.

In fact, July 19th was the day that the Lord sent his little Angels to take you to Heavens where there you are now in Full PEACE sitting on the LORD's Laps.

It is sad that Angel Brianna's family has her little remains locked up to prevent anyone to visit and Honor her. But that won't stop the community, nor the entire world to forget about her. In respect of her parents, I don't even want to waste my time with something worthless.

We all keep you in our Hearts. You are our Baby Brianna.

Which in my case, I will never forget you.

Rest In Peace Little One.

Jun 16, 2009
baby brianna
by: Anonymous

Are you kidding me the mother got only 27 years that is so freaking crazy. All of them should be sentenced to DEATH.
I am so sad i haven't stopped crying since i saw it yesterday the you tube video of it. Poor little baby she didn't deserve this. As i am writing this i can't stop crying.
God why did you allow this to happen.
The mother, father and uncle of the baby should be HANGED.
The grandmother and other uncle they should be sentenced more than 60 f***ing days.
I am so full of rage now i would do to them what they did to the baby worse believe me.
They need to suffer!!!!!!!!!!! jail is to good for animals like them.
I hate this f***ing law system!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jun 20, 2009
by: Anonymous

Poor child. What disgusting sick evil people.
RIP Brianna

Jun 26, 2009
by: Jo

I can stop thinking about this child, i dont understand how an entire family did and let this happen to her.
I just want to know why? She is a beautiful baby girl, just the thought that they could rape and torture her makes me feel so ill.

Jun 26, 2009
angel baby
by: Anonymous

I was physically shaken when I heard this story and I can't help thinking about Brianna when I look at my 6 month old daughter.I feel disgusted ,helpless and fearful.I will hug , kiss and love my children a little extra and think of that poor baby and all the other unnamed babies.

Jun 28, 2009
child abuse
by: gail smith

well my comment is why keep the mother father and uncle alive lock them in a room and starve them to death make it slow so thay suffer the way poor little brianna had to suffer RIP brianna xxxxxxxxx

Jul 09, 2009
by: Anonymous


Jul 09, 2009
shocking disgusting and uncalled for...
by: isabelrodriguez

my prayers go out to baby briana an so do my tears ,everytime i look at my 6 year old granddaughter i remember baby briana not because my granddaughter is abused but because as her g randmother id be damed if i would allow anyone to hurt her what kind of grandmother would . i hope and pray it stays with her grandmother forever as for her parents and uncle they deserved to die, that would be to easy thet seriously need to be tortured like they will be when they go to hell


Jul 09, 2009
by: Anonymous

let me have them for 5 minutes living is too good for them.Sentence them to death.How could someone do something like this and think it is alright and what in gods name was the grandmother thinking.It makes me really sick. Rest in peace beautiful child your pain is finaly over.

From Darlene: Jan, and others that choose to comment on this article, I understand and appreciate how angry you all are over the death of this precious little child. However, I must ask that you please show some respect for this site by refraining from the profanities. I thank you for understanding my position on this.

From Victim to Victory, a memoir
Darlene Barriere
author. speaker. survivor. coach
From Victim to Victory, a memoir

Jul 10, 2009
Thank You. We are all effected by her cruel death
by: maurice

Darlene, Thank you, I respect your heart felt reasoning to me and all your visitors. It is not easy for you, me, your many visitors to comprehend what happened to Baby Brianna Lopez. I have had to make a sense of her and other babies like her and childrens death through abuse. Anger at the people who did it is a natural re-action, I try to express it with a much understanding as I try to forgive these very sick and troubled human beings to carry out abuse and murder the innocent. It ain't easy but I try. Their beautiful baby/child must play on their minds which I think is punishment enough for them without me adding my anger as to how they should be treated in Law. I value your reminder to me and your visitors not to use your site to vent our feelings profanely. Thank You

From Darlene: Thank you, Maurice. Again, your understanding and thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated. The comments I made were not directed at you personally, as I have always found you to be respectful when on my site; you honour me (and yourself) with that respectfulness.

From Victim to Victory, a memoir
Darlene Barriere
author. speaker. survivor. coach
From Victim to Victory, a memoir

Jul 13, 2009
Monsters deserve to die!!
by: michelle

I knew about Baby Brianna's story from the day it came out in the news, and it was so sad and horrifuying for me to beleive. I have felt for that little girl ever since the day she died. A Five month old doess not deserve to feel that or endure that pain or suffering from anyone especially her own family. I am posting this comment now because I recenlty had a baby girl myself and she is now 4 months just about Brianna's age and never would I hurt my baby. God blesses people with baby's becuase they are precious and should be cherised. I feel so much more sadness now that I have my little baby girl and just can't imagine how that little baby was strong enough to live for 5 months through that pain and abuse. Those people are sick and I think they all 3 should get the death penalty. I am so furious with them I our system worked like the old day's and would put those three out for the community to serve there punishment.



Jul 18, 2009
Words cannot describe
by: Anonymous

I am absolutely sickened and outraged by this story. Who could ever imagine anyone being this cruel to a helpless baby? I wouldn't treat a dog the way they treated this child. Unfortunately, right now as we mourn and toss and turn in our sleep thinking of what this poor baby went through, the people who inflicted this on her are being fed, clothed and housed for free, watching tv, playing dominoes and cards, and lifting weights, and probably eating and sleeping pretty good. There won't be justice for Brianna until they are shoveling coal in hell. How is it even physically possible for a grown man to have sex with an infant? What would even possess him to want to? Sick, sick, sick. I guess these two so-called men were too impotent and dysfunctional to have sex with grown women, so they had to prove their manhood by raping and beating on a little baby. And the rest of the family who stood by and did nothing are just as evil as the ones who participated. May the sound of that little girl screaming in agony and pain haunt their every waking moment for the rest of their miserable lives. Poor Brianna. How horrible it must have been to be a baby, helpless to the evil, cruel adults around her. The only time anyone picked her up or touched her was not to hold and cuddle her, but only to hurt and torture her. Why didn't the mother just leave her at the hospital after she had her if she didn't want this little girl? There would have been thousands of people who would have loved her. Tragically, the best thing to ever happen to Brianna was death. I hope no one ever forgets what happened to this child, and I wish that there would never be another case like this, although I know that there are probably lots more children like Brianna that we'll never know about.

Jul 30, 2009
Poor little Brianna
by: LittleMama

I read this terribile Story and I cry.I'm from Germany and have two little Kids.I think about this little sweet Babygirl.Brianna's short life was terribile and I hope this little Angel is on a better Place in Heaven.The Parents and the Uncle from Brianna are very very terribile and I hate there!Little sweet Brianna you are in my Heart Rest in Peace

Aug 16, 2009
poor baby
by: Anonymous

It's sad that something like what happened to baby Brianna has to happen to get people to open their eyes to the cruelty and abuse in the world. It should happen to any child whether it leads to death or not. This is a wake up call for everyone who thinks that it is only something that you hear about it. There are many more cases of child abuse and this is an extreme one. We start preventing and noticing signs of abuse, we can stop the cycle eventually. It won't change overnight.

Aug 21, 2009
by: Anonymous

I think it's high time that child abusers should get the exact same treatment their victim's receive!! don't just throw them away in a jail cell, tattoo on their forheads that they are abusers, make them have the same thing done to them that they inflicted on a helpless human being and then put them on an island somewhere where we don't have to look at the scum. I have tried to get my mind around this tiny, helpless, beautiful darling baby girl's murder and I am sickened to think that there was no one looking out for her. I hope they all rot in hell!! the whole lot of the bastards!!!!

Aug 21, 2009
by: emma

im sorry baby girl you had such evil parents,and you only lived to endure pain.your in the arms of jesus now,he look after you.its sad that they never had any pics of you before,bet you was beautifull.xx

Aug 22, 2009

Because child abuse happens every second and we as a society have a social, ethical responsibility to report any type of abuse. I am so upset and speechless and have a lot of mixed emotions. This child did not have a chance even IF she had survived... and the criminal convicted; where do you think baby Brianna would have been released to? To the careless so called ?family? that did not do anything to prevent this from happening; did not even contribute to a burial! The message that the so called ?family? wants to send to the community by placing the cherub with the finger to her mouth is, ?Keep your mouth shut, just as baby Brianna!? I find it insulting and a form of mocking the community of New Mexico. You see, fear overcomes a victim of child/sexual abuse. You condition yourself to live in silence, in fear of being blamed, abandoned, and disbelieve!

Aug 23, 2009
by: Anonymous

i cannot believe this ever happened to little Brianna.oh my lord how could anyone ever do this..the mother, father and uncle are in prison but why are they still alive? i hope they get the same treatment as they did to this poor little girl..i always thought when you went to prison for such a horrible crime as this that the inmates take it in their own hands to do something to child molesters and killers of children ..i hope they are getting their fill of torture themselves.. the aunt and uncle who got 60 days should of got 60 years as well.. what kind of justice do we have... i know this little girl is in peace now but it breaks my heart to think what was done to her and what shw went through before she died.. i pray for all the children of molesters. i think they should be all put on a cross , and left to die slowly..

Aug 24, 2009
My prayers are with all visitors who are still upset and hurt and felleing sensitive.
by: maurice

I have just returned from the Baptism of my best friends grand child. The little gift their first child of 2 month's makes all your comments of baby Brianna very raw and real in my beely buttun feelings for you all. Seeing this baby Isobel Geraldine ever so tiny being talked about as the beautiful gift of God's creation to her Parents. Baby Brieanna was like her but not treasured as she is. She Brianna in My Christian Belief is safely now in the Arms of God Our Father in Heaven. An Angel guarding all our love and care for her still in our hearts. To those who ended her life ever so horrifically justice was not done. Thay surely should be locked up in the most isolated of places to feel the pain of what they did to this innocent. Open field with the harshness of elements to make them contrite for the atrocities they did on this beautiful baby. Let us be comforting of each other knowing she truly lets us know we have true heart's of love for justive on all those who were abused.

Aug 24, 2009
poor brianna
by: kimberley

im so sad and heartbroken when i heard of poor brianna lopez.i couldnt understand how a mother could let this a mother to an 11 year old boy, and i know if anything would happen to him i would kill them. my heart goes out to in peace sweet baby.forever in my

Aug 24, 2009
Baby Brianna is a Angel safe now!
by: Priscilla

This story I just read for the 1st time has put me in a shock and much pain for this darling angel who suffered more than anyone would suffer in a life time.I feel horrible how can anyone do this period! And to do it to a precious baby or child u have to be sick in the head! Her whole family including her grandmother were SICK and full of EVIL! I hope they all ROT IN HELL and live thru the pain they put her in 100 times over and over again! Poor baby I can't believe no one stood up for her to help her if I who lives in California could go back in time I would find her and take her away I would care and love her like the love of my own she deserved it and didn't get it at all. Something needs to be done the 3 Of them who did this deserve to be executed there punishment isn't good enough there alive stil they need to die then pay the price by going straight to hell! this story of Baby Brianna will live with me forever know she's in a good place were she's happy and being loved right now. Her 5 mos here are now erased. R.I.P. BRIANNA. Now that I know her I Love her with all my Heart.

Aug 25, 2009
Not here by random chance
by: Sarah

They behaved like animals who kill their young and the young ones of others. They were taught in school that we have evolved from animals and that we are here by random chance. The truth is that none of us are a mistake. Our lives our precious to the One who sees everything.

Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed. And in Your book they all were written, The days fashioned for me, When [as yet there were] none of them. How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God! How great is the sum of them! If I should count them, they would be more in number than the sand; When I awake, I am still with You.
Psalm 139:16-18.

Thankfully God is a redeemer and will redeem this horrible tragedy.

Let's stop teaching our children that they are cosmic accidents, because if they are taught to believe that then life will have no value to them.

Aug 25, 2009
by: Sharea

I first heard of Baby Brianna from my Aunt who saw a video about her. I was saddened and sickened and brought to tears as my Aunt told me about what Brianna had gone through. I couldn't help but think of the agony she felt every minute of every day helpless. I do feel rage and I pray for no mercy on their soles. My Grand-daughter Leilani is 4 months old and if ANYONE ever lays a finger on her I would gladly trade in my life to be able to personally make them pay for it. Baby Brianna, I know you are now living the life of the Angel you were born to be. They say when a baby smiles in her sleep she is playing with the Angels, I hope one day my precious Leilani is smiling because of in peace baby.

Aug 26, 2009
Rage Over Child Abuse
by: Kat

I just cannot imagine how can anyone hurt an innocent child! What kind of a mother lets sick people hurt her own child and do nothing to protect her? I was abused as a child when I came to U.S. by my mother and a stepfather but I have moved on with my life now. I am a mother myself and I am overprotective of my child to make sure that he is okay everyday and will do anything to protect him from harm even shield him with my own life. It just breaks my heart to see a child hurt like that and knowing that they suffered like she did especially when I saw those bruises on Little Brianna. I cannot believe that her mother can look in her child's eyes and hurt her own child like she did. I really believe that karma will come back to them. I think that Little Brianna is safe now in heaven where no one can hurt her anymore. It just rages me that these sick men hurt a 6 month old baby like they did and the mother did not do anything to prevent it instead she joined them. God helped me and forgive me, but if those men or anyone try to hurt my own child or any child infront of me, I don't know what I am capable of doing to those sick people before reporting them to the police.

Aug 26, 2009
baby bri
by: Anonymous

i find this disturbing this baby girl stood no chance of a good life ,what pleasure would any dirty minded men get out of raping this baby , they should recieve the death penalty pieces of scum

Aug 26, 2009
by: brit

Ive been reading all this "intentional child abuse resulting in death", No its MURDER!!!!! How can there even be a difference?? they tortured, raped and KILLED that baby girl. They meant what they were doing, so tell me, how is that not MURDER?

Aug 26, 2009
Baby Brianna---
by: Anonymous

I actually found out about Baby Brianna on Facebook--a post explaining how child abuse happens all the time...and it does! I cried my eyes out reading it, and i still find myself crying sometimes about brianna, because i have a 2 year old daughter, and i would never hurt her!!! i love her with all my heart,and it makes me very sad that Brianna didnt get the chance to know what love was. She was born and was abused so much, she prob. thought thats what life was. I wish there was a replay on life...because i know she would be smiling now, if we were able to help her!

RIP baby brianna!!! i'll never forget!!!

Aug 27, 2009
dont under stand
by: Anonymous

i dont under why some one will give birth to a little girl and treat her like she nothing and then be abuse and rape god sack she was 5 month old no child should have to live like that and be treat like that all they should die from what they did and spend the rest of there life in jail the mom act like she didnt do nothing wrong i hope in jail she get what she get she in god hand now ... she will be miss we love ya and god will love u and take of u up there .you are safe now brianna

Aug 27, 2009
My heart is broke.......
by: Anonymous

My heart is broke for this child, I cannot believe that someone would think that 52-27 anything but the death penalty would be sufficent for these terrible human beings.. I never like to think negative but this is one time I hope all of the people involved get what's comming to them, whether in prison or outside in the community, I hope karma comes around ten times harder. I have a 6 year old neice and reading this story makes me wanna hug her more and more, my heart goes out to this child, but she is in god's hands now and I know that god and all his angels are taking care of her..I cannot believe no one has not turn that gate off, who cares if the family put it on there, I could care less about that family and there wishes, the child grave should be somewhere were her family cannot find her, they dont deserve to know where she is. Brianna may you rest in peace sweetie, and know even 9 years after your death that you are still in the hearts of people who love and care.

Aug 27, 2009
What goes around.....
by: Anonymous

I hope they get what is coming to them. I consider myself a christian but when it comes to this, I think I've lost what the faith has taught me and I want these people to suffer. I've heard that in prison the prisoners do not appreciate child abusers and I hope when they get wind of what these sickos did....well, I'll just stop there. Sick sick sick. God Bless you Baby Brianna. I'm so sorry you had to suffer at the hands of these inhumane monsters. God Bless you baby girl. We love you even if we didn't know you!

Aug 28, 2009
by: Lindsay

I am so heart broken for this little baby girl. I can not understand how people can do these types of things to anyone and how a grandmother let this go on in the same house and do nothing.But what makes me even more sick is that these people are going to get out one day. I ask myself why do we not have harder punishment for these type of people incuding the adults who lived in the home and did nothing to help this baby from her parents and uncle? This baby received a death sentence and did nothing wrong why shouldn't these sick people get the same punishment?
God bless you baby brianna

Aug 28, 2009
by: Brianna

these people are sick! how could anyone do this to a little baby? i cannot believe this. she could have a had a beautiful long life but her stupid mother and these two guy took that away from her! raping a infant? how low can someone go. and how disturbing is that. my name is Brianna. and every time i heard the name watching this, made my chest feel heavy. and when i was a child, i remember my infant cousin Abby was killed by her step father. hit many times with a broom stick.. because she wouldn't stop crying!! there are some sick people in this world!! please report if you know of any abuse happening is this world. these people need serious help!

Aug 28, 2009
Poor baby girl
by: Jen

I have recently heard of this story and Im not the same since.I could not imagine someone causing this much pain to a sweet baby girl like this...This makes my heart hurt.What sick person could do this to someone so innocent and what kind of mother could allow it!This family did not want this baby so why dont u not lock her little body up anymore.Let her go so the rest of the world can love her.In my opinion your are just as sick as hurting her the first time.You wanted to be left alone to hurt her then...You lost your right to an opionion...Let her free so we can continue to love her....You are safe now Baby Brianna...may god be with you sweet girl

Aug 29, 2009
I'm saddened and horrified!
by: Anonymous

I am a mother of two (a 28 month old and a 3 1/2 month old) but I don't think you need to be a parent to feel for the tragic loss of this child. I cannot imagine the pain this little baby endured. It sickens me, makes me cry and I wonder if people should get licensed just to have children. She was so beautiful and her family just watched it happen! I hope they get what they deserve...

Aug 30, 2009
Baby Girl
by: Jamie

I have just recently read about this little girls short life story.... I am greatly disgusted in how it turned out. It was stated that the poor baby Brianna was abused for the entire 5 months that she was alive. I can't even picture a few weeks old baby being raped by a grown man.... I honestly don't see how that physically works, and I honestly would rather not know. I have an 8 month old baby girl, and twin boys who are 2 1/2. Kids will be kids and they scream and cry that is how they express themselves when they young because they either can't talk, or don't understand how to properly express their frustrations. But throwing, or biting a baby because they are frustrating you is not going to make them stop crying. Maybe, if you took time out of your soo called life and just cuddled the poor thing, or sang or hummed to her.... Given her hugs and kisses and stopped beating her she wouldn't be as upset all the time. I am a 22 yr old mother of 3 and they are all under the age of 3 and I would never EVER lay a hand on them let alone bite or throw them in the air and let them hit their heads and not catch them. All my kids like being thrown in the air, but goodness not at 5 months old and you don't throw them very high or not catch them. When I see your pictures of the ones they put make up on you and made it look like you were sleeping since none of your family took pictures of you I wish I could just hold you and rock you and see you smile and just to see you happy. I pray that you are with our Heavenly father and are getting all the love that you absolutely deserve. I am sorry that your parents never loved or protected you.

As for their punshiment their jail time isn't nearly long enough, and the death penalty I feel would be too easy!! Now they can all sit in their jail cells and have these memories to haunt them. They should post pictures of that babies poor bruised and battered body all over their cells just so they can be reminded every day. Generally, people don't like child molesters or anything like that.

Brianna may you rest in peace baby girl!!

Aug 30, 2009
A Precious Angel
by: Anonymous

I saw the video on Facebook and it brought tears to my eyes. I am a mother of 4 and my hearts just broke listening and seeing the pictures of her before autopsy was done. Her little body was so full of bite marks and bruises from head to toe. My heart was literally breaking. I couldn't stand to see those pictures so how could her own mother bear to be the one who put those on her. How can she allow such a heinous thing be down to her precious baby. A BABY not even a year. To let them beat her, rape her and throw her around like a rag doll. For the grandmother to turn away and let this happen. It is beyond me and beyond words. There is so much of this going on and there has to be an end. Their abuse and their pain has to stop, but not like this not in death. These precious children don't ask to be brought into the world, but they need to be protected. We have to protect them and be their voice.

I hope there is a special place in hell for these abusers. Everyday they live in the jails they sit should be hell until the day they die just like the hell they put that poor baby through. My heart will always be with Brianna and I will never forget her story and never forget the innocence of any other child that was taken from us. She may have her peace in heaven with her Father and shine her light so brightly for she is safe.

Aug 31, 2009
For the Lopez Family
by: Anonymous

First of all i would like to say that my heart goes out to baby Brianna. Secondly i would like to say How could any mother do that do there own baby??? Are u serious? That mother father and uncle should be hung to death! That poor inoccent baby can't even defend for herself and you sick people have to do that....when i read this i cried and couldn't stop why would they do this!!! I am a single parent of my one son who is 16 months old and i hugged him and cried and told him hes so lucky that he has someone special who takes care of him~you can never tell someone that's enough. The grandmother and uncle who knew about this come on give your stupid head a shake you should be killed as well anyways i hope they6 all rot in jail!!! And Baby Brianna u are sadly missed even though we didn't know you.......but you are in a much better, safer, secure home now.......RIP Brianna!

Sep 01, 2009
Brianna's story left me heartbroken
by: Shelley

I read Brianna's story last night and cried myself to sleep. I hate seeing her bruises and beaten little body. It should have never happened and I hope that her story saves at least one other child. If people would quit being so afraid to say something, we could together stop this kind of abuse.

Parents who are not going to treat their children with respect and the unconditional love that comes with them when they are brought into this world, please just give them to someone who will love them. There are plenty of loving parents like myself who would be glad to take in a child and provide a loving home to them.

We love you Brianna. You'll be in my heart forever. I wish you were my little girl. I'm sorry you weren't saved from this horrible abuse. You're in much better hands now. God bless.

Sep 01, 2009
Death Penalty is very needed in this country- all 50 States!
by: Lisa Murphy- NYC

This story has affected me- deeply. I sobbed reading this story and seeing the video on You tube. Those animals- Brianna's poor little soul :(

What mother could allow this!!!! I am angered, hurt and disgusted that our country would not sentence all of them to death. We do not protect our children enough. We are too liberal! Animals like those people should not be placed in prison, but rather removed from this earth. There is no room for ANY cruelty or abuse against children or anyone for that matter. What is worng with this country! :(

Sep 02, 2009
by: Anonymous

How is it that I have just now heard of this? All child abuse is terrible, but why does the media focus their attention on only one big case a year! People, we need to unite for this cause!

Sep 02, 2009
You're safe in heaven, Beauty...
by: Fredie

when I saw the video, and I knew the complete story, I was cried. They're not human being! Even animals.. they love their children very much.

Briana, beautiful angel.. now you're safe in heaven.

Sep 02, 2009
by: Valerie

I bawled my eyes out when I read this story and watched videos on this story.
I just can not understand how anyone could do such a thing to their daughter and niece, or any child at that.

Her is her job as a mother to protect her child!
If she didn't want Brianna or couldn't handle the responsibilities of being a parent she should have gave Brianna up for adoption and let her live the life she deserved so very much.

That poor baby girl had her life stolen from her, How could the neighbors and others not have heard her cries or saw the bruises and marks on this poor baby?
The people who knew what was happening to Brianna should also be ashamed of themselves it is them who we can also blame for her death, if they would have came forward Brianna would still be here today!!

Sep 02, 2009
It takes a village....
by: JP

We often hear that it takes a village to raise a child. But it also takes a village to keep them safe.

In almost all of the cases of child abuse resulting in death, someone outside the circle of abuse knew or suspected that a child was being hurt, but turned a blind eye.

Our society has begun to value individual rights and privacy over human rights, and it needs to end. Better to make someone angry with you than to allow something so horrifically cruel to happen.

It is time for us to start practicing what we preach. Be the one who makes the phone call when you think something is wrong. If it feels wrong in your gut or makes you uncomfortable, there is usually a reason.

Better to be accused of being a busybody than to find out you allowed a monster to hurt an innocent.

As to the matter of the family members who knowingly aided and abetted this behavior, bravo to law enforcement for taking action. This needs to happen more often.

From Darlene Barriere - Webmaster: Here here, JP. Very well put! And thank you so much for being respectful.

From Victim to Victory, a memoir
Darlene Barriere
author. speaker. survivor. coach
From Victim to Victory, a memoir

Sep 02, 2009
Uneasy to even talk about what happened
by: Mom

I've read every comment posted on here... I saw two that made me curious as to what the writer was thinking... One was that the image of Brianna was punishment enough and the other was that pictures of her should be hung in the cells... Do you really think that's punishment? For sick "things" like them, do you really think that would hurt them? They'd get off on it! "Things like them LOVE to relive the violence they caused someone... That would let them relive it in satisfaction, not regret!!!!! I am also a mom and this story has made me cry sooo many times... When my husband gives my daughter an airplane ride and she giggles and laughs, I want to cry... Why? Because of one of the many parts of the story I won't forget... "Brianna was thrown high to hit her head on the ceiling and left to hit the ground. When asked in court what he did to comfort her when she cried... He said "We kept doing it" I can't even watch my daughter get an airplane ride with happiness at her giggles... I feel robbed by our system that makes us pay taxes to supply "things" like this with cells with a bed and covers and pillows, and warm food, clean clothes... Not to mention the luxuries... (And these"Things" have the nerve to fight saying they feel they should have rights in jail/prison) I want to find some way to have my taxes go to purchasing an island where it's only gairded to make sure no one gets to leave... These "Things" who get off on the torture of babies/children should be dropped off with nothing, no clothes, food or shelter and noone to break up the fights... They should be left as defenseless as their victims... With no one there to protect or take care of them... Leave them with their own kind... Someone else said they hope there's a special place in Hell for "things" like these three... Hun, I think and hope God has created a whole Special Hell all their own!
I didn't hear about this until recently, but as everyone I feel there are no words to describe they sickness I feel and the rage that followed... The tears I cry only make me cry harder because all the tears that little girl must have cried... When I die, I have a list of questions I want to discuss with God, One of them is "Why??? Why would it be allowed for things like this to happen?" If he answers because of freewill and freedom of choice, I will ask how many babies and children made the choice to be hurt and unprotected." God I'm sure will be mad at me with my questions, But I hope to ask them anyway :) I will then thank him for taking thee kids away from the evil they were living in, but again wonder for some, what took so long... This and many others I've seen I WILL NEVER forget!

Sep 03, 2009
one baby is too much: I never asked to be born...???
by: maurice

Baby Brianna was one baby who never asked to be born like you and me. Thankfully 90% of couples/parents who birth a baby love it, nourish it, cherish it, care for it knowing their gift is a beautifully created infunt of flesh and bones with real feelings from day one. We can Thank our loving parents for who we are today. Again a percent of parents abuse but the greater percent don't. we are all very much aware of these facts. Nothing will ever condone the percent of Parents what abuse they perpetrated on their beautiful babies/children/teenagers/adolecents. Or indeed extended family member who have abused. they being of flesh and bones of their siblings are sicko's to abuse their nieces and nephews. Adults who abuse need to be punished maybe in the way they abused the innocent. physically. emotionally etc. Not in the comfort of a prison cell but out in the middle of the elements for a week/month (s) in order to feel pain themselves. Sadly in a high percent of those who abuse they have felt the pain of abuse from others but never received help or told anyone of their story until they abused themselves. Nothing condones abuse. Baby Brianna certainly brings out the best of human loving feelings for our fellow human beings Babies. She is an Angel of God who through her is now saying STOP ABUSE especially of the innocent and the vunerable. Thank you Darlene for your vision and your site. Great reading the outpouring of Love for Baby Brianna. Let us pray for each other who were abused and who emphatise with each other because we got the opportunity to tell our story on you site. Darlene, you have created a huge Global Loving Family for those abused. We sure feel that love coming through the lines written by real people with real stories of abuse. The scars will stick if we choose to hold onto to them. Action speaks louder than the written word so let us all seek prosfessional help so that our healing can begin for us to let go of such scars/marks

Sep 03, 2009
It torn my world
by: Julia

I cannot sleep anymore after reading and learning what happened to this precious little Angel Brianna. I feel so bad for her, my heart aches when I think of what she had to go through. The baby had strength to live for 5 months in such horrible every-day abuse...I can feel her pain.
Those psychopaths who are called her "family", including her Granny, shouldn't be just chilling in a jail...Death Penalty for criminals like this is the best that Justice System can do.
I saw on You Tube the Trial, the convicted had no emotions at all, just cold faces. It's good that at least they got more years in prison..Maybe inmates will teach them some lessons.
Boy, Jesus Christ really was a strong-minded person, who truly loved people...As for me, I can't forgive such creatures for torturing, molesting and killing an innocent child! This is SICK!

I will never forget Baby Brianna, and will always remember to help such children like her: call police, social services, or speak up on my own if I see someone being abused. Even if your gut says that something wrong - observe what's going on-call for help! Please people, help to prevent tragedies like Brianna's! We are all responsible for keeping quiet and minding our own business.
I hope the Big Day of Judgement will come, and the abusers will face the God and they will see Brianna's face again, that she is happy and well in God's care....Brianna was a God's child, they had no right to harm her....

Brianna, my love, R.I.P, I pray for you....

Sep 03, 2009
Still broken hearted
by: Mom

After days of not being able to think of much else, especially when I look at my own infant, I've looked at others I see with children... I want to draft a letter to anyone in the government who will listen... I want them to take the advice my mom gave me my whole... "If what you're doing isn't working, try something else." Obviously these cushy little cells, clothing, warm food and TV aren't gettin the message to these things we must refer to as humans... They still feel what they did is ok enoughask for protection from other inmates and better meals and more TV time... GIVE ME A FRICKEN BREAK!!!!!! Anyway... My thought is to draft a letter to anyone and everyone who will listen... They make laws, some really good, some just because they can... They make a law for littering and fine you... To protect our planet... They need to make it MANDATORY for any minor (I feel it should be 21) to have a shot to prevent pregnancy... Both males and females. They kids should have no choice! Then when they are 21, people should have to go through a psychological evaluation in order to be able to stop receiving the shot... People who can't have kids and want to adopt, go through hell just to "maybe" get a child they so badly want... Yet 12, 13 and 14 year old kids are having babies and throwing them in garbage cans so they won't get in "trouble". Do you know ho much less child abuse there would be out there???? I know others do it, notjust parents, but a large number of parents do and if you couldn't be a parent until you could prove you're capable, that would make more time for the workers to go after the non parent abusers! Babies are not a right!!!!! They are a privileged miracle!!!! So many babies would be saved if the law would take control of kids! Kids have been givin too many rights! A lot less abortions too because a teen "Changed" their mind... God this makes me so mad! We should pool together and fight for stricter laws on having children in the first place!

Sep 03, 2009
The Day of Judgement will come to your parents and Uncle....
by: Anonymous

I saw this video and have done nothing but cried for 3 days straight!!! I am sickened by our justice system, she was helpless, and her mother-or lack of did nothing to protect. That was her only advocate and she did nothing, just went to bed, not even caring to put her baby to bed or check on her. I am a parent of two boys and I can't go to sleep at night until my boys have been bathed and given hugs...I saw her pictures and literally bawled my eyes out. I am so distraught by this case. How could a gronw man sexually assault her little body. Why can't the US come back with the law of moses, I am sure we would see a lot less molestation and sex crimes against children.
I am so livid by this...If our justice system doesn't give them the punishment they deserve then our Lord will when the great and dreadful day comes of judgement. Dreadful for those who do things like this. The wrath of God will be upon them. He has said numerous times in scripture that if anyone offends (harms) one of his children then it would have been better for them to have a millstone cast about their necks and thrown into the sea-Luke.
Knowing that and where she is now is the only little bit of comfort I have found. May the power of God be upon her parents. Briana is loved now and has the best gift-eternal life with her heavenly father forever! Rest peacefully for the day will come shortly for the God's vengeance.

Sep 03, 2009
Glad I found this site...
by: Canadian Mom

I'm so glad I found this site. After seeing the video on facebook, doing lots of research, reading the whole story, and crying A LOT, I find myself thinking about this poor little baby all the time. My kids are 14, 5, and 2. For the first day after I read this story, I found it hard to even look at them. I kept wondering what Brianna would have looked like at their ages. She didn't have a chance at all, did she? Born to people who would treat her like garbage and abuse her at such a young age. She wasn't even allowed to feel happiness or joy. She probably suffered every second that she was alive. And the family who did it, including the ones who knew and did nothing, aren't going to suffer that much.

I read an article in my research that said the mom is in prison, but no one there knows what she did. She has made "friends" in prison, and is enjoying her stay. I guess as much as you can enjoy prison. But regardless, it doesn't sound like she's suffering enough. As for the father and uncle, they should be dead. That's really all there is to it.

I hate it when people give the whole "they were abused, so they have no choice" argument. That's crap. I was abused as a child. More than once. And I grew up to be a loving, caring person and mother who would NEVER hurt a child. So, that is really not a good argument for why they are abusers. They do have a choice. Everyone has a choice.

Anyway, I feel glad to see that others had a similar reaction to this story, and I'm glad to see I'm not alone in my feelings. We are all horrified, and we all wish she could have enjoyed her little life. And she should have been allowed to enjoy it.

Brianna, wherever you are, I love you. We all love you. We all wrap our arms around you and give you the hugs that you never got here. We cover your poor little bruised face in kisses and tickle you until you laugh. And we all take you into our hearts to keep you safe forever. They won't hurt you ever again. We'll make sure of that.


Sep 04, 2009

by: Anonymous

I came across this story only recently and i can't stop thinking about this beautiful baby. I have been crying everyday and i am so saddened by the fact that this could have been prevented but wasn't! I have no children of my own but i do wish someday to be blessed with one.

There r no words to describe how i feel inside.I come from a very loving family.My parents are amazing and i thank GOD everyday for them. I can't and probably never will understand why baby Brianna's family failed to protect and love her the way she was supposed to be.She was a beautiful child and my heart is broken over this.

Sep 04, 2009
Need to know
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know for sure what's happened to the insane who did this? I've read so many different things about one court said this, the other that.... Ive read that Andy was moved for his protection, Steven was going to be moved and the mom is doing great and making friends... Is there anyone who knows for sure what they got for time? Although nothing will be long and painful enough... I admit I did smile when I read the a**holes were being moved for their protection... (Smiled because they needed protection not at all because they were getting it! Needless to say after the thoughts I've had these pat few weeks after hearing about this I've had to pray... Alot and ask God to forgive me for my thoughts and my anger towards him for not protecting the miracle he created... I asked him forgiveness for that also but told him it didn't change the fact that I am angry with him... Anyway... I can keep praying but I'd love to hear if these... I don't even know what to call them, but Id like to hear if anyone knows for sure what they got and what they're getting!

Sep 05, 2009
Babies are the blessings. the Gifts just like you and me were and are today
by: Maurice

Holding the 2 month old baby of my best friends daughter I could not but journey back to the time when I was 2 months old; ever so fragile, tender, needing oodles of LOVE. nutured and cherished and cared for every minute of the day. Baby Brianna was equally like that little mite. I have nver had children or niecses or nephews to gloat over so my best friends chiuldre wer my way of valueing and respecting them while trying to understand how anyone could abuse there innocence, the beautifulness, there dignity as innocent, vunerable children/teenagers. I am consoled that 90% of couples/parents don't abuse but love and cherish their own flesh and bloood. Anonymous you sure put Brianna's treatment in perspective Just a Baby treated horrifically by not right in the mind human beings. especially the mother that birthed the wee thing. Her suffering is over now and now she is safely in the arms of Our Heavenly Father, His Son and His Mother. She is God's instrument for each of us to abhor abuse in all it's forms. Brianna is an Angel that I look upto with all the many children and babies who died through natural causes and are safely had home in Heaven. I'm a Christian and that is my believe in the God that formed me in my mammies womb and birthed me healthily as a gift to my mom who was a single mom all her life making me an only child. She was to me what a true mother should be all about. I believe a mothers love is a blessing and Baby Brianna did not have that blessing.Let Baby Brianna govern our respect for each other and be our strength in healing from our own abuse. She's still evoking anger in each of us against all who abused and murdered her. we need to move on in our own healing process and LOVE the me in the Mirror.

Sep 10, 2009
You are SO loved..
by: Anonymous

today is the first i've heard of brianna's story. it literally made me sick to my stomach and brought tears to my eyes! i, too, believe that those sick people should've been given the death penalty.. that truly would be justice. it absolutely breaks my heart that she had noone to love her, noone to hold her while she cried, absolutely no comfort in her short, torcherous life.
Brianna: you will always be remembered, always be loved..

Sep 10, 2009
You sick freaks
by: Angie

There is no mercy in the world for people like this, I only wish that everything she went threw they should go threw as well just 100 times worse. You ungreatful S.O.B.'s there are so many women in the world waiting and praying for childern and god blesses you by giving you a child and you do those horrific things. May god have mercy on your soul even though you really dont deserve it.

Sep 10, 2009
To a preicous baby girl!!! Brianna
by: MoniqueSD96

On our reservation, we heard about this story just recently. I deal with parents and children everyday. I cant imagine how a parent can slap or hit a child. I am so mad, I love children they are sacred in our tradition. PLEASE GOD HELP BRIANNA IN ANYWAY POSSIBLE TO HAVE A BETTER AFTERLIFE THAN HERE ON EARTH.
For the parents and uncle hell will be waiting for you.!!!:(

I cant have any babies and it hurts so much to hear and read a story like this one. I thank God everyday for giving me my son.

Sep 10, 2009
i dont understand!!
by: Anonymous

as i read the story all i could do is cry.i am a mother of four kids and i can't understand how this happened.but i do know that i am sure they had a warm welcome in prison and they will endure years of abuse on earth and there will be a special place for them in hell. that sweet baby is in the arms of JESUS now and will never feel pain again but that wont be the case for the 3 animals that murdered her.but i still dont understand????

Sep 11, 2009
by: Anonymous

I read in another report that the father & uncle were being moved to out of state prisons, for their safety.
I say leave the scum where they are and let the inmates have their way with them. Isn't that what they did to a helpless baby? Why should they ask the state for protection after what they did?

Sep 11, 2009
by: Anonymous

i can't believe this really happened. this is so sad and it just really proves to people that there are so many sick minds out there.. it's been a long time since this incident but this story is so sad. i can't get over it.

Sep 13, 2009
Baby Brianna
by: Mom of Sarah and Emma from Hawaii

I was deeply saddened when I learned about Baby Brianna's story. I could not stop crying. I cannot believe that her own mother and relatives had let this happened to such an innocent child.
Baby Brianna did not deserve to be brought to this world to be tortured and abused.. I will never forget her. Baby Brianna - you are now in a safe place where there is no evil but love and peace.

Sep 13, 2009
mothers and fathers
by: Anonymous

finding out what happened to the beautiful baby has made me cry. and how could the mother let that happen? i have three beautiful daughters and i would never let anyone do anything like that to them. we as mothers are ment to pretect our young, not let live in such pain.

Sep 15, 2009
by: Anonymous

Its crazy how people have the hearts to do such harm to a baby who dont know any better . ACS need to step up there gave cause alot of childern in the usa are going through this and there parents are getting away with it . I belive if you get a acs case your child should be removed untill proven non guilty of child abuse cause most parents continue doing harm and if you get a acs cause theres a reason why you did .

Sep 16, 2009
by: Anonymous

I just have no words... This is the most heartbreaking horrible thing I have ever heard. Those 3 disgustingly perverted killers should be sentenced to die the most treacherous horrible death for doing what they did. That poor adorable little girl... :(

Sep 16, 2009
no answer
by: Anonymous

I am pregnant and was told by friends not to read the details of this story. Well, of course I eventually did. Not only does it shock me that anyone can do this to a child, especially their own mother who carried and gave birth - but that 5 people knew and took part in this beautiful baby's death. I've heard horrofic child abuse cases in the past, but usually it involved one or two drug or demented people. How does one family contain 5 adults capable of such mentality? I am outraged, as everyone else is. But even more angry that not one of them stood up for this baby and protected her. My prayers to all child abuse victims that one day they may live in peace and by some miracle have someone to protect them from the evil and hell they live in.

Sep 17, 2009
Peace Came Too Late For Brianna
by: Debbie Jakubowski

In the almost six months of her little life, Brianna had little, if no love at all. When baby's cry they need either to be fed, changed, or loved. All she ever needed was to be loved, held and cuddled. Instead, she was abused. Did the mother even show remorse? Did they think she was an indestructable toy? If you can't handle having a baby after you've had one do the right thing and give it up to a good, loving home. It doesn't make a bad parent if you do. I want the mother to have to stay in jail longer, no conjugal visits and no more babies! Please let her out long after menopause. She doesn't deserve to be a mother even to a snake!

Sep 18, 2009
my heart is broken
by: Mburn

Its hard not to curse in a situation like this , but i'll try. I hope everyone who was involved in this goes to hell and rot for eternity. They deserve the death penelty. No way in &%#$@ hell is my tax money keeping those muther &%@%%# alive in prison. As i read somewhere else, i will happily serve a life sentence if im put in the same cell with the mother and father. Baby Brianna's parents was suppose to be her protector and loving parents. If she wasnt protected by them, who would. She was open to the world to come and take advantage. Well you know what baby Brianna? Your in a much better place than you horrible, evil, sick and wick parents.Your with your true father, the one who really loves and cares for you. I love you Baby Brianna..Sweet angel. R.I.P.

Sep 20, 2009
Death=The Only Punishment For This
by: Heather

I think that the biggest problem with this world is that there are not bad enough punishments for these horrific crimes that people commit. If these people can do those things to a baby why would do they belong on Earth. I am not a bad person and have never done anything bad. I have a two year old daughter and a three month old son. As a mother I don't see how this could even happen to that poor little girl and by her family of all people. This makes me sick and those people should be dead right now. As far as the people who saw the abuse and did not report it they deserve to die as well. That poor little baby went through horrible things and suffered, not a little, a lot, and at such a young age. This has made me so sick, I have been crying since I heard about this and I wish there was something I could do. I will never be able to get over this, it will be with me the rest of my life. I just keep thinking what did that poor baby feel like when she was being rapped and what about when they were throwing her and beating her....then I start thinking WHY??...and why didn't those people get killed right when they were found guilty. Those people have no reason at all to be alive right now.

Sep 20, 2009
by: Anonymous

i actually cant even describe my feelings towards this the people didn't deserve to go to prison they deserve to die because they took a life so theirs should be taken. i am a mother of one and and can't believe how anyone to could to this to an helpless innocent child, this makes me so angry i don't want to see this happen again but it did to baby p, these people don't deserve to have children they should be sterilized.

Sep 20, 2009
Justice in the end!
by: Anonymous

I think they should be tranferred to Angola Prison in Louisiana and just let the inmates take care of them. Because there is a code in prison-"YOU DO NOT HURT CHILDREN." If you do, we will take care of YOU!!!!!!!!!

Sep 21, 2009
poor baby .
by: mari

I was looking at videos on you tube and I saw this video and it made me cry like I never cryed before how sad poor baby nobody there to help her from this how evil people can be ,I hope the girl doesent plan to have no more kids ;they all should get the electric chair or a slow death .as for briana I hope she is in heaven .

Sep 21, 2009
Justice seems to be done whether I agree or disagree or not.
by: maurice

My sentiments are here already, The baby is at peace now and asleep saved possibily from more horendous abuse which none of us would wish on her. Yes, alot of anger is being expressed about the awful human beings that killed her and caused the little mite such pain in the carrying out of such a horrific crime on a baby. Most countries have laws that make for justice in such cases. These people are now in a place whee they live with their crime 24 7. after that no matter what I would like to do to them personally has no significance. I am only upsetting myself with such emotional anger that it could be doing me more harm than good. Reading the all the commemnts upsets me because I am feeling each of your pain which in turns makes me think there must be other ways to move on and be at peace knowing no Baby Brianna cannot be hurt any more. So don't be hurting yourself venting your feelings Let go and leave her with God now. She's safe, you are reading her story and hurting yourself evn though your voice won't be heard and they will serve out there sentence. Let baby brianna be an inner strength to you and move on. Just make sure you work for justice for all children of abuse where your at

Sep 24, 2009
by: Anonymous

i really feel sorry for poor Brianna because she has to face it with her mean parents. and they should at least get lock up for life for what they did wrong, they should not deserve a day out, becuase hearing about this story is already sad enough..Stupid Parents

Sep 24, 2009
by: Hector

i know your point of view ....but i still think people should vote for the death penalty for this sick people... they do not deserve to stay here in this world... where this sweet looking child was supppose to have a great gods life...

Sep 24, 2009
I dont understand
by: Anonymous

Why did they only get 50 something years in prison..I dont get it?!?!? All of the horrific things (horrific doesnt even describe is beyond that)that they did to that innocent adorable baby girl and they dont even get life in prison..what kind of justice system does the United States disgusts me:( There are drug dealers who get more time then these demons insane:( her death alone should of been a life sentence not to mention the countless other charges that should have been counted against them?!?!?!?

R.I.P Baby Brianna

No child should ever have to go through that:( You are in heaven now where you are loved for it seems to be the first time and you deserve every single second of the love and happiness<3

Sep 29, 2009
where is god
by: Anonymous

hi, im from mexico and all i can say is that theres no god, i hope nothing but the hell to those animals

Sep 30, 2009
Beautiful Angel
by: Anonymous

I am sick to my stomach. This has got to stop somewhere. Poor sweet girl. Why would someone do this to anyone let alone a helpless baby. I would have loved to have her as my own. Rest in Peace sweet angel.

Oct 01, 2009
by: Desirea

It is such a shame to realize individuals such as the abusers of Brianna walk on this Earth. I was just was informed about this case on Facebook today. Apalled, I feel there wasnt enough justice served. I wanted to know what her mother, and the other two men claimed why they did this. Although there would never be a justifiable cause to Brianna's death, I was just curoius. My blessing is with this little angel in hope justice of a life sentence will get served one day.

Oct 02, 2009
No shame
by: Anonymous

Just as they have kept her abuse in a cage when she was alive they have all intention to kept her away in death by building the fence. These people should all be arrested or put in some institute. They are cursed forever never would the see the face of god.

Oct 02, 2009
never forgotten beautiful brianna
by: Anonymous

briana you beautiful innocent angel may you be protected with every wing from god's heaven. may you enjoy the life you soley deserve. no sadness and no pain. may god teach you love as it should have been given to you. may you continue to be the beacon for all those little lost angels and when they too are found and saved that they may be at peace as you will forever be.

finally for those who place this unexplainable act unto you. for what they have done they do not deserve a name or even be considered as human beings. may you receive every feeling of pain and torture you have bestowed onto this fallen angel. you don't deserve any second chances. eye for an eye is deserved and so it is written and read in the holy bible. as what little knowledge you have may your lives be forever cold and black. may you never see light or know warthm that little briana now knows. that you are filled with guilt and pain for every day of your lives. and finally those who chose to defend these humanless people that they don't deserve fair trials or sentencing. did brianna have hers? finally may you asses recceive the sentences of life with no chance of freedom and spend your days in the hell you so deserve in this life and after.

Oct 03, 2009
by: Anonymous

It is situations like this that I am forced to question God's exsistence. No innocent child should be put through such evil. The beings that committed these acts should not have the luxury of living comfortable lives in prison, being fed and given blankets and clothes. More and more I turn to an eye for an eye. Torture for torture. I have a 6 month old son, that after watching the video, I held and cried. Prayers have done nothing for that little girl. It's too late now to pray for her, she has had her life taken. I am just so frustrated and enraged. Too many children are being tortured and abused, and we wonder why our world is so violent and unkind. These broken children that actually survive, grow up one day.

Oct 03, 2009
little baby
by: Anonymous

you have complete peace now little one. I wish I could have been there to save you. you have always been so beautiful, little angel.

Oct 05, 2009
baby Brianna didn't deserve that
by: Marquita

I can't even begin to express how i feel about those stupid unsacranized sorry excuse for human beings let alone adults....that is very messed up.what they did to her she was only a child she didn't deserve that at all.poor little brianna couldn't never laugh,crawl or say her first word.her first word was ouch!...i couldn't believe what i heard when i saw this on the computer. who i can't believe is her mother how can she dare let those sick men do that to her beautiful baby girl.i hope she rots in i am only a child myself i am only 14 and i know for a fact that that was wrong and stupid.

Oct 05, 2009
by: lily

I am a mother of a 9 month old and it breaks my heart to read about baby brianna because as unbelivable as her story is she is not the only child who has gone threw such hellish acts. It makes no sense especially from her own flesh and blood how could someoe be so evil and do that. I look at my child and I know I will do anything to protect her. God will judge everyone and these people will be punished

Oct 05, 2009
How Could They?
by: Ashley

I am so sickened and sad about this story. How could those animals not get life in prison! I sit and cry as I write this comment. I hope they are served with prison justice! What did that sweet baby ever do wrong? She didn't ask to be born to such monsters. I hope she rests in peace. She is in a better place now. This is a story that will stay with me forever.

Oct 06, 2009
five times I deleted comments
by: maurice

Yesterday I returned to my mail after being away with 22 males on a cursillio week-end praying and sharing our belief in God. A number of them had journeyed through the Troubles in Northern Ireland with all it's atrocities and punishment beatings of the innocent. They were very sure GOD did not have anything to do with those punishment beatings. Twisted human being minds killed Baby Brianna with barbarity and cruelty. Their neighbours or indeed some of their family siblings may not have known what they were up to in this animalistic and inhuman attack on the innocent. We were all born baby, we here on Darlene's site were abused in some form or another. we are all healing from abuse. Baby Brianna is safe, is at peace with the Angels and is now there with God watching over you and me with our Guardian Angel. She is my strength now as she keeps me close to the God I believe in, that is how she is an Angel for me. I know fro me the power of prayer will move mountains. Justice will be seen to be done with such people as these who killed Baby Brianna. I have no doubt that as the wake each morning that Baby Brianna reminds them that they were Aniamal not human in what they did to her. She is there in their waking and there sleeping That is punishment enough for them to live with for the rest of their lives. It is hard to forgive but forgiveness for me is The God that I belief in making them aware each day of the awfulness of their actions. Baby Brianna is an Angel of God for me. Thanks you all for expressing your heartfelt thoughts in your comments especially you who have new born babies. Baby Brianna is God's love working through her for you to love and cherish that gift Your Baby. So Baby Brianna is highlighting still the awfulness of abuse which we all endured in some form or another. I have let go of my abuse thinking of the Love of God and the Mercy and the Forgiveness of God. My abuser has died R.I.P I from time to time I am reminded of his leather strap on my gentle/petite bottom which has the ghost of the pain and marks he made on it. I become stronger in letting go and seeing it now in perspective reading the comments of you all who in many situations suffered greater abuse than me. Thank you. I let go further each time I think positive thoughts about my abuse and abuser.

Oct 07, 2009
precious angel
by: Anonymous

poor i wish even I could have been there to take this baby girl in my arms and rescue her from such evil...she's the most beautiful baby i've ever seen...i cried and cried watching the video of hang baby killers on showed the breaking news of baby brianna lopez and photos of her little body covered in bruises...i cannot stop thinking or having images in my head of how they acted this out an such an innocent baby...defenseless and clueless to whats going on and unable to say "stop" or "no." How can not only one but three people act in such a hateful way not only to an innocent infant, but their own flesh and blood..She depended on them to protect her and they took her life....i'm so sad, but also glad the Lord has taken her away from pain she would have felt for her entire being like she has in her short 6 months of life...he will bring her love and happiness...she's an angel in the heavens...i look forward to meeting her one day...god bless Brianna we all love you sweety

Oct 07, 2009
by: Anonymous

there should be a law EVERYWHERE that if you in anyway shape or form are convicted of child murder or MAJOR child abuse/neglect, should have your child producing ways eliminated!! castration, tubes tied, whatever it takes to keep the SICKOS from having anymore children AT ALL! they killed or maimed one before....they will do it again!

Oct 08, 2009
Really really sad
by: Georgia (South Africa)

I watch the video about her several times, in disbelief that human beings could be capable of such horrors. Even animals know by instinct how to take care of their babies...Like they say here: a tigress would engage in a fearless battle till death to protect her cubs!, what was this mother thinking? what was the man who fathered this child thinking? woow, I am convinced that there are plenty of places in America where unwanted babies can be taken to...there was no need to treat this child like this. Just simply shocked and convinced such atrocities can only be dealt with by death penalty, even this is a treat, way too quick and over with!

Oct 09, 2009
poor baby brianna
by: Anonymous

This is by far the worst thing i have ever heard in my life. no child deserves to live like this. it brought tears to my eyes just reading about it and i feel for that little baby.

Oct 13, 2009
by: Anonymous

I came across this story for the first time today, I have an 8 month old child today, I'm absolutley so sickened and disgusted any human would be capable of doing this, I'm angered these people won't be spending the rest of their lives in jail. They deserve to die there. The only good thing about this story is after a life of hurt and pain this little angel is now in heaven and will NEVER be harmed again. I've never cried so hard in my life over a story like this until now

Oct 13, 2009
by: Anonymous

I Cryed When Readin This . No Child Deservers To be Treated Like This. Its Absolutly disgusting That Any person Can Do That Or Even Have The Thought In There Head . They Should be Locked Up Until death.

R.I.P Baby Brianna .
Your suffering Is Now Over x

Oct 13, 2009
Precious Angel
by: maurice

That is for sure, I Thank God for her and now for baby Aishling now who was lost tragically in Auclkand NZ. What a difference A loved Baby. To the way poor Baby Brianna and yet they both are playing together as Angels now. What Aishling's mother must be going through right now and for the past week I'll (we'll) we can only imagine. No comparrisons a baby is a baby. just different circumstance and levels of motherhood. human beings. All the children and babies that I have known who are now Angels are working for GOD keeping me praying for to them and for their families and now for all you on Darlene's site for you revulsions expressed. We might think of the awful death that wee Baby Brianna suffered could be of benefit us in our journey toward our Creator God and live our lives in true love for each other and our neighbours because God took her from that awful household of cruelty. My Christian Faith is strengthened rather than weakened in my belief in God and Humanity. Human Society is bad in parts, but the majority of humanity ensures there are great and good Mothers/Fathers/Parents/families. and to know it all begins with me. I can only blossom and do my bit to ensure Society and Humanity keep's Loving in a genuine and wholesome way.

Oct 14, 2009
Precious Baby
by: Anonymous

Why Why Why? Would they hate such an innocent hepless baby girl? What did she ever do? I think about the pain she must have been in, lying there with broken bones and bites. I wonder if they gave her pain medicine to comfort her. Poor baby. At least she is resting in Heaven In The Hands OF The Lord. My Thoughts will be with this baby forever. I too had a baby girl March of 2002 whom is now 7 like Brianna would have been. This saddens me so much.

Oct 15, 2009
Little Angel Brianna
by: Sobraida Quevedo

I feel like baby Brianna is one of my own kids. I saw what these people, don't know if we can even called them that. I think any humain person could never have done this to a child. I very outraged by this. I just pray for her, and I know she is in a much better place now. A place she deserves to be. No child should ever go through something like this. Everyone please... open your eyes and do not ever keep child abuse a secret. You can prevent something like from happening again. Let us never forget what happen to Brianna. I do believe that someone who does these things to child deserves more than life in prison. Baby Brianna I will never forget you.

Oct 16, 2009
by: Anonymous

i am fourteen years old, and i don;t want the parents and uncle of baby brianna to be free, i cried for an hour after i watched the video about her, and now, i'm just agaisnt everything, no abuse should be tallerated/

Oct 16, 2009
by: Rick

I am a police officer in Texas. This would be Capital Murder here, because of the age of the baby. That would get the death penalty here. New Mexico (where I was also an officer), needs to revise their statutes.

Oct 17, 2009
there are no words.
by: Laura

I found out about this poor little angel two days ago through facebook, after beginning to watch the news video I stopped it after being told their would be graphic images and details. Brianna played on my mind. Yesterday I looked on the net for an answer and found only sickness and details of the horrid things they did to her. I can not shake this sadness and despair. I have a 5 yr old and a 3 month old baby girl and whenever I look at my baby now I think of Brianna. I cant help but wonder why she couldnt have been born into a house of love. I dont think I will ever forget her story nor wish I could have saved her.

Whilst I have never really agreed with the death penalty this tragedy has changed my mind. I hope those evil murderers suffer till their last days of existence. Hell surely must exist for people who are so desperately lacking of a soul.

Rest in peace baby Brianna.

We love you. xxxxxooooo

Oct 20, 2009
RIP Baby Brianna
by: Mo

Thank you for creating this website. I just learned of this horrific case of child abuse through a YouTube video on Facebook. It is the news story that covered this.
Tears still come to my eyes after learning about this. Sadly, we live in a society where terrible things need to happen in order to change the ruling on maximum sentencing. Unfortunately, Baby Brianna was sacrificed to make a significant change in the law system. Why? Why must a baby be sacrificed to change the laws?
Murder is murder. She died from excessive child abuse. They purposely and willfully abused her. Yet, they don't all receive life? Accessory to murder is a much harsher penalty then 60 days. I just don't understand why this is called something else then murder. All 3 should rot in jail for their entire life. They will be burning in hell for what they did.
I saw that there was an Appeal? Are you kidding me? What lawyer would appeal this...unless its the DA then that makes sense.
If there is a follow up, like if the cage was ever removed...can you please post? Thank you!

Oct 21, 2009
Sweet little Angel
by: Anonymous

I find comfort in knowing that this beautiful little girl will be restored to perfection, without the bruises and the marks of evil. I know she is with our heavenly father happy and healthy. I pray for those evil people, in hopes that they feel some sort of remorse for their unexuseable acts! Brianna, you are a beautiful little girl and your story will live on forever. My heart aches for the pain you suffered, but I know you don't feel that anymore. May you rest in peace sweet little angel.

Oct 21, 2009
by: Esperanza Johnston

I felt so sick after I have watched this video of baby Briana.

It is disgusting that Briana's grandmother and other uncle's only get's 60 days. It's a joke. we don't want to become a barbaric but those people should be killed they are animals but then even animals don't do that to their own kinds.

Oct 23, 2009
This is sick they will burn in hell
by: Anonymous

My eyes are full of tears as I write this. I cannot bear this. How could these devils do this to the little innocent child who deserved to live in this world. I am sure that there is a God who bring justice on these brutal people. They will suffer in this world and in the world come. They should be sentenced to death. Really brutal. I pray and pray that this should never happen to any baby or child in this world. The punishment they have received is nothing. Such cruel people. Lord please save the little children from monsters like this. !

Oct 24, 2009
So Incredibly Sad
by: Andrea L.

I read this story and can't get those images of that beautiful innocent baby out of my head. What kind of animals would do this to such a precious little being? I just don't understand. I've cried so many tears just thinking about this story. Dear Lord, I know that precious little Brianna is with you right now. I pray for her every day and all the other children that are in the same situation. I have a 15 month old boy and he is my everything. He is my world and I would never harm him. I hug him just a little tighter now and give him extra kisses. No child should have to suffer like that.

Oct 25, 2009
by: Anonymous


Oct 29, 2009
Her life made a difference
by: Anonymous

After hearing this story I was sickened. All day long I couldn't get the story out of my head.It plagued me. It made me want to leave this horrible world behind for the next one; it made me want to heap revenge on the heads of her abusers (her Grandma and Uncle included).

It made me think about my daughter and how, at 18 months, she is so innocent, so pure. How she laughs and brings joy to our lives. It made me sick to think of this happening to her. I imagined little baby Brianna undergoing this abuse and I imagined how I wish I could have whisked in and rescued her from the hands of her abusers.

I was tormented all day by what Brianna had to experience and I was on the verge of tears as well. Then, suddenly driving down the freeway, a calm came over me. I came to the realization that baby Brianna is at peace now. I realized that she is in a place where there is no pain, sorrow or tears. I realized that even if she could come back, and maybe be cared for by a loving family, she wouldn't want to. She is in the hands of her heavenly Father; and there is no greater peace than that.

I rushed home after this, walked through the door, and grabbed my baby girl up in my arms. I loved her and loved her. I gently stroked her hair and placed angel kisses on her cheeks. Then, I went over to my husband and did the same. The rest of the night I had a new found appreciation for my daughter, for my family.

Brianna's story has changed me as a mother. I was loving before; but after hearing Brianna's story I learned that there is nothing more important than loving my daughter. Work, fatigue, stresses and strains are nothing compared to the priority that my daughter must have in my life. And when I get tired or frustrated and just want a break, I know that I'll think of Brianna; and some of the love and tenderness I show my own daughter will be the love and tenderness that I could have given to Brianna if I could have only been there to rescue her.

Brianna has taught me how to be a better mother and appreciate my daughter and the love I have in my life. Her life was meant for good; and good has come out of it. Her life had purpose. Thank you little Brianna! You are loved.

"All things work together for good for those that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose" Romans 8:28

Oct 29, 2009


Oct 30, 2009
This is the case that absolutely broke me.
by: Anonymous

I knew that I wanted to work with children ever since I was 14. I've worked in the areas of child abuse prevention and treatment for the past 10 years and in that time I've learned about many cases of violence and abuse...but this is the one that broke me. I don't know if I can handle the violence anymore. Maybe it's because I'm a mother now and I would die if somebody hurt my baby. I haven't been able to stop crying since I watched the news footage last night. It made it so difficult to work with the children who needed my services today. On the one hand I know that I need to regain the strength to keep fighting to end and prevent abuse. But on the other hand, I'm so heartbroken that I'm beginning to question my ability. I feel broken. All I can ask now is: Why? How can this happen? How can violence like this happen again and again? I am completely devastated.

Oct 30, 2009
I will never forgot you
by: Kathryn

I saw this very sad story a few weeks ago, and since then cannot stop thinking about it. Baby Brianna you are so beautiful, how could anyone do such terrible things. I am a mother of 4 beautiful children, my youngest little girl was 9 months old yesterday. I look at her and just can't imagine that someone could even think about doing such things to a baby. I wish I could have been your Mummy, I would have loved you and taken care of you like you should have been, like you were meant to be taken care off. I will always remember you and love you in my heart, you will never be forgotten. I look at my 9 month old and she looks similar to you, I will love her more, kiss her more and just adore her more (even though I don't know if this is possible) I Love You Little Baby Brianna and will always remember you. Love from someone that wishes you were theirs....
A note to the family and people that did this. How could you do this, let this happen? You have no right to that child now, her body should be given to the people that love her. Putting that cage over her grave.....Why.......You are all the same HORRIBLE......Just remember there are so many hundreds of thousands of people that love her and well you know, what we think of you....It will come back to haunt you what you did and let happen......

Baby Brianna WE LOVE YOU

Oct 31, 2009
her uncle and brother
by: Anonymous

I am so saddened to hear of this tragic loss. Does anyone know what happened to Briannas brother and uncle? At the time of this horrific fate she had an 18 month old brother and an 8 year old uncle who also lived in the house. Was just wondering what happened to them? And if they're with family , how can they have gotten them when they didnt even claim Briannas body at the hospital? How do those people even have rights to the grave as well if they just left her at the hospital? Does anyone know? Thanks in advance and God Bless and LOVE and HUG your children !

Nov 02, 2009
by: R D

How could ANYONE...

Nov 02, 2009
by: Mommy of 2

I watched this video last night, unfortunately right before bed, and I hardly slept. When I did sleep, I had nightmares about this happening to my own son, and I had to go get him and bring him into my bed to be cuddled, and to comfort me. I prayed and prayed, though without much direction because it is over and all I could think to ask is that she is with God. I asked God how many tears He must have cried while this was going on. I cannot get this story out of my head. All day I have been feeling haunted, and I had to find out more about Baby Brianna. I'm glad I found this site and I know that I am not the only one who has had this strong of a reaction to this case, even though it is 7 years old. I feel like I am mourning this child I never knew, and at the same time thinking thoughts I know I shouldn't about her killers. I had a vivid dream last night of what I would do to them if I came across them, and I really hope that are recieving, at this very moment, a big, ugly dose of 'prison justice'. That poor, sweet baby. I cannot imagine how an infant would sound in such pain, as I have always immediately comforted mine, but somehow her screams fill my head. Baby Brianna was not loved in her life, which is a sadness beyond all sadnesses, but in her death so many have professed a love for her, and as many have said before, she is now sitting in our Lord's lap, she gets hugs from angels and kisses from Jesus, and she hears us. She hears this love, and I think it just may be worth it. For 5 short months her life was pure torture, but here 7 years later, people who never knew her still love and remember her. I believe that she must know this, that she sees us crying for her and hugging our own babies, and she is happy now.

Nov 02, 2009
Poor baby
by: Anonymous

This story is horror I can't not believe parents were the killers and realtives not some stranger unbelieve they should get death how could a 5 month old angel get torture like that it's too much I have a 2 year old daughter and I don't even lay a finger on her cause she is a precious angel.. Poor brianna she is about my sons age now 7. Rest in peace brianna I will have her in my heart to live forever...

Nov 02, 2009
A Vicious Cycle
by: Crystal

as i learn more and more facts, i realize that the family of the mother and uncle are very disturbed... INDEED! this is the kind of people we need to intervene on. this didnt just begin with baby briana. i believe that with further investigation, we would learn that the mother and twin brother were abused as well maybe even the grandmother and so on and so on. abuse doesnt just happen. abuse is learned and taught. the grandmother probably kept silent because she was seeing a repeat of her own life and didnt want to believe it.

we strongly want everyone to learn from baby briana's death the roles of an adult in a childs life- protector, teacher, giver of unconditional love and compassion and a friend. there are many more roles- i know. i cant help but to wonder what will continue to go on in this family (and others) if someone doesnt intervene. what i mean is i wonder if all the abusers learned is to be careful not to get too extreme. when i heard about the gravesite, i was apalled. i really dont believe the family feels that anything wrong was done. i am concerned for other children in that family.

it hurts my heart to think that briana was alone her entire life and even in death, they want her to be alone. this is a crime and justice is not through serving her. we as a society should come together to honor this child who gave her life to remind us how precious and helpless children are.

i love u baby briana! u were so young but u gave so much more to this world than most. people live their whole lives never teaching others anything. in your short 5 months you taught more than youll ever understand. u teach me that blood doesnt make u family... love, respect, and appreciation does.

i love u, i respect u, and i appreciate u. welcome to my family!
i will never forget u. u will be in the eyes of every child i hold, hug, kiss, smile, and play with.

rest in peace in the arms of the lord. u have already been made anew!

Nov 03, 2009
You must be so sick to do this to an infant.
by: Anonymous

I don't understand why women have these children, if all they are going to do, is not love it, and abuse it. If you don't want to privilege to have a beautiful baby, who could've grown up to possibly make a change in this world, then [excuse my language] why would you open your legs in the first place. She was a beautiful baby, even covered in bruises. Brusies that should have never existed on someone so young and innocent. I just really do not understand what kind of sick human being could do this to someone so harmless. Babies as that. cry and whine for no reason. You should already know that without having a baby of your own. If you get irritated by crying babies, don't have one. It's as simple as that. Don't have a child, and abuse it and kill it for whatever reason is behind it. It's not fair to the child who never got to experience life. People sicken me so much.

Nov 04, 2009
baby brianna lopez
by: Anonymous

i can't believe anyone would want to do something like this. what goes on in these people's heads when they are abusing a child. it is amazing how much this happens in the world these days. Baby Brianna Lopez will always be in this worlds heart and thank you Lord that she is in peace with you.

Nov 07, 2009
mad as hell
by: lisha goodwin

It angers me to see that baby treated like that I hurt so much inside for what she had to endure I wish the court could give her mother and father and uncle to the people of mexico and make the men somebody princess every day and the mother see her baby picture everyday she awake in a prison cell baby brianna you are safe now in gods arms

Nov 07, 2009
Updates on this case
by: Anonymous

Hello Darlene,

I think of Brianna everyday, I wish I could have been there for her, to hold her and let her know that she was loved, I feel angry and shame.

Do you have any current updates on this case?
Did the three criminals ever apologies or show any indications of what they have done?

Or explanations from grandmother and the other family member that knew of this horror and why they never called the police?

I would appreciate any feedback,
Thank you

Nov 08, 2009
No updates to offer...
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

No Judy, I have no updates to offer. But I must confess, I cannot keep up with all the stories in the news, and I have so many other visitors to post stories, commentaries, etc. for that I've had to pull back on several of the features I've offered on this site in the past; just not enough hours in the day for one person to do it all. Perhaps other visitors to this site who have more information could leave details in their comments, though this comment thread has already become very long indeed. If you've opted to be notified of any future comments for this article, then you will get an email notification each time someone leaves a new comment. In this way, anyone who posts something new about this case you'll be privy to.

From Victim to Victory, a memoir
Darlene Barriere
author. speaker. survivor. coach
From Victim to Victory, a memoir

Nov 09, 2009
by: Anonymous

I hear about this poor little innocent Baby's story just recently and it broke my heart in two. how can this sick bastards do this..Why????

I'm a Mother and i found out that, that my daughter is going too be my only child as i cannot have anymore children due too celvical cancer..Brianna parents and grandparents didn't deserve are too protect and love your children not Hurt..

I hope they (the parents and the uncle)get what's coming too them!!!!!!

Nov 09, 2009
by: Anonymous

the whole family should be in jail until they die stupid ppl

Nov 09, 2009
by: Ginette Binda

I saw this video on facebook. its awful. what kind of sick basterds would do this to an infant not even six months old! i swear ima go to where ever jail they are in and ima kick ther ass!

excuse my language :(

Nov 10, 2009
So Sad
by: Amanda (Mom of Twin babies)

I am crying tonight.... again. A couple of weeks ago i saw the news clip about this poor baby girl on youtube. It has bothered me ever since. I just can't imaging hurting something so small and helpless on purpose... or letting anyone do it.
I can't seem to stop crying for her. I need to believe that she is in a better place. There are a lot of people out there that do not believe in God, or a higher being, but after hearing this baby girls story you have to want to believe that she is being gently rocked in loving arms tonight.

I hope and pray that soon my heart will find peace and I will be able to stop crying, although I will never forget this little baby. Sleep well Brianna, in your angels arms.

Nov 12, 2009
my heart aches
by: Tammy

I had 3 of my own beautiful children and a grandmother of a wonderful 9 month old baby boy.
The first thought when I held my children for the first time was they were completely dependent on me. They trust me not to hurt them and to only love and care for them.
I cannot dig into the deepest depth of my soul and figure out were such evil stems from. How could anyone hurt an innocent beautiful gift like
baby Brianna.
I will never forget this story and I am going to go home and hug my children, play with my grandson and thank god for each and everyone of my little gifts from heaven.

Nov 14, 2009
How sick could you get!
by: Anonymous

The father, mother and the uncle should have got a life sentence. NO CHILD DESERVES TO BE TORTURED THAT WAY.

Nov 16, 2009
by: rani

i can't even believe that this has happend in 2002 and i jus heard this story today... how come this news wasn't reached in england?.. so evil. this story needs to be on news again n again, so no more innocent children be murderd like baby brianna. we need to stop child abuse now n for ever. was the mother, father and unkle retarted. i mean i have a boy who is two years old, i would never even dream of doing any thing like that. if any one even looks at my son in a funny way i will take them out... we, as parents should be a role model to our children, protect our children. the mother, father and unkle shud b hanged to death. hope they rot in hell. my heart pours out for baby brianna. r.i.p

Nov 16, 2009
how sad...
by: Anonymous

how sad that someone so innocent had to suffer that badly and she never did anything me child abuse is VERY wrong and that family should have gotten LIFE in prison cause even if you KNOW about it and do NOTHING about it its all the same to me and im only 16 years old!!!!!

Nov 17, 2009
Death by Firing Squad`
by: Lisa Kirner

these people are the reason america should still use the firing squad. prison and lethal injection are too good for these people..

Nov 17, 2009
by: Anonymous

To this day reading this story still disgusts me.

I knew a girl that was in prison with the mother, and she walks around like she's the queen of Sheba. It just doesn't matter to her. She does her daily work out and keeps getting older. It hardly seems fair.

I want to know why people don't get capitol punishment for the abuse of a child that results in death? For all baby killers in the US?

These are our children. When we decide to hold them in our wombs for 9 months we are saying we will take care of them and protect them and love them.

I have a boy that is one year younger than Brianna would have been today.

He lights up my world and I do all I can to keep him safe.

God Bless you Brianna. May His love always be with you. I am glad you are in a place with no suffering and no more pain.

Nov 19, 2009
Prayers for her little spirit
by: Anonymous

As a mother of an infant daughter, this story sickens me beyond words. How in the world could someone purposely hurt a child innocent and defenseless in this horrific manner? That poor, beautiful little angel. I pray for her peace now that her little spirit can no longer be wounded. I pray that the public will recognize these issues and continue to step in when they feel it to be necessary so that a life will be saved.

Nov 23, 2009
people need to open their eyes.
by: Anonymous

ive never been more discusted in my life. i dont know how someone could posibly hurt not even a kid, but a 6 month old baby so bad. it brings tears to my eyes to even think about how though parents could go to sleep at night knowing they tortured a 6 month old baby since the day it was born. which brings me to my point, if you can raise a child, why beat the kid for only being yours, no child deserves that kind of abuse. if thoughs sick twisted people, would have thought of other options, maybe baby briana would still be with is today.

Nov 24, 2009
sweet little ray of sunshine
by: Anonymous

i came across briannas story 2 days ago while surfing y tube,and u winder if bikers cry.I did like a baby she was adorable,as a proud supporter of b.a.c.a{bikers against child abuse.i have known freinds who have been in prison,and they tell me that the cowards who did this,1 way or an other will get there justice behind the bad as the dudes in prison r,most have kids and babies of there own on the outside.and these kind of cowards will get theres.she was and still is a little ray of sunshine.little 1 u will be forever in our hearts.

Nov 26, 2009
Why did this happen
by: Natalie rees

Tears roll down my cheeks as i write this message. There are not enough words to explain how sickened i am by this crime. How someone(especially family)could hurt and take the life of an innocent and helpless baby is beyond me. I know there are some horrible people in this world that do awfull things but these people are beyond horrible....they are monsters!
When i read about what happened to brianna i can honestly say my heart broke in two. I didnt think i could feel such heartache and emotion for someone i didnt know but i did for brianna. After reading about the horrific abuse brianna went through i went straight into my 7 month old daughters bedroom and i hugged and kissed her like i had never done before. In fact i couldnt let her go and i cried and cried as the love i feel for my daughter is never ending and the thought of someone hurting another child just like my sweet,beautifull,delicate and fragile baby is too much to even think about.
R.I.P beautifull brianna now you are safe from the evil that took the life you should have been able to live. You will always be in my heart.

Nov 28, 2009
i really wish
by: Anonymous

i saw where some 1 on here mentioned they wish we had the death penalty in all 50 states,well here in austin tx we DO have it.i realy really wish this had happened here than i can swear to u they would have gotten it at the drop of a in austin we dont tolerate that kind of shit at all. brianna ive been thinkin of u all the time,i could just see u yesterday sittin up there watchin football with ur god and eating whipped cream and slingin it every where,and u and god just laughing it up and haveing a blast,lol.i swear i will talk to every 1 i know and get ur story out,if they dont want to hear it they dont have to talk to me any more.what ever it takes sweety,ur story will come back to life. i love u

Nov 28, 2009
what goes around...
by: Anonymous

punishment should fit the crime! should'nt they have to endure what poor baby brianna did? the mother should be ordered to be sterilized. and the other two as well. death penalty is too easy, even brianna didn't get to leave that peacefully! i am against violence, but in cases like these, i believe the offenders should have to pay the same price as their victims did!!

Nov 30, 2009
What about life in prison?
by: Anonymous

A step should be taken to change their sentencing time. Other people receieve life time sentences for killing others, but why not when an infant or child is killed?

Nov 30, 2009
rest in peace
by: brianna and angelica

Dear Brianna,
What your parents did to you was wrong what kind of sick people are they,that is nastey they should have not had u if they were just going to treat you like a game it makes us mad to see this had happen hope you rest in peace have a good one but u are in a good and better place now!


Dec 01, 2009
too much
by: Anonymous

to bear really. it almost made me physically sick reading this. i have a 1 year old and a teenager and thinking ANYONE would harm them in any way...i would be in prison. how could this happen?
there is obviously a lot of real evil in this world, evil a normal person can not comprehend. im trying very hard not to write abusive comments about these monsters but after reading this i know what i would do if i could get my hands on them.
babies are the greatest gift, innocent, defenseless. god, this poor little darling was only born to be tortured! that is the most twistet, sickest thing. there not humans, neither animals because animals are not capable of that. they are beasts. i dont believe in capital punishment but here i make an exeption. prison is not enough for this crime, how can it be?

Dec 01, 2009
by: Anonymous

I can not believe that there are people out there that can hurt an innocent creature like a 5 month old baby like the way these people did. If they didn't want to keep the baby, they should have given her up to somebody who may not be able to have kids and they could have raised her right, not abused in the worst way like these animals did! I just don't understand how it is that these "people" cause they really aren't people and they aren't even animals because animals take care of their own, how these things can have kids and just destroy their lives like that! The abuse this child endured, she's better off dead than to deal with all this pain and suffering. I hope they all spend the rest of their lives in jail...they don't deserve any better! Sorry baby Brianna for the hell you went through while on earth - nobody deserves that kind of torture!!

Dec 04, 2009
why would someone hurt an inisent child
by: christine

I have no idea why some one so sick and sidistick would hurt and inicent child who has not even got to live her life yet she was so small and so young
to those who can harm an inicent child with no remorse should end upin the grave next to her so she can try to get her revenge from the grave well any way I think they should get raped over and over again and torture just like they did that sweet and inicent lil child i know that its sounds mean and un human but no human nor child should ever have to go through that type of bull its just inhuman to do that to any other human slash child and wo so eveer can do this type of stuff to any child should have them self get beating and tortured over and over again

Dec 05, 2009
how do we let this happen?
by: Anonymous

Just an inocent little person that only wants love and care from those she was born to. How do we as a society let this happen? Please keep up all the good work educating all society to prevent such horrible acts against any person especially children. God bless you for doing this for the good of all of us. Remembering we are all Gods children and none of us deserve another child of God to treat anyone in such a way that dishonors all of us and God.

Dec 06, 2009
sick minded people
by: shannon

why do poeple to do this to beutiful young babies like this she is adorable and lovable

Dec 07, 2009
Crying a Million tears
by: Anonymous

This story took my breath away, so sickly disturbing, my brain cant even process what happen to this poor little baby.
Thank you Darlene for having this site, it really helps to read other posts knowing that there are people who feel the same outrage, sickness, and heartache, a reminder that there is so many of us that DO CARE, and could love a child, and hurt so much for a child that we didnt even know..The evil DEMONS that did this will pay in the end.

Dec 12, 2009
Poor sweet child of god hope now you are sleeping peacefully no one will hurt you RIP baby girl
by: Mayra Garcia

Hi there i just wanted to say that when i heard the story of baby brianna, i started crying. Im still crying as i type this, what those people did to that little girl, is so cruel, and inhumane. they should all rot in hell. How can they do that to a poor innocent little baby?? i can only imagine the little baby crying without anyone coming to her mommy or daddy to love and protect her..instead they would beat her and throw her around..imma stop typing im getting to emotional..But RIP beautiful child of god. i know that you are in a better place.

Dec 13, 2009
There is true evil in this world!
by: Elisa

I have a two year old. It breaks my heart to hear her cry over even a minor scratch. I don't understand how the adults in that house sat there and listened to that baby scream in pain and agony,and didn't do a damn thing. That house, trailer, whatever it was, wasn't any bigger than a cracker jack box and there's no way anybody that was there didn't know what was going on. Okay, so that poor baby had ignorant, cruel, stupid, and sadistic parents and a moronic uncle. But what the hell was wrong with the grandmother? What kind of woman would sit and watch her son and his girlfriend torture and beat her beautiful granddaughter? Never even made an attempt to stop them, call for help, nothing. What kind of people are these? What would make someone do something like this? I haven't been able to sleep through the night without thinking of that picture of that sweet little baby that I would just love to pick up and cuddle, laying there dead, bruised and battered. This story makes me absolutely sick. I can only hope that Brianna is at peace now.

Another thing I'm curious is it that the family that didn't even claim her body or pay for her funeral now has any authority to make decisions about her grave? Where were these fools when that child was being tortured to death? To the creator of this and other websites about Brianna, thank you. I don't know why this case wasn't national news when it happened, but it's not to late to let everyone know what this poor baby suffered through, keep lobbying for the removal of that ridiculous cage around her grave, and show our love for a child who never got any in her five months of life.

Dec 14, 2009
Words cannot describe...
by: David in England

...the sincere sorrow I am feeling.
I am genuinely lost for words!!

I am horrified that these incidence aren't even isolated. In England we had an situation with a baby only known for some time as "Baby P"..his horrific torment by his parents has literally sickened a nation, Brianna and Baby P deserve justice, one that perhaps only god can serve.

I pray he will!!

Dec 15, 2009
by: Monet, Wiscons

this is sick.
i feel completely sad about this like wtf. baby brianna lopez was a beautiful young girl.
I personally think they deserve the death sentence i feel they got the minimum sentence honestly.they need the electric chair. this homicide was so sick and twisted the most twisted thing i've ever seen and then to know somebody knew about this going on that even worse thats almost like commiting the crime themselves.
and why don't these people even seem to feel any remorse for their action like HOW THE HELL DO YOU BITE A CHILD????THROW THEM IN THE AIR WITHOUT CATCHING THEM.BROKENS BONES, RIBS, LACERATIONS thats just way to much for any child to bear.
but baby brianna looks like she's way more peaceful looking than any child i've ever seen.
still pissed tho how do they have the right to put up a fence around the body.not like they cared for it in the first place......the world is such a sad place

Dec 15, 2009
parents deserve eternal punishment
by: Stacy

These parents did not deserve this beautiful gift that God gave them.These family members allowed these two satanic monsters(mother and father) to torture this Angel of God. May God forgive me but all who were involved, (mother and father)especially, deserve to have done to them what was done to baby Briana. No justice can be served to these people because of the severity of the act committed to this baby. Even animals love there babies. We need to stand up and protect all of Gods children.

Dec 24, 2009
Little angel baby Brianna
by: Anonymous

Merry Christmas to a precious little angel named Brianna....My prayer for you is that you have found the peace in heaven that was not here for u on earth....May you be in gods arms with a smile on your little child or person deserves to go through what you went through and i hope the love of all the people in the world who have been touched by your story reaches your heart and fills your spirit with happiness and love....I've never met you but i will never forget you.....

Rest in Peace Little Angel and this christmas when the bell rings i'll know baby Brianna got her wings......

god bless every child.....

Dec 26, 2009
A tooth for a tooth.....
by: Francisco Balagtas

My sister (a recent mother to a 6-month old cute baby boy! We all love him!)introduced me to the horrifying story of baby Brianna and when I read her tragic story, I just could not help but wish her mother, her twin brother, and her boyfriend who all contributed to Baby Brianna's agonizing short life here on earth. I wish her mother most of all, to not be able to sleep for the rest of her life with the gnawing guilt that will bore in her twisted mind. Not even the death penalty can make their crime against baby Brianna even a tad forgiveable!
But then again, I am not God. And I am not Lady Justice. And although my heart pains every time I think of their sentences (27 years, 51 years and 57 years) unjust compared to what they did to a helpless baby.....I get to recall how He took Brianna away all too quickly so she will not suffer more. I still will never understand WHY, but I hope that those three evil persons who did this to Brianna will all rot in eternity. My iPhone is so full of my nephew's pictures and no one even bothered taking Brianna's picture for posterity??????? Her family and relatives NEVER deserved her in the first place! May they all suffer eternal guilt themselves!

Dec 29, 2009
by: Anonymous

A child now a woman from these horrible chains inside the tears and scars remain. With children of my own I pray that you cherish the ones you love and may they never slip away. Hold them "till tears are silenced in the night, bleed for them for your children stand to fight. Protect them with all You have. Love them above all else love them....

I cannot watch this i know all too well what it contains. My heart is broken. However I beg of you if you suspect abuse report it. No matter how big or small.

Dec 30, 2009
Precious Baby
by: Anonymous

I am so appreciative of my precious baby daughter of 6 months of age. The sadness and wrenching of my heart is endless. It hurt so much to read about that precious baby suffering so much, there just are no words. Thank you Jesus that little Brianna is now with you.

Jan 01, 2010
the little precious baby
by: Anonymous

I really feel sorry foy little babr brianna . I don't know why people wouls do that to a little baby . That is so dumb for adults to kill a little baby, that is abou t 5-6 months old . I was so freaked out when I read this Article !

Anyways , Merry Christmas And Happy New Years To All Of You Who Are Reading This Comment !

Jan 01, 2010
Awww =(
by: Anonymous

It Brought Tears To My Eyes ! I Cried For More Than An Hour =(

Jan 03, 2010
Brianna lopez petition
by: Natalie Rees

Hi,there is a petition to get the metal cage removed from brianna's grave. Its on the GO PETITION website and its important that everyone signs it. She was abused in life and now she is caged in death....its tragic.

I was wondering, does anyone who already knows about the petition have any idea when it will be passed over to the district attorney to try and get it removed. The petition has been going since april and it would be a shame if nothing came of it.

Jan 08, 2010
by: Anonymous

I can not sleep right after reading this story .
I am the mother of a 4 month old baby girl and I do not understand how 3 adults can do this to a Helpless little baby . Thier is a reason some people can not have children I wish this babys mother would have been such a case. I pray we can do something to stop this.
If you feel you are going to hurt your child please I beg you walk away take a breather ...if you can not handle your baby give it to someone who will love him or her.

Jan 09, 2010
by: Anonymous

i can not belive that these people would harm a baby like that i have 5 kids and i would never think about it i read the story and it mad me cry rip little angel

Jan 11, 2010
Baby Brianna Enjoy life in heaven xxxx
by: caris

Why do that to a 5month old. I dont understand why people would have a kid, just to abuse them. Baby Brianna lived a short time and they made her life horrible. I pray for Brianna, I hope she is happy watching everyone seeing her mum, dad & uncle put away for all this. I hope bad things happen to them. I am just glad my little sister (aged 6months) doesnt get treated like that. I just wished the people who new about it said something they could of saved her life. Her parents are selfish, murdering her & then letting no one visit her. Brianna Lopez i hope she rests in piece, she gets the life in heaven that she wanted on earth.
she would of been 6 years old :( Bless.
(I am not her family or ever knew her but i want people to be aware & i care dearly for her).

Loved & dearly missed. xxxx

Jan 11, 2010
give them to me
by: Linda

when I see this type of thing I want to put up big billboards and banners on the net saying do't kill or abuse them, if you don't want them send them to me. I would take in every child that I could to prevent this type of abuse from happening. I have six children and am now too old to have any more. I miss babies and toddlers. They are indeed angels on earth. I hope people will have the courage and strength to come forward and report abuse when they see it. Baby Brianna RIP if I could have helped you I would have. Forever in our hearts and soul. Love you baby Brianna.

Jan 15, 2010
by: Anonymous


Jan 16, 2010
These subhuman protazoa need to get the needle
by: BMW Princess

Where was this?
I hope vthe state this horror occured in has capital punishment. I know canadians are supposed to want to give people a second chance but these sick subhumans can't be fixed.
Rest in peace honey

Jan 18, 2010
friends to the end
by: Anonymous

she was a bouteful little girl and tell her i to be frinds with her

Jan 18, 2010
hang them people
by: Anonymous

poor little girl i would of hang those people they should suffer just like how brianna lopez did when she was a chid. a girl like that did not decerve to die in this horible manner

Jan 20, 2010


Jan 24, 2010
She was just a baby!!!!!
by: Anonymous

I don't understan why they would do this, How they could sit there and listen to her screams and cries and not feel any emotion. I hope they are suffering in prison. I hate the fact that they get protection from the goverment when that little baby didn't!!! Ever since I read this story I can't stop thinking about her I'm glad shes with GOD now and away from all evil. I will NEVER EVER forget her. And I did signed the petiton yesterday I don't know if its still good tho...... I hope her "parents" and uncle get what they deserve in prison or when they get out..


Jan 24, 2010
by: Dr. Eric Davis

I am sitting here speechless after reading all of this. I cannot believe people could fathom doing such horrible things. R.I.P. Baby Brianna.

Jan 25, 2010
by: holly ; from new zealand.

i first saw the youtube video today.
the first minute of photos ; i couldnt handle it.
i turned it off and stared at my computer.
how someone could do that to a beautiful baby ?
i have 4 sisters & a baby brother. how could you bite a baby? or pinch a baby? or break her ribs?
or worst of all, rape a baby ?
what the hell is wrong with these people?
im not violent, but i wouldnt think twice
if God gave me a gun and bullets and lined all these people up against a wall. bang.

Jan 26, 2010
I am so sorry to hear
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry to hear what happened to baby brianna. There was a simular situation in our town January of last year. A woman that I worked with left her 11 month-old infant with her new husband. Jason killed Kole brutially. I will spare you the horrible details but to say it was bad enough to break Kole's spine. I know people's first instinct is to fight back with violence against the attacker,but this is not the answer! Violence just doesn't work. If it did our prison system wouldn't be overcrowded. I don't know the answer to the problem of child abuse, but we need some help. I would like to close by sending my love and support to any parent who feels overwhelmed. Please take it easy and give yourself a break. You are doing the hardest and most important job in this world.Creating the next generation of caring human beings.You are not alone. There are plenty of people that care. Please reach out if you need support.

Jan 26, 2010
My Little Angel
by: Anonymous

My little Angele Brianna, First time when i read your life i got so mad of this world and i cried and cried until now, I cant forget your story and the pain you suffered with your small body and even you couldnt be able to screem what are you doing with me and even you couldnt fight back... My little Angel R.I.P with Angel and i am sure you are enjoing your life there and playing with angeles..
I will never forget the pain you suffered.

Jan 27, 2010
Is remembering Baby Brianna helping me to move on..?
by: maurice

I pray regularly for and to Baby Brianna especially each time she comes to my notice on Darlene's site. I have not re-acted and made a comment for a number of months now on all who still write their feelings in the way Baby Briana died ever so cruelly. I know she is an Angel of goodness now and keeps me close to God. She helps me to keep letting go of my own abuse memories and do my part now to ensure abuse never leaves the headlines that it deserves. Healing is uppermost in my mind for all who have been abused. Baby Brianna should help us all to focus on letting those still living whom we know who were abused that we care and love them. Baby Brianna is safe and will never be hurting again. I ask that we all concentrate our efforts to assist all Babies/children/teenagers still in the grip of abuse in their homes/schools wherever especially those who traffick teenagers into the sex world. Let Baby Brianna rest in peace while using her memory to get justice for the abused of our day. There are many stiil not brought to justice after abusing the innocent and the vunerable. I was listening to a play writer who has written a play on the whole sense of abuse in Ireland in the fifties. He made a statement that he was part of that generation was beaten by his parents and teachers and sure it did'nt do me any harm. I find that a throw away statement because so many are still paining from such hidings and beatings. It is the truth because I know many who grew up with me would make the same statement almost making me feel guilty in saying was abused and that it effected me in the way it did. So let us use Baby Brianna as a reason to believe Abuse does have it effects on each individual differnetly and is no excuse for the molesters or the perpetrators of abuse to abuse any innocent child ever.

Jan 30, 2010
She is in my prayers always
by: Nafiza Balmacoon

There are no words that can express what my feelings are towards Brianna. She is so precious and beautiful never did she have a happy moment in her short life. It makes me question why god brought her into this world after causing her so much pain and suffering then takes her life after such a short period of time. Now she is sleeping peacefully with no more pain. As I read her story and look upon her beautiful face my heart breaks repeatedly. How can the people who cause this upon her life only get 57 yrs and 51 years why aren?t these people put away for life? How did the justice system come to this verdict? A child has been beaten and raped then killed and this is what they have given these sobs. I want these people to have life in prison without parole. Something must be done we are the voice for someone who wasn?t able to speak to tell us her pain and suffering.

Jan 31, 2010
RIP baby girl
by: Mommy of Louis and Abbie

I am so sad after reading this about this poor innocent little soul! I have a six month old and I looked at him last night after reading the story of this precious child and thought to myself, I cant imagine anyone doing that to my children! She is in God's hands now and she doenst have to feel that pain anymore. It disgusts me that a man can even look at a child and look at them in that manner! What is this world coming to! I hope they rot in h*ll for what they did to her! Rip baby briana..You deseved so much more!

Feb 01, 2010
by: Anonymous

This saddens me to hear that a five month old baby died for doing absoluteltly nothing they should lock them under the jail for this well at least brianna doesn't have to suffer anymore RIP BABY BRIANNA

Feb 01, 2010
Your My Baby Now, Brianna
by: Anonymous

Sweet sleep Brianna, no more pain, no more nighmares or bad memories. Just sweet sleep in Gods hands of love and warmth. I will remember you as I do my own son, Christopher. I know you and he are together in heaven laughing and playing as babies do. I can never have more children, so I take you as my own, and will love you and remember you as if I were your mother instead of the monster you knew as your mother. Meet your big brother in heaven and be happy and sleep well, and know that you are loved my me, your mother forever.

Now as to the 3 monsters that took this sweet child away from us...

As a woman who's only child died in birth and not able to have more children, I am truely ashamed of the Uncle and grandmothers lack of action, love or the slightest bit of concern for what was happening to Brianna. They deserve EQUAL punishment to the 3 that actually did this ! They could have saved this childs life, they both knew this was happening and yet did absolutely nothing, which in my opinion is just as bad as doing it.
Let me ask this, if we truley live in a civilized society, then how and why does this type of thing happen ? Why does our society still breed these monsters, then coddle them in prisons with a roof and 3 square meals, cable tv, internet, libraries, and all for free ? None of this is free for the rest of us, why is it free for murderers and rapists ? Why do we keep these people alive, and support them with our tax dollars ?
Our system is broken, these kinds of people do not belong in our world and these kinds of crimes should always, always get the death penalty, then maybe these monsters would cease to exist and we can actually be a civilized society.

Feb 04, 2010
R.I.P. My Darling
by: Lakeshia Shamane Patterson

Punishment is a must for those demons....they do such things to a child of God....they will suffer and I will never forget the face of Baby darling....I am 18 and have a 6 month old I would never in the name of Jesus do or think of anything like that to hurt my little girl...what kind of parents are they?...... Baby Brianna does not have to suffer anymore!!! Grace be to God...RIP my darling I love you as if you were mine.

Feb 13, 2010
RIP Sweetheart...Your a beautiful, Free, Little Angel
by: Krystal

I agree with Jackie and what she wrote:

I recently learned of Brianna's story, I have one daughter name Kaelyn who is 6 months, but after reading this I feel as if Brianna was also mine, I am mourning her, thinking about her and am crushed that I could not keep her safe. I am so heartbroken that I could never give her bubble baths and tell her how beautiful she looks in a new dress, and take millions of pictures of her to show her off and build memories. I am sad that she could not be loved and protected by my husband, the way daddy's are supposed to. I would have never pinched you or hurt you in any way, or let any one ever hurt you baby girl and you would have a daddy to protect you. Just know that the world loves you and fought for you and justice was served. I hope to see you one day with no bruises, just a precious smile and I will hold you and love you as if God had sent you to me. Until then, sleep well, and know that we all love you. Hugs and kisses.

Feb 14, 2010
Today is your B-day
by: Martha

Dear, precious baby, today is your birthday, you were born on Valentine's day, this day will never be joyful to me because of what happened to you years ago, ever since I learned about your story I simply cannot forget you, I have 3 children of my own and I just cannot comprehend why???? why did this happen???? nobody helped...nobody came to your rescue...there is not enough will be in my heart forever, love, rest in peace precious, sweet baby who suffered so much...I will never forget you.

Feb 16, 2010
people are ******* sick
by: Anonymous

i cant believe any stupid ***** would even hurt a baby!!!!!!!! if they didnt want her, why not give her to someone who does!!! this was outrageous digusting behavior and i just cant even believe such behavior from a adults

Feb 24, 2010
by: Anonymous


Feb 28, 2010
Beautiful Baby
by: Anonymous

I am in shock to hear this poor baby went through this. It breaks my heart. I will never forget it. It makes me want to hold my babies and never let them go. Her so called "family" are satans people.

Mar 05, 2010


Mar 07, 2010
poor baby
by: Anonymous

this little girl did not deserve this no children do please if your a parent and things get tough tell someone dont be affraid dont let your rage take another life there babies they mean no harm they need love just like you and i no matter how hard life gets think to yourself that they do not cry to annoy you they cry only for a reason they cannot express what they need like you or i sometime cause there hungry or tired or maybe just wanting a cuddle so please please i beg of you dont take your anger out on your children .

Mar 09, 2010
You're an Angel now
by: Anonymous

Ï am in tears after reading this tragic tragic story. I am a mother and cannot fathom how any human being could do this to a child. Brianna, you're safe now sweetheart and I believe you would be angel now protecting whoever you can. I can only hope and pray those that hurt you never get into heaven and live eternally in hell where they belong.

Mar 09, 2010
Why is this not national news?
by: Jess

Has Nancy Grace ever covered this story? She needs to know about this nightmare in Albuquerque. And the grave being caged. How horrible. Everybody failed this little angel. The system failed her (hello - where is the death penalty when you need it?), needless to say her family failed her, and now society fails her by not getting this story out on television where people can know these monsters by name.

Mar 12, 2010
Poor baby Brianna
by: Anonymous

They shouldn't even get so liotlw time in prison, they should get the death penalty because poor baby Brianna couldn't do anything to protect herself from all that abuse. Those parents didn't want a child why did they have her. A child is not at fault for the mistake the parents make. Hopefully something bad happens to all of those who did her bad. God bless baby Brianna

Mar 15, 2010
Death Penalty
by: Anonymous

I just recently came across the story of this little girl. I don't believe the mother, boyfriend and uncle got what they deserved...they still get to live. Sure live with what they did...but did it really matter to them? They knew what they were doing. It makes me sick they still get to live. I think the should have all gotten the death penatly! You are safe now precious baby girl. I can't imagine the pain you went thru. I am a new mother to a baby girl...and I can't imagine anyone doing that.

Mar 16, 2010
by: Anonymous

How could you EVER harm the most innocent being in the world?! All that child did was love her parents unconditionally and its so so sad that that poor little girl didn't recieve the love in return. Makes me sick to my stomach and want to cry. How could anyone do that :(

Mar 16, 2010
why why why why?
by: Anonymous

I mean thats not fair that a little baby girl had to go through even though i went through s**t like that like being hooked up to tubes but why did she have to be chosen???????

Mar 27, 2010
by: Lainey

being a student of criminal psychology, I have seen many disturbing sights of child abuse. I have never, ever seen such horrific injuries on such a small child. Unfortunately she wasn't the first and she won't be the last. Society has become selfish where they would rather turn their heads than help or interfere, if they did, perhaps then little sweethearts like Brianna might have had a chance to live, perhaps not a perfect life with her injuries but at least she would have had life. The people who could inflict such injuries on such a small defenseless child is a total waste of space and should leave the earth. I would happily pull the switch. Rest in peace Brianna, your voice will always be heard.

Mar 29, 2010
What were they thinking?
by: Leticia,Renae, Erica

I cant believe that they could do that and get away with that. They must have a sick mind to even think about hitting their baby. If I ever saw anybody abuse their kids I would turn them in and try and help the baby.

Mar 30, 2010
Baby Brianna you will always be in my heart <3
by: Anonymous

I just learned about Brianna's story yesterday and it's just heartbreaking how a child a little baby could get hurt soo muchh and to top it off it was her own mother and father and uncle that did this to her it's jusst plain sickk wat theyy did to her

Brianna will always be in my heartt I luvv you Brianna <3

Always.&Foreverr :)<3

Mar 31, 2010
No justice was done
by: Anonymous

I'm upset because the father, mother and uncle went to prison. They should have put a bullet in there heads, and I would gladly pay for it!

From a mother who loves her children more than anything.

Apr 07, 2010
they should of been sentence to death
by: thia

when i saw this i was filled with tears how can you beat molest and hurt a baby like that and to the grandma you should be ahshamed how can you see them do this and do nothung about it im tired of children being abused we should all do somthing about it

Apr 08, 2010
rest in peace
by: Anonymous

I will never forget the pain that Briana went through and her mother (sinner) will burn in hell forever. God should punish her so she would never become a mother in future. I cried and coulnd't hold my tears even though she was a stranger but I feel her as my daughter. Rest in Peace baby, with lots of hugs and love.

Apr 08, 2010
by: Anonymous

This is just sick and wrong for the parents to abuse their child, their own child like that.You also dont rape a child that is that young that is what makes it worse. I just makes me want to start crying. LIVE IN PEACE BRIANA!! i know i dont know you but i love you..

Apr 09, 2010
2nd life - May it be filled with laughter and joy
by: Anonymous

I have two kids, one of which is 18 months. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't love him or kiss him - how can anyone harm such an innocent adorable face.... Those evil, cold, dispictable dogs (human is too strong a word!) should be sentenced to the death penalty. What I don't understand is if they "hate" the child that much why don't they just give her to someone or put her up for adoption rather than torture her to death! Such sick dogs! I hope that too, rot in jail and in hell !!!!!

Apr 10, 2010
Brianna never get hurt, God protect all pain
by: inne

She die with no pain, thousands angels protect her never sleep when it was happened. Dont worry. And all pain will be though her family. She sleep now, dont disturb then play with her God the most love her much.

Apr 13, 2010
punishment for such crimes should be severe
by: Anonymous

the thing about western countries is that we call ourselves civilized, but look at this!!!!!!! we should protest our governments to implement beheading or hanging as a punishment for such crimes because these type of crimes have increased a lot over the past few years. if public hanging is conducted for such crimes it will produce a large impact on the people and they may stop this.we must raise our voice against such issues.if Briana would have survived this will be the thing she would have done. we must act as fast as possible

Apr 14, 2010
by: Amanda johns

Wow those ppl are sick

Apr 15, 2010
by: amber

my aunt told me about this yesterday. she said she saw it on someones facebook. when i saw it, it made me realize so much. life is too short. im only 17 & i have a 3 month old daughter, after i saw that video i cried my eyes out & cried myself to sleep, no baby should EVER deserve that. i think sometimes im a bad mom but in reality to that im a pretty dang good mom. Who knows what they were thinking, & god help them is all I can say. Brianna is in a better place & she will never be forgotten by people. She made an impact in our lives & god strike whoever thinks its ?cool? to do that to their little babies?

Apr 16, 2010
Crying my eyes out over this.
by: Michelle in NY

I cannot even understand the mentality of this mother. I would fight to my death to prevent any kind of harm from happening to my little baby girl. I mean, come on, why even bother naming your child if this was their purpose?

Apr 17, 2010
by: Jody

I just heard about this story a few days ago. more than five years later why? We need to make sure that people are educated that things like this are happening so that we can help put an end to it. God bless your little soul baby Brianna. I'm sorry someone didn't help you before all of these horrid things happened to you

Apr 20, 2010
God forgive me for what I said but its the truth...wouldn't everyone agree?
by: Anonymous

i barely heard about this story and it tore me to peices. I hope the parents and relatives that knew about it but didnt report it rot in hell! Straight up becuase they didnt even give her the chance to live. At least she wont have to live the life they are living. She now is an angel and in a better place. RIP Baby Briana. We Love You!

Apr 20, 2010
You didn't pick your family
by: Michelle Meyer-Amin

Here it is April 20th 2010 and I am horrified of what I just read. Briana you will always be in my heart. Always !

Apr 20, 2010
What is wrong with people?
by: Anonymous

I cannot fathom anyone doing these things to a 5 month old baby or anyone for that matter. I too like many others cannot stop thinking about this poor baby abused and tortured by her own family. Darlene, i wont mention what should be done to these abusers, but with all due respect...trying to be politically correct right now is ridiculous! funny, in todays world, where freedom of speech is supposed to be allowed-the only people being heard are the low lifes because no one else is allowed to stick up for what they believe--UNREAL. Some things need change--BADLY

From Darlene: Anonymous, my position on this is definitely not about being politically correct. Exactly the opposite. I'm all for changes, and calling for change; I will always permit those kinds of comments. What I won't allow are comments that advocate violence, regardless of how violent the abusers were, because I believe that violence only begets more violence in the world. And we have so much violence in our world already. So if you want to call for change, be my guest.

From Victim to Victory, a memoir
Darlene Barriere
author. speaker. survivor. coach
From Victim to Victory, a memoir

Apr 24, 2010
little angel
by: teresa vonbehren

for my comment her parents uncles and granmother should have been sentence to death!!!!! weres briannas justice she couldnt defend herself against these monsters!sending them to prison was not enough why should they still be breathing i think not!!!! shes not!!! i cried so hard for this little girl!!!!as far as im concerned its wrong for her family to tell people to stay away from brianna is wrong they didnt care to step in and stop the abuse i think they should stay away from her not people who care and wish they could have stopped the abuse to me the rest of the family are monsters as well.i think if i was the officer who had that call they never would have made it to prison im sorry that would have been brianna justice if their life was taken a life for a life!!! thats what i believe!!!our justice system sucks everywhere when u purposely take another life your life should be taken!!!!!

Apr 25, 2010
may they be executed!
by: crystal marshall

today at work i was reading a book about serial killers form the middle ages till now....different types of killers with different types of victims. victims ages ranged from 4 to 86 i believe. of ALL the stories I read none of them made me more disguisted than this story and i believe that everyone involved that didn't say anything needs to be executed.

Apr 26, 2010
Brianna Lopez
by: Noreen

Such a Beautiful Name from such Evil people. Brianna is not in her Grave she is in a very special place where no one will hurt her ever again she lives in the Hearts of people who care.The fence is a reminder of how cold hearted,evil people they were and how her life never really began.I would rather see another place reborn in Brianna's Honor where people can visit and think of Brianna and pray for all of the many other children who fall victims of violence, a Beautiful Place somewhere else created by beautiful people with beautiful thoughts in there hearts and their souls.
Brianna's Place. Amen

Apr 26, 2010
I can't understand
by: Anonymous

I'm sitting here on my laptop with my 4 month old baby girl asleep next to me in her moses basket. I feel sick and unable to sleep after reading what happened to this defenseless baby Brianna. How could anyone, especially her own flesh and blood (the only people she felt any bond with) harm her to such a horrible degree??? I can't understand simple abuse to a child, let alone this type of abuse. Is it even considered abuse at this stage??? It sounds like torture. I can't help but wonder if she was alive and concious through all the abuse. All I can see in my mind is those "people" throwing her in the air and I can almost here the thump as that poor baby hit the ground. Any child would scream and cry, how could they keep doing that to her??? How could an adult male rape a 5mo old baby??? How could her MOTHER, a woman who is ALL to a baby, allow this to happen??? How could she participate? Where are their hearts, consciences and sense of right and wrong?????

I am so disturbed by this story. I feel so ill and as if all goodness has been sucked out of the world. My heart is so wounded thinking a beautiful baby never knew love or compassion or a true wonderful bond with her parents. All she had the chance to experience was pain, impatience, intolerance and evil.

I have no words, only tears. I look at my own baby girl here and now feel terrified that people exist in this world that could harm her in such a way. Makes me never want to have her out of my sight, even for a moment.

I think I am too sensitive a person to read about cases like this. But now that I have, I feel compelled to help the cause of stopping child abuse. Where can I find information about helping and or volunteering to help?

Apr 28, 2010
poor Baby Brianna:(
by: Brianna Lopez

Baby girl i noe how you feel i could never imagen any one doing tat to me and this one very sad important reaviling story tat i will never forget...

Apr 29, 2010
I can never forgive those adults
by: Anonymous

I am a very forgiving person so, I basically forgive easily. After I read this article I can't forgive them...EVER. That poor young baby girl. If you can't care for a cute innocent baby why even have a child? I personally think those adults should have gotten a much longer in jail. I am doing a research paper about if child abuse should have a mandatory sentencing. I think that child abusers should have a mandatory sentencing.

Apr 29, 2010
Finally, in Gods's loving arms.
by: Anonymous

Your pain and suffering will no longer keep you a prisoner of evil doers, but I can honestly say sweetheart, that your death brought joy to the Lord when he picked you up and carried you home. You can rest now Brianna, You're safe in God's loving arms.... I will never forget you.

Apr 30, 2010
amy god be with you beautiful brianna
by: Anonymous

i just wanna say dat i just heard about dis story and it killed me!! she is a beautiful baby girl who didnt desirve this! what kind of sick people have the heart to do this to a baby?? or anyone!!! i hate the fact that we live in a sick world and everyday something tragic happens?? why do we have to be afriad in this world?? rest in peace brianna darling, may god be with you and the angels and take care of you the way you should be treated. her parents can just rott in hell and the uncle and everyone who is cruel. this is just so sad..ill never forget this!! rip beautiful <333

May 01, 2010
disgrace of the human race!
by: bellasmommy

this has to be one of the most horrific things i have ever heard in my life! yes being young parents is hard (i know because im a young mom) but that does not justify what they did. She was so innocent, gods gift from heaven. why would someone do this? i just don't get it? i hope they rot and burn in hell!

May 02, 2010
Peace for Briana in heaven
by: cathy medlock

I just read this story and to say the least i feel sick to my stomach. I just can't imagine how anyone could do this. I will never forget this story and never forget about Briana. I wish i could of been there and taken the baby away from those monsters before anything happened to her.

May 03, 2010
by: Anonymous

why did they have to do this to her it fells like it hit home in my body.RIP

May 03, 2010
there are not enough words to express.....
by: Anonymous

There is a place in hell!

May 06, 2010
by: Chelsea-Jade

I cant belive this... If your going to have a baby dont murder it because you dont want it, Put it up for adoption. This is so upsetting. Why would you do this to your own relative? How could you do this to your own relative? Rape, Bite, Throw. Its horrific! I cryed when i heard the story... And it will stay with me forever. R.I.P. Baby Briana. Have a nice after life with out all the people that ruind your human one. Love you xx

May 06, 2010
Has To Take A Real Sicko to KILL A Baby
by: Anonymous

I just saw Brianna's vidio on Facebook. Shocking and utterly horrifying. Didn't they ever take her to the Dr. for check-up's. I know when I had my children I had a scheduled appontment for there first visit in the Dr. office before I left the hospital. If they never took her to the Dr. why didn't the Dr. who delivered Brianna, or office that the appointment was set up with contact someone to check into it. Perfect case of not having enough people to look into problems small kids are having in there home. Personally they should of got the dealth sentence for those horrible acts of violence. How is a baby suppose to defend themselves. And for the people who knew and did nothing they got off easy. We all know though what will happen to them in prison. Noone condones child abuse and murder.

May 09, 2010
by: Anonymous

A car accident in las Cruces, NM showed a true testament to how karma works. The uncle of baby brianna, who served only 60 days is jail for not reporting the abuse that ultimately took the life of baby brianna, was killed in a car accident. NOw id will serve his life sentence with the devil!!!!

May 12, 2010
not human
by: Anonymous

this is such a crime witch is not forgivable. how can parents do this to their own child and feel no remorse or bad feelings. this is a clear example of severe and immoral states of mind. these people should be put to a life sentence in prison or in a phycopathic home. it is inhuman and not right to do this to someone especially a child or infant.

May 13, 2010
I am trying for coinceve by months.
by: XImena

Darlene thanks for make me express my feelings I was crying togueter wiht my husband one night after we read the history.The history affect to me in many wasy.We have a wonderful angel from God in home her name is Jazmine, every day I am trying to make her happy and she's happy, on nights I wake up like three times just to verify if she's breathing!!And now we are tryin to conceive another baby to love her or him.
I am sure those sick bastards is going to burn on hell, they are going to suffer on God hands.You know what, God take in his hands Brianna life and was the best can you believe how much this angel
Brianna was suffering there? She was suffering there but now this angel is in heaven. God take her back with him.

May 13, 2010
A million what ifs and one could have been
by: Anonymous

It is sad what has happend to baby brianna.My heart goes out to that poor child.Remember she is in Gods kingdom now, she will be taken care of for an eternity with LOVE.For the animals that have done this to the poor child you had better pray that God forgives you, remember it is not our JUGDMENT that you should worry about. The devil has tight grip on your souls enjoy your HELL!!!

May 15, 2010


May 20, 2010
what kind of family is this!!!!!!


May 21, 2010
I cried when I read this
by: Taylor

This is an awful story, that poor baby girl!
I genuinely cried when I read this!!!

Why would someone do this?
Not only to an innocent child but a family member, a daughter!!
Some people need to have the snip to stop them from being able to reproduce!

R.I.P Little angel
You deserved better parents and a long happy life!

May 22, 2010
by: Anonymous

Words fail me with this story ! My mind can not comprehend the evil of all this done to such a beautiful and tiny angel ! So glad you are keeping her story alive and we MUST do something to stop this !! I know a great presense is holding her now ... God ! I truly hope her mother can not have any more children . My heart is so broken over this baby and the horror she lived with during her short time !

May 24, 2010

Dear Baby Briana,

I'm So Sorry For Those Horrible Things That Happened To You. I Always Cry So Hard Every time I See Your Pic Or Even Remembering Your Pics. And I Just Want You To Know How I Fell In Love With You From The First Time I Saw Your Pic And I Will Always Love You Sweet Baby. I Wish That You Were My Child, I W...ill Love You Like You Never Been Loved Before. I Will Protect You With All My Life. One Day When I Have My Own Daughter I Will Name Her Briana. And When You Ready To Be Reborn In This World, I Wish You Can Be Reincarnated As My Baby.
Oh Sweet Baby Briana You Will Be Forever In My Heart. I Love You So Much Just Like I Love My Baby Boy...

May 24, 2010
God Needed Her !
by: Anonymous

I have watched this story & video over and over then read about other abused children and my heart is so broken & torn up over these helpless babies that could not find the love from their own families . We ask why God let this happen . God needed and wanted these children since their families didn't ! Have you ever wondered about the evil we live in instead ? How do we allow evil to stay among us but we blame God ? This isn't about christianity but about people who has no remorse, no concious ,no heart, just an emptiness of nothing but evil ! Could I just stand by letting this happen , hearing the cries of pain from a little one..... NO !!! I would die TRYING to help any of these babies period ! Darlene, words cannot describe to you of my love & respect you put into this to put this out here for us who may have forgotten .There are so many things we are not meant for us to understand and this is one of those. My heart is hurting very much for these children that only wanted what we all do and that's love and caring !! I pray to God He will place me in the right place at the right time for any of a child that needs the help that so many has turned their hearts & ears away from .My tears is flowing like a river with no end and yes I am glad I can FEEL this emotion !Alot of us say things about this case and others but what did they do when they heard those cries ? " I didn't want to get involved" !!!! What in the world is that kind of remark ???? That person LET a murder take place !! One phone call is not a hard thing to do not when an innocent child depends on it !! What makes this story easier for me to read is that I KNOW she IS loved and cared for by someone who DID want her..... God !!!!!

May 24, 2010
by: Anonymous

This has to stop!!! Enough is Enough!!! there are no words for me to say but this. NO CHILD ARE TO SUFFER THE WAY HOW BRIANNA DID...NO CHILD WHAT SO EVER!!! these people are heartless they have no sympathy for what they have done. look at the mother crying in court....why is she crying for? there is no excuse for what she had done. the suspects deserve the death penalty. they tortured her!! and killed this poor, innocent, defenseless child. they are to suffer the same way how Brianna suffered. and they will...until they die and god can only punish them. God promises the judgement will come down on those that hurt ANY, in ANY way, is as if it is done to Him. He will make those people pay. In a way that none of us can ever make them pay. They'll have their true day with the Judge. Until then, let's be weary of those innocent that can't do anything to protect themselves around us!

May 25, 2010
How can parents be so cruel to babies.
by: michelle

parents like those two deserve to rot in hell.Including the baby's uncles and granmother.I don't understand how parents can do this to a little innocent baby.she did nothing wrong to deserve what they did to her.I have a 9 month baby boy and when my baby boy gets hurt i feel bad and cry with him.Thats why we are here for to protect our little ones that's if you have a great big heart like other parents that love their children and wouldn't hurt them or even allow it to happen,. like baby brianna's mother allowed it to happen to her beautiful precious baby girl.That is so,so very sad.I would of wanted to be baby brianna's mother so i could of prevented this from happening.why do parents drink alcohol and pass out and leave the baby unattended with other drunk b***ards that are drinking and using drugs because i'm assuming that,thats what they were doing for my point of view i still think them three should get life in prison without the possibility of being paroled that's what i think i'm sorry for feeling this way

Jun 02, 2010
God Bless Each Child
by: Bonnie

It's amazing how people can do this to their own child. BUT, what is more amazing, is the fact that; Here it is, 2010, and her memory and story are still shared around the world. For this reason, I have to believe, her death was not entirely senseless. This little angel, and many others like her, are the silent messengers for the countless abused children. God sends his messages in mysterious ways-I hope we can all spread the word and never let these children die in vain. Remember them, pay tribute to them, and let it help you save another from a similar fate. God bless the children!

Jun 07, 2010
by: your future mom, baby brianna

I have been reading Brianna's story and every time I do, I used to go home just to see my little boy who's leaving with my parents because I am unfortunate to find a nanny who will take care of him while I'm at work. Anyway.. If only I can adopt all the children suffering child abuse I would love to do so.. After you carried the child for 9months, how could you have them suffered this way?? Are Brianna's family into Drugs?
Never in my life I could hurt a child.. never!!!
Baby's are God's gift that we need to keep and treasure not to HURT and KILL them..
Baby Brianna I hope that I am there when you were experiencing that abuse I could have brought you here in our country and take care of you like my own child. I'm so sorry that you need to suffer that, God is sooo good that HE didn't let you to suffer that kind of abuse again. HE brought you into HIS palace to take care of you..
iloveyou baby Brianna I didn't get the chance to know you. But if someday you come back to earth, I wish you will be my second baby and I won't let you suffer again, I promise :'(

** For those parents who experience frustrations in taking care of a baby or a child. Ask help from a trusted relative. You can have your baby taken care by them while you rest for a while, in that way you will not feel soo frustrated and avoid hurting babies.

Jun 09, 2010
I guess..
by: Rin

I've just watched this via a friend?s facebook page today. My reaction was like most out there, shocked, angered, disgusted, and deeply sad.. i couldn't stop crying and even just then when i was reading all the comments from others i cried some more. I?ll be mourning Baby Brianna for a very long time.

I have a 5 months old who was sleeping in his cot when the whole tragic story unfolded in front of my eyes. I noticed that a lot of people questioned

"why didn't they just give the baby away if they didn't want her?"

I think i know the answer to this. Firstly, no animal is as cruel & evil as a man. Secondly, it's about the vicious cycle of abuse. They most likely wanted her (hey it's not that hard to get an abortion especially in a 3rd world/developing country).

They wanted her to be their own personal toy/punching bag. Otherwise why would they kept nourishing her? (she had such beautiful chubby cheeks in the picture..).

The perpetrators had probably been abused, battered and treated like crap all their lives -we've all heard similar stories (no excuse for their disgusting behaviours - and disgusting is not even a strong enough word). The concept of 'owning' another person, and be in complete power for once was probably exciting for the twisted mind of these killers.

For them to take it all out on an innocent helpless little baby - it really shows the level of their cowardice. For them to have treated her worse than an animal for a prolonged time - utterly despicable.

A vision of a bullied boy who tortured his puppy came to mind. He needed to feel that he had some control and power over someone/thing weaker. Of course he'd probably remind his mommy to feed the puppy. Give it away? Not a chance!

Yet societies play part in this. These people were probably the ones who were snickered at, the ones seen beaten in the schoolyard & at home. With no help, the cycle of abuse would only be compounded - such as the case with Brianna.

Thank God, Brianna is now no longer in pain, and that her misery has ended. Her short-lived life serves such an immense purpose regarding child abuse and i'm sure will continue to touch so many souls for decades to come.

Jun 10, 2010
Sweet baby
by: Anonymous

I was pregnant with my daughter when I first heard about Brianna. Like many of you I was deeply heart broken & changed forever. Now that my daughter is 5 months old I can't help but to think of Brianna everyday. I am mourning this baby as if she were my own. Every time my daughter smiles I want to cry because Brianna never got a chance to smile. She never had a chance to feel love. I think that is what makes it so sad. SHE NEVER FELT LOVE. I can't wrap my mind around how evil her family is. What kind of person throws a baby up to the ceiling only to let her come crashing to the ground? When I think of what she went through in her final hours I want to throw up. I just hope when she was taken to the hospital someone there showed her some compasion. Held her hand. No child should suffer the way that she did. This country needs to get tougher when it comes to child abuse. It's like a dirty little secret that no one wants to talk about. I see ads on TV for the prevention of animal abuse but nothing for child abuse!!! What is wrong with this world? We should have NO TOLORANCE for child abuse. The death penalty should be automatic if you kill a child. We spend so much time protecting the rights of the "accused" then we do the victims!!! It's time for a change. If we allow these children to continue to suffer then we are killing the future.
Brianna I love you & I will forever miss you!! You will NEVER be forgotton!

Jun 10, 2010
Sweet baby
by: Anonymous

I was pregnant with my daughter when I first heard about Brianna. Like many of you I was deeply heart broken & changed forever. Now that my daughter is 5 months old I can't help but to think of Brianna everyday. I am mourning this baby as if she were my own. Every time my daughter smiles I want to cry because Brianna never got a chance to smile. She never had a chance to feel love. I think that is what makes it so sad. SHE NEVER FELT LOVE. I can't wrap my mind around how evil her family is. What kind of person throws a baby up to the ceiling only to let her come crashing to the ground? When I think of what she went through in her final hours I want to throw up. I just hope when she was taken to the hospital someone there showed her some compasion. Held her hand. No child should suffer the way that she did. This country needs to get tougher when it comes to child abuse. It's like a dirty little secret that no one wants to talk about. I see ads on TV for the prevention of animal abuse but nothing for child abuse!!! What is wrong with this world? We should have NO TOLORANCE for child abuse. The death penalty should be automatic if you kill a child. We spend so much time protecting the rights of the "accused" then we do the victims!!! It's time for a change. If we allow these children to continue to suffer then we are killing the future.
Brianna I love you & I will forever miss you!! You will NEVER be forgotton!

Jun 10, 2010
by: Anonymous

i seen the news footage for the first time today! i have two beautiful children and couldn't imagine hurting either of them. you would have thought i lost someone i cried so hard. God only knows why and that is a hard thing to understand. she is with God now and that's the only thing good about this whole thing.

Jun 11, 2010
by: Anonymous

Poor thing. She couldn't do a thing about.

Jun 12, 2010
death penalty
by: Anonymous

That poor baby! If only she had lived one state away in Texas. Those responsable for her abuse and death wouldn't be "living" in prison.

Jun 12, 2010
by: Angela

I am so deeply disturbed at this story. I have two children, the second took me such a long time to concieve. Baby's represent Innocence and who the Hell do they think they were to take that away from Brianna?! I look at that innocent picture of baby Brianna and my heart just breaks, I can't hold back tears. I'll never forget this story, ever.

Jun 14, 2010
by: Carolina Vieira

death penalty - that´s what those sick deserve. Hope she is in peace now.....

Jun 16, 2010
So saddened
by: Anonymous

I have read baby Briana's story over and over again in my research on child abuse, in order to complete my doctorate.
In hind sight, I could not have picked a more horrific subject.
I can not even begin to tell you the number of hours I personaly have spent researching and sobbing over these such cases.
I am so deeply wounded by the severely tragic outcomes, That I actually loose sleep over such matters.
I equate this matter to the status of Dave Peltzer, who was SO fortunate to survive, right down to the Baby P story of England.
May God have Mercy on the souls of the innocent children of the world, who deserve so much more...............

Jun 18, 2010
my commen
by: Anonymous

how stupid can they be and do that to a baby. May you sleep in peace baby gurl~

Jun 18, 2010
Beautiful Angel
by: H.C.B.


Jun 21, 2010
by: colleen

i can't beleave anyone could be so mean and cruel ppl like that should die as well i have 3 boys and no mater what i could not ever do that to them baby are a gift and u should treasure them with all ur heart well rip baby brianna god will take care of u now ur a angel

Jun 23, 2010
by: Anonymous

What happened to this young baby breaks my heart more & more everyday.
I just recently found out about it & it's honestly traumatized me.
I'm a young girl who babysits my neighbors daughter, & I think it's extremely sad when a young girl like me can take care of a 5 month year old baby, (who's isn't even mine) better than these parents can take care of their own.
May she rest in peace, & as for the others, may they burn in hell when their time comes.

Jun 26, 2010
by: Anonymous

I have just been made aware of this story, and I am totally heart broken for that poor little girl. I have a little girl who is the same age now as Brianna was when she so brutally taken from us. I look at my little one and just wish that poor little girl was born to a mother who loved and cared for her like i do for my little girl. There is nothing i wouldn't do to protect her and love her, so i really can't understand why people could do this.
I just hope she is being looked after in heaven now. i don't think i will ever be able to get her image out of my head. what a beautiful little baby, all she wanted and needed was the love and care she deserved, i just don't understand.
you are in my prayers baby girl. xxx

Jun 28, 2010
God Bless Brianna, may she rest in peace.
by: Anonymous

How can thier sentences be so short when there are white collar criminals, accused of embezzling money, receiving sentences in excess of 100 years. Are they suggesting money is worth more than the childs life. This proves there is a flaw in the judicial system. Everyone involved should have been given life without parole.

Jun 30, 2010
by: Anonymous

As a mother of five I am deeply disgusted and saddened by what this child had to endure. She couldn't defend herself and the people that were supposed to protect her ended up killing her. I hope they rot in jail and and get what they deserve.

Jun 30, 2010
Twin monsters
by: Anonymous

In one report i read i know that the mother of Steven and Stephanie lopez,her twin psycho children,she said 'Show my children some compassion'!what?why did'nt they show Brianna Compassion?Because they are sadist that only need to be shown the electric chair!!!

Jul 01, 2010
by: Anonymous


Jul 01, 2010
by: Kahea (Hawaii)

im a mommy and once u have your own you know the true meaning of love to your child, i just don't know how people could be so cold especially to an innocent helpless child that cant even talk or walk... dumb people

Jul 02, 2010
My litle Angel
by: Anonymous

Good Morning My little Angel,

July 19 will be 8 years which you left this world, i dont feel bad because you are not here, you are in best place, the thing is bothering me is you had very-very painfull life, you didnt feel mother love and with your small and insint brain you thought this is the way it has to be and all children are going throw same process but you were wrong.....i am so sorry you didnt feel of happines, i am so sorry...
Brinna you chenged and chenging my life whenever i am complaining or crying i look at your pic and when i see how strong you are i forget my pain...
Love you

Jul 02, 2010
It happen again !!!!
by: BJ

Very sad........hate to share the news but there are to many sick people in this world........
Baby Brianna & Baby Matthew rest in peace.

Jul 13, 2010


Jul 14, 2010
by: Jennifer

Sleep easy little one.

Jul 14, 2010
baby brianna my angel
by: mother of 3 angels

i shall not mention the parents they make me full of rage and poor Brianna has had enough horror in her life!
I only pray god holds you in his arms now you may feel and see the love that you more than deserve, You are such a special little girl and if only you were mine i would of held you and loved you xoxoxo

Jul 16, 2010
Dear Brianna
by: Kimberly Favichia

I heard fo your story recently and have been unable to think of anything else since. The suffering that you endured breaks my heart...and every time I look my own 6 month old daughter in the eyes it makes me wish that you had been born to me and loved the way that you were supposed to be. I would have held you and loved you and watched anxiously for all of your firsts...and would have laid down my own life to protect you my dear. I want you to know that I love you as deeply and as much as my four daughters...and am haunted by the sight of your bruised and battered body. I will never forget you and will pray every night for the Lord to keep you and look forward to a time when I will pass too, and meet you and hold you and show you all of the love you deserved and never got. I wish there was more I could do... I love you Brianna..

Jul 17, 2010
Precious Brianna
by: Anonymous

I've heard this story over and over again and each time it makes me cry. Her pictures show beauty - beauty of the baby she was and ugliness - of what a was done to her and how. This precious child did not deserve what she received on any of the occasions she was hurt and tortured. An innocent, beautiful little girl who could only take what was given. I only wish someone had rescued her and given her a new chance at life. May she rest in peace.

Jul 17, 2010
couldnt imgine the pain
by: Anonymous

brianna bby girl u dont hav to cry anymore u can now be a child in the arms ov god , how could anyone do this to there child it is horrible to think that anyone could ever hurt a child in such an horrible way the life of a child is precious an should mean eveything to a parent but for the family to sit back an let it happen is disgusting an they should all spend there lifes in prison

Jul 18, 2010
8 Years, and What Has Changed?
by: Angie

Last year around the anniversary of Brianna's death is the first time I learned of her story... and my world was changed forever. Like so many of you have said, I have mourned the baby as though she were my own.

I have felt darkness and anger and disgust so profound that it shook me to my core. I was haunted by her image, and her little battered body was all I could see every time I changed my own baby girl's diaper. The words kept replaying through my mind as I struggled to wrap my brain around the torture that she was forced to endure. RAPE. BEATINGS. BITING. BROKEN BONES. BRAIN BLEEDS.

I questioned my faith, the existance of a God, and the meaning of life.
I cried, became physically ill, and did not sleep for weeks. I was consumed by thoughts of this innocent child and horrified to think that at that very moment, another innocent child was being tortured somewhere. Why? Because NOTHING HAS CHANGED! Sure, we are all outraged and saddened. But the truth is we feel powerless and overwhelmed when it comes to fighting the system and making a voice for our children who have NO RIGHTS.

I don't mean to offend anyone, but I am NOT COMFORTED by the thought that Brianna, and the other children who suffered a similar unfortunate fate, are in heaven. That's just not good enough for me. So I'm not taking the easy way out and allowing myself to think that everything is better now. Because it's not. Nothing is better. In fact, it seems to be getting worse. More and more stories are released about children being abused/tortured/raped/beaten/murdered/exploited.

None of us can say for sure what comes after this life we are living here on earth. So every day I try to create a heaven here on earth for my 2 daughters. I kiss them until they laugh and have to push me away. I hug them and look into their eyes and tell them they are so special, and so loved, and that I am so blessed they are mine. THIS is what Brianna, and every baby, deserves.

I used to fantasize about all of the ways I'd like to see her "family" be punished. But now I just want to see them be disposed of as quickly as possible. They don't deserve to breathe the same air as us. They don't deserve to walk the same ground that now covers they body of the baby they treated like trash. We need to make a fundamental change to the entire system. It won't happen overnight. But maybe in another 8 years we will actually see some progress instead of just expressing our disgust.

I love you, Brianna. And if there is the chance to choose to live here on earth again... choose me. We will be the family you were meant to have. And if you choose to never live here on earth again, I understand why.

Jul 19, 2010
To the precious child that died on my birthday 8 years ago
by: MarinaVanessa

When I heard about this story it made my heart ache. That a helpless child could be subjected to such torment and disregard instead of celebrated for the wonder and sacredness of life was shocking and sickening.

From Darlene Barriere - Webmaster Marina, I understand your motives for wanting to include the mailing addresses of Baby Brianna's abusers, but privacy laws prevent me from allowing such disclosures, which is why I removed them. I thank you for your understanding.

From Victim to Victory, a memoir
Darlene Barriere
author. speaker. survivor. coach
From Victim to Victory, a memoir

Jul 19, 2010
by: Michelle

I, too, find no peace in the fact that there is an anniversary date to this precious, innocent baby's murder. I thank the ones that are struggling to make changes to try and keep history from repeating itself. But the facts remain... a grandmother, an uncle knew about this! They didn't stop it!! To me they are as bad as the ones that did the acts themselves. My mind still cannot wrap around what a mother and father did to their own baby. Parents protect their babies... not murder them and watch others hurt them too!
I pray that Briana knows how many people would have loved her and never let anyone hurt her.
A loved one lost that has had a full and happy life it is easy to celebrate the "Life between the Dash" but children like this only have horror...
God rest your little soul...

Jul 20, 2010
Angie's post July 18
by: Anonymous

Loved your post, Angie!

From Darlene: I couldn't agree more!

From Victim to Victory, a memoir
Darlene Barriere
author. speaker. survivor. coach
From Victim to Victory, a memoir

Jul 20, 2010
little angel
by: Lindsey

i have not stopped thinking about this little girl and the hell she lived. how your family could do that to a baby is appalling. i hear her cries in my sleep. i have a baby close to the same age and could never hurt her. the cries as there torturing her and the fact they didnt care is one thing ill never forget. that baby is home now and out of pain. shes flying free in heaven

Jul 21, 2010
by: Anonymous

I have to believe baby Briana rests in peace. No more pain....
May God bless all of the little children. May we never fail them! AGAIN!

Jul 21, 2010
I am so sorry Baby Briana
by: Anonymous

I am waiting for my grandchildren that I may never have. I am so sad that this precious gift from God was so abused. The only thing that gives anyone peace that wants those children and grandchildren so very bad is that she is with God in heaven...her family members should pay with their lives, and the people who knew and did nothing..well.they know who they are..and they will answer to God when their time comes. I am so so sorry precious angel..I am so sorry

Jul 21, 2010
by: Anonymous

I JUST WANT TO HUG HER!!! To show her the love she never received and let her know that someone/we do care, that not everyone is evil. Shame on the family for once again caging her in, for not allowing her to receive the love she oh so deserves, the love she should have gotten when she was with us. But once again instead of stoping the abuse of Brianna and letting her be loved her family is so jealous and ashamed of the love that they caged her in. I wonder what kind of sick evil had to breed to make these demonic souls. Not only should the three adults involved be put to death but her grandmother, uncle and all members responsible for the continued abuse by caging her in should also be put to death. They should be ashamed they took a beautiful baby from the world and have still not let her see light. 57, 51, 27yrs and 60 days is no justice for this baby!

Jul 23, 2010
death penalty
by: john

It just amazes me that dope dealers get a harsher
punishment than the people envolved in this horrific murder. Those 3 people should have gotten the death penalty!!!This countries legal system is pretty F***** UP!I am all for an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth!

Jul 25, 2010
by: Anonymous

i can never in a million years believe someone, let alone a family member would do this to a baby. after having my first child, i suffered through a tough delivery and can no longer bear children. WHAT I WOULD NOT DO TO HOLD THIS BABY ABND CALL HER MY OWN!it just makes me sick that that mother would let her boyfriend torture this child.

Jul 25, 2010
you didnt care then why care now
by: Anonymous

The whole situation is disturbing to me I am a 22 year old mother of 3 and i would never even think to do something like that my babies are everything to me, and the family obviously didnt care when it was happening to the poor helpless baby why gate her resting place? dont put on a show cause nobody is buying it you people all deserve to be banned from where she rests and the rest of the human race

Jul 26, 2010

I started to read this story and by the middle of it i was crying so bad i can't believe how evil people can be the pictures just took my breath away i swear my heart stopped how in hell can you rap an infant they have no way of defending themselves she had to take it without a choice she couldn't walk away call for help i bet she cried and they didn't stop still OMFG the death penalty they should of gotten i wish i could of helped poor poor baby girl after reading this i just grabbed my son and held him and thank god for a wonderful gift i was given rest in peace little love!! Its a shame she had to feel that pain but its ok now she will NEVER feel pain again god is holding her and loving her like she was supposed to be loved!

Jul 29, 2010
I do not want Brianna to be forgotten
by: Brenda

These people here have no part of God in them. Every once in awhile I think the Devil puts people like these 3 on this earth to make others suffer as they are. Well my only question is this, will laws ever make it possible for people like these to be put to death or life in prison without parole? I prayed for this little girl today and when this story first came out I cryed all day it was so shocking and unbeleivable. She is pure inoccence and is where she should be with god who is showing her the love and life that little girl should have had on earth. He rescued her and I am glad he did. I WILL NEVER FORGET BABY BRIANNA

Jul 30, 2010
Sick People
by: Anonymous

Simply put. People that prey on the defenseless living should be put to death. Their brains have no use in society and most importantly no use to themselves. A mind is a horrible thing to waste...Remember that? This is why people without one are better off dead. Humanitarians will disagree with the death sentence. But at the end of the day...Isn't it more cruel to allow someone to live without a mind? To have the kind of mind that Brianna's predators have is a burden for them...Look at where it's left them and what it did to Brianna. Brianna received no help even from members who saw her torture. They too should be put to death. There's crime...And than there's CRIME. The death sentence makes sense when the crime fits it and is 100% accurate as in Brianna's case.

Jul 31, 2010
RIP Baby Brianna
by: Luisa Amanda Vargas

I Have my Baby Girl And to hear something so sick and twisted like this makes me sick!!!How Sick can these people be??? I cant believe they even deserved to live f**k them and their sick twisted minds Baby Brianna didn't deserve this an innocent little baby got in the wrong hands...Its not well to wish no one bad..but for these people I hope they rott in jail and never come out!!
I Love U Baby Brianna you will Always Be in Our Hearts May God Keep U Safe While we bring Justice To Your Case!

Aug 01, 2010
im in tears
by: amanda

may you rest in peace baby brianna

Aug 01, 2010
by: mommy of 4

I came acrost this story one day on youtube and i just bursted in tears. I cannot believe that someone could actually do this to a child. Such an innocent baby girl. I have 4 children and they know they are loved everyday. I have so many pictures that people make fun of me. The questions i ask are did they have neighbors? The mother was so drunk she couldnt hear her baby welp in horrible cries and it didnt wake her with that motherly instinct? The time and sentence was too easy on them and they know they got away with murder. But from what i hear in prison they will be getting theirs. Prisoners may be in there for crimes but they despise child molestation and child abuse. I pray for people to stop there actions against these little joys of life. If you cannot love them or care for them the way they deserve there are poeple out there who cannot have children and who will do just that. RIP baby girl. You are in a better place sweetheart

Aug 02, 2010
i love a child i never met
by: Tiffany

I love brianna nd I never even met her. I was enraged at the story the horror the disgust of what happened. But I also don't understand what theyre mental state was nd what they went thru as children themselves I mean the grandmother knew nd did nothing. I have a daughter nd briannas story made me appreciate her so much more, I didn't think that was possible because I love my baby so much. But abuse doesbt stop because we get mad nd talk about abusers it stops wen we start putng some action in it nd calling wen we even have the slightest inkling a child is being abused. Speak up in briannas honor. Be nosey, be a snitch, whatever ppl wanna call it. Do whats right.

Aug 02, 2010
Justice for Brianna Lopez..
by: Rena

Ever since you came into my life my world has changed...I'm so sorry you had to endure all that pain and suffering...I'm trying to think of why something so horrible like this happened to someone so pure and innocent...I have to believe that your in a better place...but that's not good enough..the things that happened to you while you were alive and the justice that never came...child abusers need to be put on a remote island with no food, water, or shelter and let them all die at the hands of each other. Let them worry every second of their miserable pathetic life how to survive the next day. They are living a good life in prison off tax payers money, getting three meals a day, medical, a place to sleep. Justice...there is no Justice...that is why so many innocent children are victim to abuse, pornography, trafficking, slavery..
I will remember you everyday of my life Brianna...and I will love you always. RIP.

Aug 05, 2010
Very Sad
by: Diane

I stumbled upon this story as I was sending a balloon in the air for a friend of mine who is ready to pass from cancer and found a balloon flying for Little Baby Brianna Lopez...

I read her Balloon story - Very sad indeed!

This is one of the most horrible acts a human being can ever make ... A BABY ... A little baby!

I am very saddened over this story.

I too, would be compelled to visit her grave.


~ Diane ~

Aug 05, 2010
The Justice Systen Stinks
by: Anonymous

Well that is putting it bluntly I guess.

18 Years which maybe they will serve all 18 but I highly doubt it because someone on the parole board will actually listen to these people/animals spew lies how they are reformed. You cannot reform animals such as this.

You take a dog, pitbull, german shepard, etc. that malls someone and you put them to sleep, why? Because everyone knows they can never be trusted. So these animals that are properly being caged, ill some day have their freedoms again. OMG!

Chances are they will wind up in a neighborhood, maybe even the very same neighborhood. 18 years from now, sure some of us will remember but than you have the people who didn't even know these animals exist. How can you protect your family if these animals are free to roam our streets. So you really think they are rehabilitated and won't do something just as heinous again?

We the citizens need to reclaim the laws of the great nation. Write and rewrite to every politician demanding that these animals should never be allowed to roam our neighborhoods EVER AGAIN!

Brianna's soul is with god now amongst the angels, cage or no cage. The other family members, well they are just as sadistic and guilty as the 3 who committed the brutal heinous acts.
Be safe the people and children that lie in that area. And shame on us for not having stricter laws.

Aug 07, 2010
by: Anonymous

I don t even know why i'm writing this,words fail me to be honest.I just don t understand,i can t comprehend any of it.Time and time again we see this happening to can it be!Why keep her to do that,people are crying out for babies when they re not blessed with the joy of having themselves.Why would you inflict such excrutiating pain on a poor defenceless baby,a baby who hasn t even had the chance to utter a single word!I have no intention of disrespecting the requests of the admin on this page by making this a hate rant but one thing i will say is that although i m not religous...i hope with all my being that there is a HELL! I m sorry I never new about you before this day baby girl,i ll now tuck you away in my heart and know that you re in a better place . Sleep tight little one-Rest in Peace x x x

Aug 07, 2010
I would have taken her!
by: Anonymous

I have a son who is almost five. What I would give to have had an opportunity to save and raise and cherish this little baby girl and give a sister to my son, and a daughter to my family! I would love to have another child, but I can't. So why would this mother allow rape and torture as opposed to giving this baby to a family like mine, with a mommy and daddy that would kiss her little face and nose, swath her in warm, soft, cuddly blankets, tell her how beautiful she is, bathe her in warm, soothing water, rock her to sleep in their arms while singing lullabies, caress her sweet little pink cheeks and listen to her as she sleeps and makes soft baby noises. The parents made a choice to kill her. I simply can't wrap my brain around that. If I EVER felt that I could hurt a child - I would be the first to call someone - ANYONE - and ask that they take the child away, somewhere safe. Isn't that the job of a keep their children safe? I would give up my son before I would ever hurt him because I love him that much. What type of a person could raise their hand to a child? What kind of man could rape an infant? What I would have given to have this little girl and raise her as my own, in my loving, caring, gentle, arms. I grieve over this baby and the fact that she never got to experience the love that any normal parent would give. I am so sad that she never felt the comfort of being lovingly cuddled in the arms of her mommy or daddy. I am so sad that she never felt love and never felt safe!

Aug 08, 2010
Beautiful Brianna x
by: Louise

When I first heard about this, I was sickened, I can't believe how some people, (well I wouldnt even call them people I'd call them MONSTERS) could do this to such a beautiful baby girl, who in their right minds would go through a pregnancy, and all the pains of labour, just to do all them things to her? I can't find the words to describe it, because sick is just putting it mildly. Since I seen the video on youtube, I haven't been able to get Baby Brianna out of my head. She is so beautiful and I just can't understand how someone could treat an innocent child like that, and the fact that she was part of that family makes it even more sick.

You're safe now Baby Girl, the Angels will look after you and no one can hurt you ever again xxxxxxxxxxxx

Aug 09, 2010
the devil walks among us
by: Whitney

This is one of the most tragic stories I have ever heard. I literally am having a hard time believing it. That poor little baby. I have a 5 months old son and it makes me enraged when I hear about this. These people are worse than scum. They are the devil's children. It was a blessing for Brianna to pass as soon as she did though. At least she would not have to be raised by those filthy scumbag lowlife pieces of garbage not worthy of life themselves. I want to be a vigilante. Those people are paying haaarrddd core for what they did in jail...they will serve the rest of their lives in torture and agony when they rot in hell.

Aug 10, 2010
Broken Hearted
by: Rick

My wife showed me this. There is no making this better. It is so heart wrenching. She is so beautiful. She likely never had a moments joy, or pampering, or love in her little life. Not one thing God had intended for her. I do know he has her with him now. That should help, but honestly, it doesn't.

I see my grandson in her picture and I get comfort in the fact that at 11 months, he has always gotten all he needs and deserves, and gets pampered and loved, and cared for, (as she should have) and thats what we will always do.

The other day he was crying. I looked at the tears in his eyes, and I just loved and held him...... and loved and held him...... and kissed his tears away. But then, out of nowhere, something made me think how her teary eyes must have looked, and yet they continued, and she cried, and they continued. It hurts to think of it. The only thing I can do is try to put it out of my mind, yet I am drawn to her.

I do wish the death penalty for them. In Texas, this murder would have gotten the death penalty, and that IS proper, but nothing would....or will ever make this better. It is happening to another angel right now.

I am so sorry Brianna. I wish you could have been ours. I love you

Aug 10, 2010
by: Jayne

I just sat and cried when I read the story of this beautiful baby girl. I lost my daughter last year, she was with her dad and she ran off and fell into a pool and drowned. I miss my baby girl, so much but I hope that Baby Brianna and my little girl are Angel's in heaven and we will see them again one day. There are so many people out there that shouldn't have children becasue they really don't want them, and there are the people out there who want to have children and can't. It's just not fair that this baby girl had to go threw such a horriable 5 months when she should of been with parents that loved her.

Aug 10, 2010
by: marion

C'est tellement horrible, comment peut t on faire cela...Les parents, oncles, grand mère, sont tous à mettre dans le même sac. Pour des cas comme celui ci la peine de mort devrait être rétablie!!! Pauvre princesse belle poupée repose en paix mon ange que dieu te protège.

Aug 11, 2010
by: karina

hello i jsut wanted to say that since i read my baby girls story i havent stop thingk about her and now know that sheshappy nect to god but i will like to know if u happend to know the address to stephanies so i kan write to her...for now i will pray for baby briannas peace and love her

From Darlene Barriere - Webmaster: Karina, I do not permit the use of email address or other private information on comments or in submissions on this site as I want to ensure the safety of all my visitors here. Thank you for your understanding.

From Victim to Victory, a memoir
Darlene Barriere
author. speaker. survivor. coach
From Victim to Victory, a memoir

Aug 11, 2010
by: Anonymous

there all so very sick in the head i really wish they would have gave them the death penalty... shes just a baby a baby who does that she couldnt even walk i mean thoese guys... they need to pick on some one they own size i dont get and i never will... every since iv came accross reading and watching the you tube video seriously this is all i think about now... every day saying like how could they do this and the mother how could the mom let this happen how do you just let nasty men touch your little girl i dont care how mad you are at her she need you and you falled her im not to worried about the baby killers in prison i no the other fellow prisoners will make sure they get what they deserve i hope they all die and rot in hell for ever i hope they think every day what they did....
heres what stephanie lopez said after her daughters murder '' i will never forget the way my daughter left this would in such a horribe way'' ''stephanie lopez' r u kidding me you let this happen to her you got drunk and fell asleep knowing that briannas dad like to touch her and throw er and not catch her

Aug 12, 2010
Thinking of you Brianna Lopez
by: Stacey Decdhief

This is one of the most saddest stories I have ever heard and like others I also felt as though while reading her story she became a part of me. I have been mounring her death now for a few days since I read her story. I had to apologize for humanity for being so evil, for not giving her the life she so truly deserved. No punishment could ever fit this crime her on earth as I pray these ppl will be judged in the eyes of God and shall they never see the beutiful gates of heaven and are sent straight to hell to be locked in place for eternety. Brianna I want you to know that if I had you I would have held you in my arms.Looked down upon your beautiful face and loved you forever. My mom also is in heaven and we have prayed to her to give you a hug and to let you know that we have fallen in love with you. You are so special and you will always be in my heart. I Know your story will touch many hearts and maybe it will save other children from falling in harms way. Maybe pregnant mothers who read your story will understand exactly how precious having a baby is. Good-bye baby Brianna we love you so much!!

Aug 12, 2010
Rest in Peace Baby Brianna
by: Maureen

It is so sad to say what had happened to Baby Brianna. She was a beautiful baby girl who did not deserve this kind of abuse. When I heard about what happened to baby Brianna, it brought me to tears. No child should ever go through this kind of torment. Brianna never had loving arms to go to when she cried. But instead she had pain through her 5 months here on earth. Baby Brianna, you are in peace now and let your wings spread. It is sad that she never made it to her first birthday or even got to say her first words.

Aug 14, 2010
I will always remember you.
by: Anonymous

May God Hold you in his sweet embrace Brianna. I will remember you every day in my prayers as I pray for the children of this world. And even though I've never met you, I will always love you too.

Aug 15, 2010
i have cried for a child who isnt mine
by: kylie

briannas story has absolutley shatterd me to my core. i can not believe the pain that she would of indured at the hands of the people who were supose to love her the most. i cant even comprehend the fact that the mother allowed this abuse to happen and actually participated in on the horrendous acts. all baby briannna knew was pain, id give anything to hold her once and cuddle her and tell her she is loved by many. when i heard about briannas story i cried for days, i have no ties to brianna nor do i know her or the family in anyway, but i will never forget this little angel nor will i ever be able to get the visions of her beaten little body out of mind. brianna deserved to be happy, loved, nurtured, cuddled, and she had the right to grow old. this was stolen from her by her own family and to think they only got jail time makes me sick.... capital punishment for anyone who harms a child in this sought of way...... rip miss brianna lopez ill never forget you xx

Aug 16, 2010
I pray
by: Motherof2

What a sad sad story, How can anyone hurt a beautiful angel of God?? No child ever deserves abuse in anyway, i have a child of my own and another one on the way , the thought of anything like this makes me sad, i read this and held my son and cried, i looked at him , so innocent and covered him in kisses. And i prayed .. Prayed for God to make them miserable, i prayed for thier souls, i prayed and thanked God for this beautiful baby, she is in a better place.. No matter how long they serve in prison, they will have to answer to the Man upstairs. I pray they change.. I dont wish them to hell, but i do hope God makes them misetable the rest of their days.

Aug 16, 2010
God be with us all!
by: Anonymous

Please do not blame the Lord for these sick animals. God gives a choice. I have never heard such a sick story. I am hoping to never hear such a thing so sick. Poor baby! It is time for all of us to start stepping up to the base and demand that all adults be held accountable for what we do. These people should have gotten life including every adult who knew. I am afraid that if we do not start to get some more morals in the world we will all be doomed. When our kids no matter what kid it is can not live a pain free life our world will become unliveable. Get rid of all the sick sexual things in the world and maybe our kids will not be used as sex toys!!!!!!!!!!! Do not worry about Briana she does not have to worry anymore she does not even remember this world anymore our Lord will make sure she will only remember her life in heaven. She had no good memories of this life. So sad what a wayste of a tiny life.

Aug 17, 2010
by: Anonymous

This story made me upset and angry, I can't understand how anyone could hurt this beautiful baby girl, she should of been loved and looked after. I'm a parent and I will always protect my children they are and will always be number 1 in my life. These people aren't human I don't know wat they are, they make me sick, they deserve all they get. I don't even know this beautiful baby girl but she has a place in my heart. Goodbye little angel. Xx

Aug 18, 2010
Proud father of three....
by: Scott Hemingway

The greatest moments of my life were finding my wife was pregnant with a child. Then to be the first in each case to hold them and fall in love instantly. I was a pretty selfish kind of guy up until that point. ........ Isn't being a parent about "protecting", "loving", "adoring" without trying too. We can ask "why?" until we are blue in the face, and we can "hate" the callous people involved. But that isn't going to help anyone. It is stories like this that alienates families from society and creates a sheltered life for over protective parents. Although it is a sad story, it is a story that strengthens my resolve to be the best parent I can be to the benefit of my "girls"...... Please tell your child every last word "I love you".... It means the world to little minds! Briannas story is my inspiration to be the parent that hers weren't. Rest in peace with the knowledge that at least 3 little girls are angels on earth as you are in heaven.

Aug 19, 2010
Death of Baby Brianna Lopez
by: Anonymous


Aug 19, 2010
little angel brianna
by: A mother

i can not find the words to express what i feel when i hear the story of little brianna. in my head i see myself, saving her from those monsters. holding her in my arms en tel her that everything is going to be alright. she never felt love or a hand that touched her gently. that little baby.......i love her so much!!

bye brianna..........

Aug 19, 2010
In my heart
by: Lizzy Whatmough

I never knew this beautiful little girl,I could do nothing to help

So lonely she must have been,so lost in a cruel world.

Darling Brianna nothing will hurt you again,and you will be forever in my heart.X

Aug 19, 2010
by: Anonymous

The only part of me that has any joy after reading this story is knowing that these sick abomination of human kind will spend eternity in hell getting every part of what they so truely deserve

Aug 19, 2010
Learned today
by: ftm

I came across the youtube video for Briana Lopez. I am so crushed, my spirit, for evil persons to hurt a child, a baby that never even made it to her 1st birthday. I am crying as I type this, because I have a 15 month old girl who I would give my life for, I love her and protect her. I worry about her and her future child(ren); this world is becoming grey, has it always been this bad? I saw the pictures of Briana's dead body, the bruises, the unthinkable details. The perps just get 50+ years, that's all? That's all this murdered baby's life is worth? This is just unreal, OMG. That mother carried her baby for 9 months, and she let this happen: the repeated rape, abuse and eventual murder of her 5 mo/old baby?! I can't fathom. Those aren't people that do these atrocities to children.

Aug 20, 2010
Lest We Pray
by: Stacey dechief

Pray that today Baby Brianna's story will save a little angle here on earth. So many ppl read and hear this story. Learn what was. Read what happened. Share with others the impact it had on you. Talk about it. Scream out loud. This is unacceptable. Allow it not to happen yo your neighbor.; Ah yes the neighbor. Did they not hear her screams. Her cries. The idea of ppl minding their own business is crazy. If you think something is happening REPORT IT. It may save a life!!! Baby Brianna deserved life like all our children here on earth. Even I feel responsible yet im thousands of miles away.WHY? Because an innocent little being was taken and I could do nothing. At that time I did not know her. I wish I did!!! Now I look everywhere for signs of abuse in a child. I have 4 very happy children three of witch are home. You can always look in a child's eyes and know if something is not right. DON'T BE AFRAID to LISTEN TALK and TELL someone.What,s the worst that could happen. You may be wrong!! and the best YOU may just save a life!!
Will always carry a piece of Brianna in my heart
Will always think of her
Will forever love the little girl I never met

Aug 20, 2010
the truth
by: Anonymous

Babe brianna was not buried in alberquerque she was buried in the dona ana cemetary here in las cruces I know I visit almost every other month but her grave does has a gate around her grave and it is locked

Aug 23, 2010
by: Anonymous

It's been more than 8 years now, but if feels like it was just yesterday. I'm still haunted by the images and reality of something that is so unimaginable. A little angle you are now Brianna. I am so sorry you never experienced the joys and love of being a baby. Your life has impacted mine forever and I will never forget you.

Aug 23, 2010
real justice
by: Anonymous

If only it would have been life in prison or death for the mother, father and uncle but that would be too easy. They deserved to be tortured for the rest of their lives. That would be justice.

Aug 23, 2010
no one deserves this
by: Ashley

dear little angel
no one deserves what happened to you. after reading this i wish i could have been there to save you. to wrap you in my arms and carry you away with me. i have children of my own and even as a young mother i would still take you as one of my own to pretoect you. i am so sorry you were born to a mother who didnt want you and did so many horrible things and let so much happen to you. there are so many mothers out there dying for a beautiful little girl like you. i would have taken you and loved you dearly. it makes me sad that i cant. cant watch you grow and see your smile and the light in your eyes. seen you grow into a beautiful woman. you never got to experience life and for that i am sorry baby. i know that god is watching over you now and you are safe with him. he will keep you safe from all harm now. i hope to see you one day smiling at the gates of heaven. god bless you little angel.
we love you
another mother who loves you without even knowing you

Aug 24, 2010
Rip brianna
by: Katie

I have never in my life believed in the saying "eye for an eye" untill i read the article of baby brianna. I felt like vomiting.. It has deeply affected me, i hope her parents and the uncle get the same treatment in jail... And when they get out i hope they get tortured before dying.. They surely deserve it... I am disguisted... RIP baby brianna

Aug 24, 2010
you will always be remembered
by: Anonymous

Its sad to know that there are people who do that to there own kids, babys shouldn't go through what baby Brianna went through, i hope while there parents are in jail they can think really well for what they have done to there own daughter which thinking and regretting wont bring her back, but God saw what they did to poor baby Brianna and im pretty sure they will pay for it and i never wish any harm to anyone but for them three i really hope that they suffer the same or even more than what there daughter and niece went thru. The good thing is that she wont have to suffer no longer cause now she is in the arms of our dear father. RIP Brianna Lopez

Aug 24, 2010
Beautiful Angel
by: Anonymous

Speechless and crying. It is proof that evil walks among us...RIP Baby Brianna..the most beautiful angel..I will always remember this.

Aug 26, 2010
Poor baby
by: Daisy

That poor little girl she didn't deserve to be born into that sort of family. In fact that "family" didn't deserve to be born at all. I nearly cried when i heard this story, i feel for her so much.
R.I.P. Brianna

I just wish you came into the world with a proper family that wouldn't even touch you if they thought they would hurt you.

Aug 26, 2010
by: Sarah shirkie

You are safe now. Beautiful angel xxxxx

Aug 27, 2010
Saddened to read this story!
by: Julie

It nearly made me sick reading this story. I cant believe what this little, innocent, precious baby has gone through! Some people just simply do not deserve to have kids!!! As a mother myself, it sickens me to the core what these monsters have done. At least now she can have some peace in heaven. x
I for one, think jail is far, far to easy for people like these monsters! What they have put this poor baby through is UNBELIEVABLE!

Aug 27, 2010
so sad
by: sweet angel

After I heard this story I just have a picture in my mind like a movie that plays over and over of how this baby suffored from the day she was born untill her death, the pain she felt and the fear in her eyes it just gives me a stomach aiche thank goodness god took her away who knows how much longer this would have lasted if she were still alive. REST IN PEACE BABY ANGEL

Aug 29, 2010
by: Anonymous

i just dont understand how ppl can be so demented and hurt such a innocent bby girl! when i hear about this al i can do is cry and hold my lil girl tight and say everything will be okay. i dont know why girl have babies just to mistreat them its no fair to the babies, lord know where bby Briana would have ended up in life maybe a doctor or lawyer. Idont see why the family put a gate around her grave if they didnt care then why they care now that she is a angel?? r.i.p bby Brianna<3

Aug 30, 2010
rip baby girl
by: Anonymous

i cant believe someone would do something like that specially the own mother.. she makes all teen moms look bad but we are not. I had my beautiful baby boy when I was seventeen and it would never cross my mind to hurt him... all his daddy and I want to do is protect him. I wish I could of protected you too baby girl but now its god who is protecting you.. you will live in our hearts forever!

Aug 31, 2010
by: Anonymous

How did they kill that little baby :(

Sep 01, 2010
by: andriann

i only just read and watched about baby brianna a couple days ago but i was so saddened and angry at the same time to even think about how that poor innocent child suffered the way that she did she should have had a chance to live but live healthy and happy and not have suffered all that pain it makes me sick to know that people that hurt their children even exist yes, i have had my share of mistakes but to hurt someone who cant even talk or defend itself is just plain wrong alot of people out there would do anything for a child and here are some who just dont sorry baby brianna andmay you rest in peace.

Sep 03, 2010
they now have longer sentences in jail
by: Sadforbrianna

its good that they had longer time in jail all of them, and i know what your thinking when your reading this,for example "what are u talking about they should die go to hell of life in prison" but no they should have a Long time in jail but not life prison because when they are released i hope that they think what they did was wrong and haunt them for the rest of there lives.A very smart person told me and a very smart guy i read from said "the Very revenge is to let them live a long life"

Sep 06, 2010
by: Anonymous

It's hard to believe that someone, let alone numerous people, would do something like that to an infant. What I don't understand is why would someone just sit back and let something like this happen. Brianna didn't deserve what she got.
RIP Brianna Lopez

Sep 15, 2010
I want to help the Child Abuse like Baby Brianna
by: Dana Katz

listen i want to help child abuse if i was there i would help Baby Brianna Lopez if i was there i would take that baby and bring her home here so nobody can hurt but now it is to late i was crying when i see that story of Baby Brianna Lopez if i have a baby i would not do that to my child Abuse my child i would not do that they threw her in the air and they did not catch her and they sexually rape and have sex with her that is rude they have no right to do that baby Baby Brianna Lopez she did not do anything wrong i would not do that to my Baby i would love and kiss her and hug not like they do that Baby Brianna Lopez.

Sep 20, 2010
bad parents
by: Anonymous

no chilld should go through that i am lucky enough to have the greatest parents ever who loves me but she didnt they should be put under the jail house

Sep 20, 2010
Death penalty
by: Anonymous

I am not a great fan of the death penalty but I do think, in crimes like this, against a child, it should be in effect. None of them were innocent in anyway. I do resent having my taxes used to support these people incarcerated for crualty beyond imagination. They get fed, clothed, medical care and warmly housed. Have visiting rights, libraries, movies, chat with other inmates. If they live long enough to be free they get welfare/pensions, subsidized housing, free food and clothing from agencies or vollunteer community workers who put a lot of effort into clothing drives. Enough to live a faily decent life while Brianna lies cold in her grave.

Sep 22, 2010
by: Anonymous


Sep 23, 2010
by: amanda moewens

that poor hopeless little baby id rather b in heaven i bet that mother just couldnt wait 4 her to be born so she could abuse her!!! poor brianna i wonder if they were treated that way???? if so well i hope they go to HELL!!!!

Sep 29, 2010
by: Anonymous

How can anyone do this? I don't even allow people to reat their dogs this way! The grandmother and anyone else who saw what was happening should have a sentence for allowing it. I am a bit confused on how you "rape" a new born though. I am absolutely dumbfounded that this has happened in a Country where PITA stands up for the rights of animals but there is no one to stand up for the rights of babies. Ok pro-abortion people was this not a child???? If she had been aborted, in this case, it would have been a blessing, she didn't have to suffer. No one does!
Plese if you see someone that is not treating their child right, call the police. It may be a mistake but if it saves a life like Brianna's then it is worth it!
I have been abused, as an adult, therefore I can not understand how she lived for even 5 months with everything they were doing to her.
Be thankful she is now in Heaven, God has a special place in Heaven for children. He also has a special place in hell for the abusers, including those who knew.

Oct 03, 2010
Little Princes
by: Mother

Rest In peace little are loved so much ...and will never be forgotten .

Oct 03, 2010
Prayers for other children out there
by: Anonymous

Please be with all the children in this world right now that are helpless to cruel and unworthy parents. Guide them into the arms of your saving grace through life changes of parents or new parents all together...and please don't let us turn a blind eye to these children because we are too scared to say anything...Thank you God for bringing this truth out for all to see. Though it is heart wrenching and I cry through this message...I know that we all need to know the truth. If you are a parent...currently abusing a child...Please get help for your child and yourself. A new home for a child is a lot better than no life for your child.
May God bless these words.


Oct 04, 2010
by: Deanna

reading this i am upset and outraged. This poor baby being tortured like this makes me sick to my stomach, having no way to defend herself or seek help. Jail isnt enough for these monsters, they are clearly not human to be able to do this to anyone. i feel people like this need to feel exactly what that baby felt. Jail is paradise to what these people should have gotten, i hope the other inmates in the jail find out what they are in their for.

Oct 04, 2010
by: nikki

I think that it is just so sad that someone would do this to a baby. what is the point of having a baby if all you are going to do is rape it an abuse it. babies are so sweet and they have a purpose in life just like everyone esle does. i think thst baby brianna;s parents and uncle should be put at the top of death row for what they did to her. baby brianna now does not have to worrie about the pain and her tears anymore because know she is safe and happy in Gods arms. i hope that she rest in peace. if you know someone who has a baby and they are abusing it dont sit back and not do anything bout it go and tell. child abuse is not a funny thing it is every serious. so please dont beat or rape a child....

Oct 06, 2010
Pray for them
by: Siddharth

It is sad and extremely unfortunate that such events and activities keep repeating themselves across the globe. We as a race do not seem to appreciate the gift of life and the joy of being able to bring life into this wonderful world.
I pray for Briana and for the hundreds of other children that have suffered her fate. But above all I pray for the people who do these deeds as they seem to misguided and do not understand the real meaning of life and love.

Oct 06, 2010
RIP sweet girl
by: Anonymous

I can not imagine what would compel a human being to hurt a child in the way that little Brianna was treated. We, as humans are supposed to have instincts to protect our children, not do such unspeakable acts to an innocent sweet baby girl. Who could look at their child and want to inflict such pain and horror on them, knowing full well that they could never fight back, or get help. That poor, innocent, beautiful baby girl had no choice but to lay there and take every single pinch, bite, shake, hit, kick those animals gave her. I have no words to express the horror I am feeling at finding out about Brianna's story. To know that her "family" never took one picture of her. The only photos of this poor precious child are from her autopsy...that, in itself is pure horror. I wish, for one moment, that child could have felt the love and adoration that is meant for all children. I wish, for one moment, I could hold her, even now, so she could know what it is like to feel love, and warmth. RIP sweet baby girl.

Oct 08, 2010
This is horrendous
by: madashell

If there is a god, why didn't he stop this!!!!!

Oct 08, 2010
there is always a reason things happen in life
by: Anonymous

these things should not happen to anyone either a baby or an adult , but there are times that these tragedies happen in order to open up our yes to see what is really happening in our world and to be able to help those whom are still around and suffering
Baby Brianna is resting in peace where no men can hurt her anymore her life was short but shall be remembered forever and be an example to all of us

Oct 08, 2010
not deserving
by: Anonymous

It's unfortunate how a child is born to people unworthy of being parents. There are numerous couples out there who go to great lengths just to have a baby of their own. Babies like Brianna would be alive, well and happy today if only they were born into loving and deserving families.

Oct 09, 2010
little angel
by: Anonymous

It is so sad what they did to Brianna. She was a beautiful little girl that didn't deserve to go through that her whole life. No baby deserves that. I think about Brianna all the time and cry. Its so sad. I think her family members should of got the death penalty. They killed this baby in such a horrific way that they should die. I hope they rot in jail. Brianna you are a beautiful angel now.

Oct 10, 2010
by: Anonymous

we can only sit here and love Brianna more than what she ever was by her sick and screwed up parents and family dont sweat upon revenge for the parents think of that beautiful baby girl that is now in heaven being treated like a princess by god and all those angels and just think of how much we all love her and miss her

Oct 11, 2010
by: Anonymous

I had heard about this poor baby years ago and could never bring myself to read the story. But, today I did and I am beyond the point of angry and in disbelief. How could anyone do this to a child??? I have a 3 year old Grandson that I adore and would destroy anyone who hurt him. This poor angel never had a chance in life. What I dont understand is why the mother did not get more time then 27 years. She knew and contributed to the abuse on her child so she is a quilty as the father and uncle who abused her. And then the relatives who knew of the abuse and did nothing get 60 days. They should also be serving hard time since they know and did nothing. Rest in piece babay Brianna and know that you are loved and thought of by loving people everywhere. Wish you would have been mine baby girl....

Oct 11, 2010
i cry for you
by: Anonymous

im 38... I'm as tough as they come, an yet my tears pour down my face...where im from(north philly) you got to be tough, but let me tell you that I never heard of Baby Briana untill today...I think i've cried over 10 times... Little baby i never met you and i love you...I know in my heart your holding God's hand...i love you Briana...

Oct 12, 2010
What are we going to do?
by: Anonymous

I am heart-broken...words do not express my sickness and sadness. Imagine living with monsters and having no way to run or defend yourself. I wish so much I could have helped her.
But now, I can't help but wonder what we can do? How can we help children being raped and beaten behind closed doors? Although our government is strapped for cash and it would require additional tax dollars, I am becoming more and more convinced that we need to be encouraging government agencies to be checking up on all children...ALL children. In the first year of life specifically, I am starting to believe that all parents and children should be visited by a government agency and examined by a nurse to determine if the child is under-fed, bruised, or has been assaulted in a sexual nature. I am a conservative and generally for smaller government, but I want to see our tax dollars monitoring sex offenders and checking on our children. Now that IS SOMETHING I don't mind paying for. Brianna...I love you. If I could inflict the pain you suffered onto myself, I would have done it. You were beautiful and innocent. You beautiful perfect little angel; we all here love you!

Oct 15, 2010
an evil thing to do
by: Anonymous

i cant belive the evil that did that to a little angle like brianna (R.I.P) SWEETY X . that poor lil baby by sarah xxxxxxxxxx

Oct 16, 2010
May Baby Brianna rest in peace in the Glory of God.
by: Anonymous

Baby Brianna, may you rest in peace sweet angel of God, may he bless your precious soul.

From Darlene - Webmaster: Anonymous, you'll see I edited your post. There is no incorrect address here on this site because there is no address on this site. I have removed any and all addresses before they've ever gone live, and will continue to do so. I will not allow this site to turn into a place for people to start harassing others people, whether or not they are in prison. If you could point me to where you believe you found the address, I'll look into it and remove it. I just now did a search through this article and all the comments here and could not find what you are referring to. If I missed something, I'd love to know about it.

From Victim to Victory, a memoir
Darlene Barriere
author. speaker. survivor. coach
From Victim to Victory, a memoir

Oct 17, 2010
Utter disbelief!
by: Anonymous

As with everyone that has commented, I am in shock and utter disbelief at how HUMANS can do the damage they do, against a a child, let alone an INFANT!! It's bad enough when you here about adults being tortured and killed, and then you read about instances such as this!! My mind is boggled! One child killed is ONE too many, yet, you hear of this ALL THE TIME!! There are children missing now, at the hands of their caretakers (parents, step-mothers, etc.) and the fact that family and friends KNOW what's going on, and don't say anything, is beyond comprehension, too! Why didn't the mother get more time in jail???
RIP sweet child

Oct 21, 2010
by: Liz

ALARM BELLS ring - If any of you believe in the afterlife, think on this , if the family didn't care for her why would they put up metal gates to stop people from visiting her grave. They abused this little being when the darling was alive and stopped people from seeing her so why in her death are they stopping people from seeing her. These gates need to be destroyed. This lovely girl who never had a chance deserves people to show her that they can get to her and show her that they care and will always remember her. Never forget her ever. Pull this horrific "family" (who wants her family) gate down.

Oct 22, 2010
A child of the King
by: SusanPierce

Brianna is now with God who loves us all more than any words could ever express. She is a child of the King and will never know any more pain or sorrow. It's impossible to understand how her family could have perpetrated these horrible crimes on that innocent baby girl. They all are apparently evil spawns of the devil himself. They will undoubtedly suffer the torments of eternal damnation and it is well deserved. It's impossible to understand how any human being could act in such a manner as the members of Brianna's family did. Thanks to God for taking her home when He did. I know I should pray for the souls of her family but I just cannot.

Oct 23, 2010
why kids that dont do nothing
by: gabriela

when i read and heard more about the baby brianna case it broke my heart. why a baby she was only 6 months.!!!! what did she ever do.? what do any kids do to deserve what their so called parents do to them.?? if you are just going to abuse a baby then why didnt you jus give it up for adopption or someone that will take care of them.!!!! im only 14 it hurts me wen my nieces or nephews or lil causens get hurt or somenthing so little kills me cause i could have helped them from getting hurt.!! stupid people that dont have hearts and that are on drugs that rape and abuse kids dont think about the physical/emotional damage that the person goes thru.!! people really need to think before they do anythin.!!!

Oct 25, 2010
You're beautiful
by: Anonymous

Baby Briana. You may have never known love in your life but I wish you could know all the love sent to you in your death. I wish I could have done something...anything for you. God gave us all free will and unfortunately your "family" used theirs in a hateful manner. I recently learned that in prison, when harm is inflicted upon a child and the other inmates find out, they get theirs. I love you Briana. And I will have you in my heart forever.

Oct 28, 2010
sweet angel
by: Anonymous in CA

since reading about baby brianna a few weeks ago, i can't stop thinking about her. i have a 4 month old and every time i look at her, i think of poor baby brianna. how can this precious, beautiful baby not feel unconditional love or hugs and kisses from loving parents, but instead, received pain and hurt? her family is supposed to love and protect her. if her parents could not handle another baby, WHY NOT give her up for adoption? there are so many people who pray for a blessing like baby heart just aches for this precious little baby. but after reading other comments, i am reassured that baby brianna is now receiving the love and care she deserves. she is now an angel up in heaven...

sweet angel, you have left an imprint in my heart. may you receive the unconditional love and happiness you deserve always...

Nov 02, 2010
Poor little baby
by: Susan

How can God allow this to happen. This makes question my belief in God, to allow his beautiful child to suffer so much. To never have a happy day. This has to be the work of the devel. Those people should of be put to death. How many others would of given that poor child a loving home where she would smiled all day and grown in a wonderful person?

Nov 02, 2010
we love you brianna
by: leonor

It wasn't until recently that I learned of your story Brianna. I was young when it happened and didn't really watch the news. I feel so enraged and just cry on and off picturing what you went through. I have no words to describe what I feel. It seems as if I knew you and should have protected you. Im so glad you are now in God's glory. I will always.keep you in my heart and love my daughter in the way you would have deserved to be loved. I hope to meet you one day, on the other side. All my love.

Nov 05, 2010
Baby Brianna
by: Kelly

I just heard about precious baby Brianna. It has affected me in ways I can't explain. I have been angry and so sad and not able to comprehend how and why this could have happened. I know she is in heaven and will never feel pain again, but it saddens me to think she never got the opportunity to feel loved during her short little life on this earth.

Nov 06, 2010
by: Brianna

My name is Brianna and I just heard about this. How could anyone do that to a baby?All I know is that when Brianna's parents die they are going to hell.

Nov 08, 2010
R i p
by: Cam

Even hardened crims dont like this type of scumbag.

Nov 12, 2010
by: Anonymous

They are SICK.

Night Brianna, sleep well xx

Nov 13, 2010
by: Anonymous


Nov 16, 2010
i cant believe it
by: Anonymous

i just found out about this case and just can't believe it how could someone do that to an innosent child. i know this stuff happens and i just wish that one day we live in a world where people don't feel compelled to do this kind of heinous thing!

Nov 18, 2010
RIP little one
by: Melanie

This poor little angel was born on the day that I got married. I was starting an exciting new life on the very same day this poor soul was beginning her very short, agonising existence. I simply cannot comprehend how anybody could do those horrific things to anybody, let alone a beautiful baby girl. What I DO know is that how I feel about these monsters is unprintable.
RIP little angel
God Bless

Nov 20, 2010
God's Precious Angel
by: Ashley

I would like to believe that this baby girl was brought into this earth as an angel and never really felt such horrible heart wrenching pain. I want to believe that God called her home long before she would have endured this pain. I want to believe she was with God all along. Her soul will internally rest in peace and she is now living a very fulfilling life as an angel of God.

Nov 20, 2010
Baby Brianna
by: Lillymon

I recently knew about this precious little child, her tragic story touch every membrane of my heart and soul, I could not stop crying just thinking of how a mother let this happen to a baby that she carried for 9 months....God has given me the privilege to be a mother of 3, and I can not understand how this happen to such a beautiful baby, my youngest is a 5 months old girl and just to think of how that poor child was tortured and abused makes me sick, i would not let anyone touch my kids, NEVER! her pain, her suffering, her broken bones, her fractures,her lack of love from those who were supposed to love her, protect her and care for her, the PAIN, and not having the ability to speak and ask for help, or to run away from those animals, my heart goes out for Brianna who is now in the safe hands of God, free of harm, and surrounding by love, now she is like a child of mine. Rest in Peace Sweet Angel!

Nov 20, 2010
totally horrific
by: Natalie (England)

When I was reading this article I was looking at my 4month old daughter thinking to myself how could anyone hurt such a precious little baby,so helpless and depedant on their parents, I do not understand how people can do such horrific things to their own child that they have carried and gave birth to. R.I.P little girl your safe now xxx

Nov 21, 2010
help me PLEASE
by: lindsay

I just heard of this story last night and was up to 2am with a flood of emotions it use to be the monster was lurking out side in dark corners now its in our own homes instead of spending sleepless nights wishing things could have been different for sweet brianna we need to spend those nights pushing email making phone emails changing laws! God given right to have kids? Yes but how their protected is up to us so I suggest leaving with love briannas law,befor u leave the hospitle u shod have to register for a random home visit to make sure no neglect and abuse is taking place and to offer different types help to parents.brianna was abused her whole life only if someone came to her rescue just popped in for a visit

Nov 21, 2010
by: law

I just heard about this last night and stayed up till 2am I was flooded with emotion I then realized I had to do something instead of dwelling on her life I would try to keep her alive after death,leaving with love the beianna law is simple,be for u leave the hospital after having a baby u need to register to have a random home visit by a social worker trained to recognize signs of abuse and to offer help to over stressed parents,as tax payers would u rather pay for room and board for some sicko in jail or put it towards preventing another story like briannas,it use to be the monster lurked outside in dark corners now their in our homes raising our future so we need to look in homes as well as dark corners I've been on the phone all morning with people in congress leaving messages be proactive this would be a life saving law just imagine if some popped in for a visit to briannas house together let's stop this call ur local congress man or woman suggest leaving with love beiannas law

Dec 01, 2010
poor baby brianna
by: jackie sandoval

i wish I could have had the chance 2 hold this babybaby girl and give her a hug n the feeling of lof love how every child should. I have 2 children a 2 year old boy and an eight month old baby girl and I could never treat them or allow them 2 be treated in such a way. I know jesus is giving baby brianna all the love and cumfort her lettle heart and soul can bare. Be at peace baby girl!

Dec 02, 2010
by: Anonymous

i think that the justice system should have done something more for Brianna death. that wasn't even a fair trial if the mother, father and her uncle are serving time for this, they should be on death row or should already be dead. i know i shouldn't say that but its true and everyone is thinking it. i know. no one should ever have to go through what Brianna went through her whole life, i mean this lil angle went through hell on earth and didn't even deserve it. i not saying people deserve this, but no way one gods earth should someone that young and precious should go through. i just hate the idea that the people that are responsible for killing her are just sitting in a jail cell waiting to get out someday.... it isn't right. if they didn't want to have a child, they should have just used a condom, got an abortion or just gave her up for adoption. they are a lot of people that want kids and are willing to do anything for them. this mite not be the right way to say it, but its true if you don't want to have kids then just use something or have a plan. young parents know better. the father should know not to touch or hurt his own daughter in that kind of way at all, i mean thats just sick and wrong in so many ways words can't describe. the uncle should know better also. i mean they all should. that isn't even a mother, father or an unlce, thats not even family to began with.e. she should still be here with a loving family that did want her. the other question on my mind is how could a grandmother and uncle allow this to happen to her, how could just just sit back and watch. how???? i mean if they loved her they would have done everything in their power and mite to help her get out of that place. it isn't right that they own serve 60 days in jail, it should just be 3 yrs or more. i don't think its right that the family of Brianna are keeping the public out from visiting her grave site also, because the community were the ones that clam her body and paid for everything, while the family didn't do anything once again. the family has lost all rights of saying or doing anything for her, they lost that when they didn't speak up or out to the public about the family. they didn't do anything for this lil girl at all. what is that? for sure that isn't love. the community love this lil girl more then her own family. we all know this is the most love that Brianna has. but there are much more people that love her now and she will always have a place in our heart. her story has touch and hurt us in so many ways but all we can do is show her love, respect and the kindness that she deserves. she will always be loved and missed by us all. i know that Brianna is in heaven with our dear father having the time of her life with the man that truly loves her.

Dec 03, 2010
Im so sorry
by: Anonymous

This is the worst case of child abuse a family can commit, Baby Brianna i would of loved u so much and i do sleep in heavenly peace baby girl. Jesus loves you sweet heart! <3

Dec 03, 2010
by: Janice

The Mother, The Father, The Uncle, The Grandma, The whole family knew. They Knew!! In most cases the child always has someone that loves them and tries to fight to protect them. Though they cant always protect them, they try. Poor baby Breanna had no-one. No one that ever loved her, and treated her with love. Was there anyone that would even hug her, tickle her just to see her smile, love her? Her life was over before she was born. She was born to a sadistic family. Makes you wonder how anyone in that family survived with all the abusers or enablers. My heart breaks for that precious baby. I cry for her. Her story also makes me want to hug my children and kiss my children and tell them I love them all the time. I pray that God lets each and everyone in that family know Breannas pain when their time comes. Let them enjoy their time on earth. God doesnt forget. They will know. And I pray that I can forgive these people for the hurt they caused my heart. I pray that they know their actions didnt just affect Breanna. We all feel some of her pain that she felt. She's with Jesus now. Rest in peace baby. And know that millions of other people would have loved to have seen your beautiful smile and to hear your wonderfully sweet laugh.

Dec 03, 2010
R.I.P brianna
by: Anonymous

It makes me sick to my stomach what people can do, she was a baby, a beautiful, innocent baby and her own parents did that to her, i hope they get what they deserve (sickos)...... R.I.P little angel....

Dec 05, 2010
Her brother
by: Yvonne

I read that there was also an 18mth old brother in the trailer as well. What happened with him?

Dec 08, 2010
A hug for Brianna.
by: Kay

Reading this, having a 9 month old daughter myself, my heart is broken. I don't understand how anyone could hurt such a precious little thing.
I sat after reading this and held my arms as I do when cradling my daughter, I invited Brianna for a hug, I told her I was sorry no one helped her, since then I have thought about her every day, my saddest thoughts are wondering if she ever smiled, or laughed, if she was ever cuddled or comforted? Brianna I am so sorry, my arms are always open to you, I hope you are at peace now my love, you were so beautiful, if only you'd had a proper mummy and daddy. Sleep tight angel. x

Dec 09, 2010
angel baby
by: Anonymous

The good lord took you home w/ him!! You will suffer no more. In the end justice will prevail. Thank you God.

Dec 14, 2010
baby .. angel Brianna
by: Atayan Angelika.France.

my heart broke!!!

Dec 17, 2010
by: Anonymous

I cannot believe people like this exist. Burning them alive would not do justice, but noone leaves this world without paying their dues. Baby Brianna is now an angel in heaven.

Dec 20, 2010
by: g3d**

this is the sickest thing i ever read about. they will get what they deserve. i can't even begin to comprehend these events... these people are FREAKING SICK!!!!

Dec 20, 2010
This world we live in...
by: Anonymous

I just now read about this beautiful child and at first thought it was a sick joke until researching it. I feel ill. I am still in tears just imagining that little girls life from beginning to end. I have a 5 month old and hug and kiss on him I will do it more. There is a place for the sick and evil people that did this to her..mother, father and is all child abusers. And I choose to think that their life is prison right now is not a pleasant one. GOD BLESS BABY BRIANNA!! I will see you when I get there you beautiful baby!!

Dec 23, 2010
I am at a loss for words
by: Anonymous

As a mother myself, I cried as if she was my own child. How could her own mother do this to her or allow anyone else to harm her for that matter? I am disgusted and enraged by their behavior. I know they are getting theirs in jail. Ironically enough, inmates don't treat the ones who commit crimes against children and women too kindly. Regardless of that it won't bring that precious little babygirl back. It just doesn't make sense to me to do that why have the baby if she knew several months after her birth she was going to kill her anyway. Did she give birth just to give the uncle and boyfriend a toy to playwith.?? Oh I can't think about it anymore..I am very disgusted and heartbroken. I know that the precious little girl is in a safe, happy place now and that is the only thing that comforts me. No I wasn't related to her in anyway, I just can't imagine anyone hurting a cute little baby or any other child for that matter.

Dec 24, 2010
Some consolation
by: Anonymous

Having worked indirectly with female inmates in prison I learned that they considered child abuse, molestation and rape unpardonable. Any woman entering the facility known to have done or allowed another to do any of these things was at the mercy of the rest of the population and their life was made hellacious. Karma wins...always. Brianna rests in the arms of mercy and love.

Dec 25, 2010
saving another child
by: marie

let me tell u i have a niece who attacked her 3 year old daughter with a hanger and her mother and step dad didnt even report her but she came to my house with her daughter full of marks all over her body i reported her to the child protective office and now my niece is in jail where she belongs and my nieces little girl is with me and the grandparents are mad at me for reporting her i really dont give a damn as for
baby brianna i felt heart broken when i read about her i wish somebody would have said something or even reported her

Dec 29, 2010
RIP Angel
by: Anonymous

RIP........Little Angel your lord will take care of you from now on and take care of those eveil people that were suppose to love and take care of you !! You have touched my heart in so many ways. I am just happy he took you when he did so you feel no more pain.

Jan 01, 2011


Jan 03, 2011
by: Anonymous

this is so sad i hate how people could be so mean its not right this needs to stop

Jan 03, 2011
I am 13
by: Anonymous

I am 13 years old and when I heard this story it just brought me to tears, I have watched stories like this and when I saw that the baby had been beaten and bruised and seduced it just made me want to hold her and give her the comfort that no one ever gave her. Another thing I can't believe that her own family would do that I think about my 6 year old sister and how if that happened to her i would cry just think about it what if it was your baby who was beaten and tortured and not loved that would just be crazy. Why do people do this it is just retarded I hope Briana gets the life she deserves in heaven I just hope the guilt makes them feel bad about what they have done and I hope being in jail makes them think about that poor innocent little baby who wasnt old enough to fight her own battle.

Jan 03, 2011
by: Anonymous

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing." Albert Einstein

I briefly heard about this yrs ago but I don't know how I could of forgotten. It's been 2 days(since I've been reading in length) and I can't get it out of my mind.I keep seeing her little broken body and I can't understand WHY? Why not life imprisonment? Why no death penalty?

I just keep thinking how you can stand aside and watch this and do nothing? How can a GROWN man find some sexual about a 6 month old? How could her mother do this? How could she let this happen?
How could she join in?

It breaks my heart,to see page after page of murdered children, with all the options,abortion,adoption.CONDOMS!? We're in a world where you can leave the child on a church/hospital doorstep,why did this happen?

In a way,I'm glad god lessened her torture and took her from this evil life,she would of been 9 yrs old and I don't even want to imagine what her life would of been like now..

RIP baby brianna

Trying to find what happened to the monsters who did this,was looking forward to seeing they didn't survive lockup..

Jan 09, 2011
Sins of our fathers
by: RJF

The treatment that this child received from it's own family was a product that is handed down the family line. People do not learn this appalling behaviour from decent parents. All cases of child abuse are infuriating, distressing and sad, especially when the child dies. I myself am a survivor of physical child abuse, and am one of the lucky one's. It is a failure of society when these abuses occur.
My heart goes out to all abused children.

Jan 10, 2011
by: It will haunt me for life

why did the only people who were supposd to love her kill her? the ENTIRE WORLD loves this beautiful baby girl. Most of us wouldn't think of abusing a child... What went through these peoples minds?! The world hates them. I can't stop. I cant stop thinking about them THROWING her to the ceiling only to let her drop to the ground D'X MY HEART BREAKS FOR YOU BRIANNA!!!!!! I cant forget her. I cant. The Mother. the MOTHER didn't do anything. it's just like the Nixmary Brown case... they beat her and tortured her there too. and the mother did nothing there too. my heart is filled with torment... why is it the most innocent?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'( poor baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DX I will never forget These two girls. never. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE PEOPLE!!! WE CAN ALL HELP STOP THIS!!! WHY IS IT THAT THE HARDEST LESSONS NEED TO BE TAUGHT IN ORDER FOR IT TO STAY IN OUR MINDS AND IN ORDER FOR US TO ACT??????!!!!!

Jan 10, 2011
Set free
by: erica

It really hurt to read this story and know that people out there are really doing this. I don't understand why her other family members never stepped up when she was alive now that she's gone they wanna lock her away from everybody. They should be thankful that so many people love this angel. And no matter how her family treated her they are the ones who lost out they was blessed with her now they have thrown their blessing away. Even though they did so much to this angel they set her free from many more years of the suffering. I really don't know if they wanted her but it's many people out there that can't have babies and they do this but now she is free. Thank God.

Jan 11, 2011
Blessed are the meek
by: Anonymous

After recently having a baby, after many years of trying, I find it even more unfathomable how anyone can intentionally and purposely inflict pain and hurt onto a defenceless human being.

The death penalty was abolished here (UK) many years ago but I believe that such crimes should be an immediate death sentence with only enough time to 'beg' for forgiveness.

The only comfort I take from such horrendous cases such as this is that those poor victims are now beautiful Angels of God. I have to agree with some other comments that the sentences her so called 'Family' are currently serving will be some real cushy days for them compared to what they may face in the life after this.

If I am lucky enough to make it into Heaven, I want to give that beautiful little girl such an embrace as she never had in her tragically short life here.

God Bless you Brianna, you are in a place of love and peace for all eternity "Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the Earth"

Jan 13, 2011
by: Anonymous

that is sooooooo stupied i mean whhy the hell would people do that to a 5 yr month old baby uh that is just so dumb i hate people like that


Jan 13, 2011
Such a waste
by: Anonymous

What a tragic waste of such a short life.....Brianna will never get to see her first birthday but those who committed these vile and senseless acts continue their life paid for by the tax payer. I just hope that they realise that god pays his debts in full...... Sleep well little angel xx

Jan 14, 2011
Poor Baby
by: Anonymous

Why in the world would someone do this to a poor baby girl. She was only a baby and she chouldn't do anything to protect her self. Plus it was her parents that did this if they didn't want a baby they should have giving her to someone who would want her instead of hurting her so badly. No LITTLE GIRL SHOULD BE TREATED THIS WAY. STOP CHILD ABUSE TODAY. BEFORE IT IS TO LATE LIKE BRIANNA LOPEZ. We will always remember you.

Jan 20, 2011
I love you Brianna
by: Viv

What angers and saddens me about this vile story is the fact that the grandmother did nothing!!! My own grandma love me unconditionally and would never, never have hurt me and would have seriously harmed anyone who did. What the hell was wrong with this woman, and she only served 60 days! Dear God what a world. Brianna was beautiful and all she knew was unimaginable horror. She should have been chuckling her way through life at 5 months old. Why, why, why would they want to hurt her, why???

Jan 21, 2011
sweet child
by: L A

Although justice gave the criminals jail terms, it still doesn't feel as though justice did anything. The understanding of the nature of this horrific crime has led many to question the unexpected. It would even anger myself and the world if the woman birthed another baby.

The outpuoring of sympathy is much too late for me, the world to say. This could of been prevented. As much anger and hatred I have to did this to a defenseless baby I cannot sum up the words needed to say how heartless the act was. None of the Lopez family members should ever be associated with baby girl however she had to have a name.

Brianna we the world love you, that is what makes us humans. Although I never held you or saw you until now but I'd like to say I LOVE YOU

Jan 23, 2011
Murders should have no rights
by: Louise

I came across this story when asked on Facebook to sign a petition to have the cage removed from Brianna's grave. Her story turned my stomach and makes me sick. How anyone could stand by and watch a baby a innocent defenseless baby be subjected to that abuse is beyond sickening. Her family did not pay for her funeral or grave or marker the community did. They have no right to put up a gate to keep those whose hearts she touched away. Brianna is being given love by strangers that her own family denied her in her short life. Her family murdered her they should have no rights to put up a cage around her grave.

Jan 25, 2011
thinking of you again today
by: Anonymous

There isnt a day that goes by that I dont think of you sweet child ! I love you more today than the first day I read your storr !! you touch more and more hearts every day, I hope you having fun up there running around with other children and I know my sister who is up there with you will take care of you and hold you when ever you need her too. xoxoxo RIP Baby Brianna

And for the Grandmother who knew and let this happen even thought God will forgive you i dont know how you can forgive yourself. May you be questioned at the gates when it is your time and Brianna is there to witness you bego for percy, No hope for the Father Mother and Uncle may you burn in the fire below !!!!

Jan 27, 2011
by: Harley

how? how can you do something like that to ANYONE let alone a baby! when i first heard this in class i was so mad so very mad. but later i realized my anger led to sadness,,,and then maybe relief. Maybe dear Brianna died early in her horrible life so she would not have to put up with that ever again. All the people involved in this should not die,,because thats the easy was out. they should have to rot in a small dark cell with other prisoners. who will constantly torture them because of what they did. and they should think about everything they did to that poor sweet little girl and hopefully suffer from all the memories.
brianna i know you are in Gods hands
-everyone loves you...

Jan 28, 2011
so disheartning
by: Anonymous

they also threw her in the air and let her fall to the ground ,it is heartbreaking because she never had a chance or a day without pain i just feel so very heartbroken and word's unspoken are on my lip's, may god bless you and keep you in his arm's and may you receive smile's and laughter singing with angel's and happiness in heaven.

Feb 01, 2011
why did this happen to children
by: April

Brianna was a cute baby her family shouldnt have killed her she was only a baby she didnt do nothing to them i think they shoulfd of been in jail for a long time for the grandmother and the other uncle why didnt you help brianna

Feb 02, 2011
R.I.P Baby Brianna.I love you like your my own
by: Anonymous

I just heard about this horrible story about five months ago and it saddens me. I wish she didn't have to go through the pain that she did. I think about the pain she went through and wanted someone to help her and make the pain go away. I think about her every day and my eyes always water when i think of her. AT times I have actualy cried my eyes out for her. I just don't understand why anybody could hurt a baby like that. I'm pregnant with my 5th child and can't understand how someone could get so angry at a baby. I just don't understand how. I take care of my children and raise them.I work to provide for my family and come home to take care of them. I just dont understand where all the family anger came from. They can't blame stress, age, or living conditions. Its just pure evil! I know they will get theres some day. I read a story about a securtiy guard that work in the prison that had custody of the so called father and uncle. the security guard said he had a hard time dealing with the story and having to protect them. but it was his job to do that and had a family to provide for. he said he wanted the other imates to harm the so called father and uncle. When i read his story, I felt a little relieve that the two were getting harrsed, and who knows what else. You know what happens in there. they dont like child molestors and baby killers in prison. Whatever they are going through is nothing what baby Brianna went through. I feel so much anger towards the family and haterd too. that is a strong word but what they did to her. is unspeakable! They will get judgement day. when they pass into the other world. they will meet there maker.
My heart and prayers always goes out to her. I love her like I know her. I never met her but she holds a special place in my heart.

Feb 14, 2011
This is why I am trying to make a difference
by: Brenda

I recently learned about Brianna's story and I couldn't help but cry. I am a 23 yr. old mother to an almost 3 yr old boy. I was 20 yrs old when I had him and instantly I fell in love with him. I had a cousin that had an 8 month old baby girl named Danielle and when we learned of her death I couldn't help but telling her that she belonged in the grave with the baby. Ever since then we have not spoken. Her twin girls were adopted by my aunt and nobody from her side of the family visits them. I honestly can't imagine why a mother would allow their child to be hurt in any way by another person or themselves. Stories like Brianna's and my baby cousin Danielle's are the reason why I am studying to be an attorney. I would like to be a prosecutor and take on cases of child abuse and neglect and change the laws we have today which are not hard enough on those who cause harm to a child or allow a child to be harmed. I hope some day I can make this happen.

Feb 15, 2011
Disgusting Beasts
by: Anonymous

It truely is a shame, that for the sake of public grace, I can not fully express my hatred toward those savage beasts. To inflict that kind of pain and torture on an innocent baby illustrates that "SATAN" really does have deciples here on earth. They aren't even fit to lie with beasts. Why the "DEATH PENALTY" isn't an option here is confusing and not just.

Feb 15, 2011
by: Anonymous

She is buried in Las Cruices, New Mexico not in Albuquerque.

Feb 15, 2011
poor baby
by: Anonymous


Feb 16, 2011
brianna's bd
by: dawn

it felt so wonderful to release a balloon for her on her birthday we watched as it went up up and out of sight,it helped to ease the pain of this tradgedy,but never forgotten, and for that i am grateful that i could do something for her,this little darling i never knew, even as small as this token of love was,angel kisses and warm hug's brianna.

Feb 19, 2011
sweet baby you are a sleeping angel
by: Anonymous

since i read about baby brianna, i feel so sad about how she must have suffered ..i think of her often what a sweet baby she looks like in the autopsy picture, like a sleeping angel how can anyone hurt an angel?i think all three of her "family" has gotten easily out of it, why only 57 years? Brianna would have lived possibly longer if they had nt killed her..they should be in prison for life with no otion of ever getting out again, the mother as well because how could she sleep while her little girl was being beaten to death and raped?how sad it is that people so sick and able to such unspoken sadism exist?your inoccent soul lives in heaven sweet baby

Feb 23, 2011
by: Anonymous

i am wondering if and how it might be possible to write to the state of appeal's in new mexico and sign something other than the petition's i have been signing to get brianna's family member's that did these awful god forbidden thing's to her,i dont know how to go about doing this or who to write to.

Feb 23, 2011
To Anonymous re: wondering
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

I've moved your question onto this page in the hopes that someone who visits this thread frequently will be able to reply.

From Victim to Victory, a memoir
Darlene Barriere
author. speaker. survivor. coach
From Victim to Victory, a memoir

Feb 26, 2011
brianna lopez
by: deborah

I think we can all agree that the loss of this precious child by those that were supposed to be her care takers is disgusting and vile but there are a million Brianna stories that happen every day in every country around the world I have no doubt that as i am typing this countless children are being abused or murdered .Nothing can change for Brianna that child never stood a chance with a family like that.Laws need to be changed and anybody that puts a childs life in danger should be executed or live a life sentence no possibility of parole .Even if Briana had of lived through this ordeal what life would she have had when obviously the cage proves the family has more say

Feb 28, 2011
horribly abused in life and so loved in death
by: sandra gavin

i love you little Brianna. I never knew you in life but after reading your story and seeing the pictures of your battered body i feel like i"ve lost one of my own. If i had been your mom i would have loved you comforted you played with you, done all the things a good mother would do. Please little Brianna, feel the tremendous love the world has for you. Your story will save many children from a similar fate and cause normal parents to love their children even more. I love you so much precious baby.

Mar 02, 2011
by: Anonymous


Mar 08, 2011
What happened to the 18 month old sibling?
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know what ever became of her 18 month old sibling and if they looked over that child for signs of abuse as well?

Mar 08, 2011
brianna lopez
by: deborah

im from australia an there is no talk here about baby brianna's cage being removed i have contributed (posted) to this site while looking up another murdered child otherwise i would never of known this babies story we have the same such stories here but fortunately for us while we have had the death penanelty removed which some parts of the government are trying to get reinstated what Brianna's family have done to her grave would not of been allowed in any of any cemetary in my country in fact the more the family tried to erect it the more it would of been torn down.then us aussies would have had to get into an argument about violation an rights one person has been violated here her rights were taken away before she ever lived long enough to know she had any

Mar 11, 2011
by: Lauren

I've known about this story for quite some time, and now that I have a 4 month old baby, I look at her and can't imagine anybody doing those horrible things to a little precious baby. They look up at you with those sweet innocent eyes, and for Brianna to look up at her mother while she would bite and pinch her, and to look up at her father while he did what he breaks my heart every day. I think about this baby every single day, and it makes me hold my baby tighter and longer, just to show her all my love. How can her Grandma know what was going on and do nothing? To see these awful bruises on a baby just months old....and do nothing. I watched the court case where her and her son get 30 days in jail for doing nothing about it, and when they hugged they were shaking because they were crying so hard. They can sob so mournfully over losing 30 days of freedom, yet they can look at the sweet, innocent little face of their own flesh and blood covered in bites and bruises, in pain because of what her father and uncle were doing to her, and look the other way.

I love you baby Brianna. I will hold you in my heart every day.

Mar 18, 2011
rip baby brianna
by: Anonymous

i watched this video of baby brianna on youtube its the most heartbreaking situation any baby has to go through i cried and im disgusted those people deserve a life sentence not no damn 27 years a LIFE SENTENCE im disgusted that poor baby may she rest in peace .god bless her

Mar 20, 2011
Gone But Not Forgotten
by: Lydia

To the "family"(if you can call them that) of little Brianna: I just read this story about this beautiful baby girl today. Even though you couldn't even muster up enough love for this baby to take a single picture of her, you will never erase this baby girl! Not here, not in the hereafter. We will never forget, and when you are judged, just remember, when you go before the Lord Jesus, he has that baby with him, loving her everyday..........

Mar 22, 2011
je t'aime ma cherie
by: Anonymous

la peine de mort pour tous ceux qui touche aux enfant, pour quoi avoir voulut un bb pour faire tout cela sur un bebe qui nattendait que de l'amour d'une mere sale race de parents crever cancereux a pa de mot pour sa

From Darlene - Webmaster: I've had the above translated from French to English as follows:

I care for you my dear

The grief of death to all those that touch children. Why would they want to have children so they could do that to them? A baby is but a bundle of joy. A mother who does this blackens the race of parents. They are a grave cancer and there are no words for that.

Mar 27, 2011

I am so deeply sadden by all the pain and torture that this baby had inflicted to her the thought her jus crying and suffering and not being able to even help her brought me to tears after reading and viewing the fotos that were released. Its just frustating that her own mother would allow such haness acts occur. I am a mother of 3 beautiful kids and the thought of someone hurting the makes me sick to my stomache. We are blesses with our babies and we are here to guide them til they are capable to care for themself. I feel that all three of those degenerates deserved to be hung. But we have our justice system whice I hate to say has failed us in this case they deserve the death penalty! So I close wit this: IF ANYONE NOWS OF ANY CHILD ABUSE HAPPENING PLEASE REPORT IT! ITS YOUR BUISNESS. THESE CHILDERN NEED OUR VOICE TO SPEAK FOR THEM. IT CAN SAFE THIER LIFE. IF U ARE SOMEBODY THAT FEEL LIKE U ARE GOING TO HURT YOUR SELF OR YO CHILD GET HELP ASAP! THERE IS HELP FOR U OUT THERE. WE NEED TO PREVENT ANOTHER MURDER LIKE BABY BRIANNA'S!

Mar 28, 2011
by: Kim

This story just breaks my heart. I have a very hard time thinking of the pain that helpless baby felt during her very short life. What I can't for the life of me understand is why those monsters kept her alive just to torture her? If she lived for 5 months then she must have been fed. How could a "mother" (I use that term very loosely here) fed her child and change her diaper then beat her or watch her get raped and beaten. I guess I'll never understand. My heart hurts for that beautiful Angel. I just hope she finds peace in her death. God knows she didn't in her life.

Mar 28, 2011
by: Anonymous

Poor baby :'(

Mar 30, 2011
God Bless You Baby Girl
by: Danyell

The number 1 thing i totally hate about the justice system is that drug dealers get more time than child abusers. that proves what is there top priority MONEY!!! this baby died..God took her out of here misery..what about those precious angels of all ages that r out there still suffering...the abusers usually only get a few years....come on why do drug dealers get life sentences..

Apr 01, 2011
uncaring God
by: Anonymous

where is God when innocent men, women and children are abused , maimed, tortured and killed.

Apr 06, 2011
disgusting,cruel "adults"
by: Jackie

when I saw brianna"s story I was upset and shocked why would you do that to a little sweet angel. I hope the mother learned her lesson on how if you get preganet you actually want your baby. To the uncle the most disgusting of them all learns that if wants to f**k a girl go to a stripping club or a bar but dont do that ever again to a sweet little angel like brianna. To the dad if you really want to hit something punch a wall but dont torture a baby think how she feels being tortured imagine if that was you and somebody was doing that to you would hate it. To the mom the uncle and the dad you all DISGUST me.

Apr 07, 2011
i wish u were my child, how much i would love you
by: Anonymous

i just read the story a few minutes ago, she was sooo beautiful, inoccent and gorgeous little baby.

i dont have any child, i die to have one but how a woman who has been blessed by being a mother could do that to her own child????????

god please help us, please dont let us turn to such animals, if they call themselves human being, then im not a human being, even wild animals dont do that to their own children.
rest in peace baby briana, :(

Apr 13, 2011
sweet lil angel
by: michelle

every time i hear her name i cry the first time i heard about this beautiful little girl i cried so much i came across her story a week ago and i've been crying ever since i cant seem to get those images of the horrible things those people did to her there is no justification for what they have done no mother in their right mind would allow this to happen to such a beautiful baby i am the mother of four two boys and two girls one of which is only 8 months old and i am very over protective of my children i cant help but cry every time my child smiles laughs and cries because i think of that baby this has really affected my life i love my children wth all my heart i would have loved that baby brianna was my child she would have been loved to the max but i know that no one leaves this earth wth out paying your debt to god and they will get theres i truly believe in karma and they have a special place in HELL!!!!

Apr 18, 2011
wat the f***???
by: Anonymous

how the f*** could a mother do this nd how culd she fall asleep wen they killed her
i pesonaly think that the hole lot of them shuld get killed rip baby brianna u did nothinng wrong it was ur f****d up perents

Apr 19, 2011
God help us
by: Anonymous

i am so sadden and in tears i have a baby girl 4years wen i read this story i looked at my baby girls pictures wen she was 5months how could anyone do such a thing i pray for baby brianas soul to rest in peace my God why her why any baby she dint even choose to be in this world why not jus give her up for adoption or the orphanage.

May 04, 2011
<3 <3 ~~ baby brianna ~~ <3 <3
by: meshell gonzalez

i have a baby girl named brianna i was on utube one day typed my baby name up jus to see any funny stuff pop up i was bored,, what poped up broke my hart all i felt was hanger, hate, and thoughts were going thoughts my head that i never thought before, i HATE those its there not pplz there its what they did to that lil angel her family who did that to her should got put to death!!! that dont deserve to live god bless that lil angel even tho i didnt no u i love you baby brianna <3 and so does millions of other pplz out there your mommy didnt show you love or your grandma we love you <3,,, and take that cage down brake it down they put up another do it again,, r.i.p angel :) <3

May 05, 2011
would u do it?......
by: Anonymous

why in the world would anyone do this its not like god put us on this earth do such things, i think that if i myself had a child i would treasure and love that child, everyone knows that humans are not animals and yet they go around acting like it, see i did a speech on baby briana well actually it was child abuse and when i read and saw the article about baby briana i almost cried it hurts so bad to read or see things like that, at least now she can be the lovings arms of our heavenly father, i will never ever forget this story of baby briana but i most deffinately will try with all my heart to forget those stupid stuffed up idiots who did this to her, it just hurt me so much to hear and see that no one would help her, people need to put there feet down, stand up for what is right and yet no still dont want to but weel i guess there always has to be a idiot in this world just cant get over it, and never will RIP briana, u deserve it girl..

May 07, 2011
This happens in the UK
by: Anonymous

All the time. British men rape, torture and kill infants in their care. The difference being in the United Kingdom these sick twisted garbage receive a sentence of 5 years max. Poor Briana never had a chance.

May 09, 2011
by: Anonymous

Baby Brianna is an angel in heaven

May 11, 2011
Justis not made
by: Araceli

as a mother i dont know how Brianna's mother even allowed that


This does not make any sence they should put them in population so they get what they diserve

May 11, 2011
Baby Brianna is in the arms of God
by: Debbie(mom of 6)

The story of the abuse that this precious little girl suffered brings me to tears and truly breaks my heart. I rest assured that God will hand them their judgement. God bless all the children in this world that are suffering from one thing or another.

May 15, 2011
by: Anonymous

I'm so sad reading all this I can't believe that poor baby died in the hands of people who were suppose to love her and keep her safe. Those monsters deserve to die. I can't believe her so called mom can even go on living.

May 15, 2011
Life so short
by: Devestaded

I wish somebody would of done something for her little baby BRIANNA I have never forgotten her I read her story and cried that was about 2 years ago and still feel the same why don't people report more often I always report every child abuser I can't stand it why don't they just give them to relative or someone who wants a child

May 15, 2011
Father posting 1 year old son showing genitals
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry about Baby Brianna's death as being a parent, it is extremely hard.

I know of a father who posted a picture of a one year old baby on facebook while the child was being bathed- truth a lot of people may think it is cute but this dad did not get permission from the mother or anyone else-this child could wind up with a lot more medical problems and any preadtor that comes across this photo would be happy-isn't it against the law in NM to post such photos on line for all the world to see?

May 16, 2011
My heart goes out to this sweet little girl.
by: Liz from Canada

Seeing this story rattled me for days, and just as many others have cried for Brianna, I did as well. I think of her everytime I see my son, and thank god he is safe and happy. Baby Brianna will stay with me forever, this is so sad. Disgusting does not even begin to express how aweful this is. I wish somebody had done something before it was too late, she deserved the world, and instead she was neglected and abused. This story should be a lesson to everyone never to take your children for granted. Every new parent should watch this, everyones eyes need to be opened to the horrible reality of child abuse.

Beautiful Brianna Lopez, wherever you are now, I hope you are wonderful and happy and free of pain. You remind me to love my son as much as possible everyday no matter what. You may not have experienced love in your life, but in death, people from all over the world will love and remember you as I do. You will NEVER be forgotten.

May 20, 2011
What would Jesus Do?
by: Olivia from Arizona

Jesus would have wrapped his arms around this beautiful baby girl and showed her unconditional love. This story made me very sad and I cannot stop thinking about it. I will never understand why these adults did not give the baby up for adoption. Brianna should of never went through any abuse!

I want to commend law enforcement and all of the people that were at the crime scene. This must of weighed heavily on the hearts and minds when they saw this little child in the condition that she was in. All adults that were involved in this precious little baby's death will stand before God on judgement day. I know that alot of you are angry and rightly so but just know that more justice is coming.

To Baby Briana:

I am so sorry that you had to go through so much sorrow. Now you can rest in peace with Jesus at your side. I wished I could see the smile on your face and hear your laughter. You are surround with lots of love. I will see you one day!


May 20, 2011
Justice was definately not served.
by: Anonymous

I don't understand how all three of these abusers did not get life-sentences. What they did was beyond terrible. Terrible doesn't even come close describe how horrible their actions were. It's so hard to even read what happened to this beautiful baby and what happened to her is almost unbelievable. WHY DIDN'T THESE HORRIBLE MONSTERS GET LIFE-SENTENCES?

May 27, 2011
For Baby Brianna
by: Anonymous

I came upon a video explaining the tragic death of this tiny angel....after a fit of rage, alot of tears, and much thought...I felt compelled to write her a letter.....

Dear Baby Brianna,
I know that you don't know me but, I wanted you to know that I love you. I know this may sound strange but, I feel like you need someone on your side. I wish you would have been born to me and your life could have been so different. During your short time on earth you were treated so badly and for this I am so sorry! You deserved so much better than what you were given. As far as those who did this to you, they are sick people who obviously need a great deal of help. My only comfort is that you are happy and free with God. Rest well Angel are loved by all that your story reaches.

Jun 05, 2011
by: Michelle

I just read about this atrocity recently, I'm sickened that these things happen in our world! Since I've read Brianna's story, I can't get this poor little Baby out of my mind. She is on my mind from morning till night! I'm just hoping my leaving this post I might be able to Forgive & let go! I'm a Mother of Twin Daughters & they have been my whole life, I'm also a Grandmother, & just can't fathom this horrific thing going on in our world! Michelle.

Jun 08, 2011
Poor Baby
by: Veronica

I just read about this yesterday for the first time and i cried for an hour. There was a story of a mother here in North Carolina(where i am from)who gave her 5yr old daughter to her drug dealer for a drug debt. He raped and killed the little girl. What makes mothers such monsters? I'll never understand. All of the family members involved in Brianna's death are monsters and should have got the death penalty. The grandmother should have got life in prison.

Jun 13, 2011
by: nicki

i hope yall get wat yall deserve why would yall do that to a beautiful baby yall r stupied that baby was a blessing to yall........ and yall killed her yall on crack or sumthing????yall phyco people!!! if yall didnt want the baby why didnt yall put it out for adoption instead of beating her to death!????


Jun 13, 2011
by: Anonymous


Jun 15, 2011
My BABY Girl Close your eyes Im here
by: Brianna'S other Mama

Hello Brianna I wanted to post another comment to let you know Im still thinkin of you sweetie bear and I have your picture big and high in my house to for my children and everyone to look I have raised money to go visit your grave site I am from Yuma AZ. And I used to cry everyday after work but now I look at your pictures it gives me motivation to be the best mother and I wanted to say I love you mamas and I pray for you and I hope one day we can meet so I could kiss your little nose and give you butterfly kisses.. I miss you Brianna and Your with me in my heart baby...Muaaaaahhhhhh...
Love your momma Bee

Jun 21, 2011
=| Is this for real? There are people like that in this world?!
by: Anonymous

holly......these people make jigsaw (in the saw movies) look like an innocent holy sh*ttt...who does that to an innocent child?! not even a child, a friggin BABBY!!!.....a defendless baby :( and who rapes a baby?! are guys that friggin sick-minded to have the guts to rape a BABY.... and the mom....i hope you go straight to hell. Not even, these people need to be punished.....If not here in this a way, its a good thing Baby Brianna died...atleast she's away from these sadistic a**holes and is in the care of God....may she rest in peace <3

Jun 23, 2011
HOW DID THIS GO ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

This must be one of the most horrible crimes I have ever heard of. How could a mother allow this to happen to her child? This world has become such a haven for heinous criminals. And then we are inundated with activists that picket for the lives of these horrible creatures.

I believe in the bible, an eye for an eye. What happened to take a life lose a life? I bet that if we made it standard policy we would have far less of these horrible crmes haunting our dreams, that poor child suffered everyday of her life. I pray for unblemished soul. I sometimes wonder how God can allow this to happen. Then I figure he must need more angels in heaven to help us even more. Sleep peacefully poor baby, you are wrapped in Gods embrace.

Jun 27, 2011
Never Forgetten
by: Aimee

I wish I had not read this story because it haunts me. It absolutely tears my heart out and makes me wonder who else out there is maliciously attacking another innocent child.

I don't understand how it happened. I was a teen mom and the one thing that I was sure of the minute I first saw my child is that I loved her and I was so afraid of doing something that would hurt her because she was so small and fragile. What was so different about Brianna's mom that she didn't want to comfort, love and protect that baby.

They say that Brianna's parents may not have had enough support or coping skills being young parents. That is crap. That is another excuse given for twisted pure evil behavior. No more excuses and harsher punishment for those who hurt children needs to be put in place. Those involved will not serve enough time... how does 50 some years even constitute the life taken from a baby that was never even given the chance to learn to smile. How does 50 years constitute the life of any individual - I believe an eye for an eye when it comes to a vicious murder... they are prisoned for life or sentenced to death.

Brianna will not be forgotten and her small battered body will not have suffered in vain. Maybe someday a small baby will be saved and her parents locked away for an appropriate sentence all because the realty of how cruel people can be has been brought about by Brianna's story. God took His baby home and she will never suffer again. To all who wonder where God was... I will tell you where he was not. He was not in the heart of Brianna's family.

Jun 28, 2011
by: Jenna

This story is horribly sad.I myself am not a mother,but I have just about raised my youngest sister,and knowing the feeling of bringing up something so precious is unexplainable.But my question is how could this mother and her boyfriend or the father,what ever he is,and the mothers brother do this to such a sweet inocent child?How could and can they live with them selfs?How could they stand the painful crys of there baby girl?If you don't want the kid,fine what ever,put it up for adoption,but why abuse it?And what really,REALLY sickens me is that they raped her.I mean,come on,really?Thats just sick! Just disturbing!Poor baby Brianna,my heart goes out to you,I am sure that you are one of God's beutiful angels!And just rember,they cant hurt you anymore,not while your in the hands of God.

P.S.I know this sounds weird,but I am happy that she died before it got even worse,and she had to live her whole life with those memories.

Jul 04, 2011
I cant stop tearing up everytime i think of her
by: sarah parker

I jus recently stumbled across her story 3 nights ago. I cried soo hard that night i couldnt help it. i have a beautiful 5 mnth old baby girl and it hurts me everytime i think of briana. I cant stop thinking about her and how horrible her life was here on earth. her mother does not deserve the title of being a mother at all not even should she be considered human. shes trash and i hope she endures a horrific death when her time comes. i have read all the comments on youtube and on other pages about briana and people have so much hate in their hearts that briannas parents probably will have to be in protective custody when they get out. that poor child did not understand what was goin on all she knew was that it was painful and was scared and lonely. the details of her autopsy results was sickening and gut wrenching. even a fully grown person couldnt handle torture let alone a poor helpless little baby. she was such a beautiful child and i pray to god i get to meet her one sure there will be a long line in heaven just to meet this precious angel but i will wait in line no matter how long it takes. i never knew brianna but i LOVE HER already. tears are rolling down my face as i leave a comment about her but i cant help it. i will never forget you brianna ur my precious angel and if i have another baby girl i will name her BRIANNA in honor of YOU. sweet dreams little one.. no one will ever hurt u again I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!!!

Jul 12, 2011
baby brianna lopez
by: Anonymous

well wat i just read about that poor inoccent baby is outragess,wat i like to say about the people that were invovled with this tragic mistake they did to that baby ,i hope they rott in jail of all the people in this world why a baby,that cant help herself ,but they will deffenitly will regret it thats for sure is all i can say ,i almost cried just reading that article..thats bad.

Jul 20, 2011
No justice
by: Sean Newton

There has been no justice even if there was a death penalty there still be no justice only justice available is for this to of never hapend in the 1st place, totally heart breaking, all i want to do now is cuddle my 14 month old son

Jul 28, 2011


Jul 28, 2011
by: Anonymous


Aug 11, 2011
These people are heartless.
by: Anonymous

Truly a sad case. What kind of mother is this woman. Better yet what kind of grandmother sits back and allows this to happen. She should have got accessory to murder for allowing it to happen. I have four children and it pains me to take them to the doctor for their shots, I cry everytime with each of my kids, it never gets any easier. These are heartless people and only god cn judge bu I'm just saying I dnt pray that god has mercy on them because what they did was wrong in every way. This story made me cry so hard. Rest in peace little Angel.

Aug 11, 2011
God recieved one of his Angels
by: Anonymous

I am so saddened by this story as someone who survived child abuse myself I can relate I know that God has her now and she is safe from harm and hurt and where no one can ever hurt her ever again Thank you God for ending her suffering and just taking her home with you so that she no longer feels the pain and the hurt of this world. Rest In Peace Baby Brianna you are missed and loved by all that hear your story baby girl!!!

Aug 23, 2011
My little baby Brianna, RIP
by: Frank

You live in the hearts of so many people that love you with out knowing you. If I could, I would go back in time and take you away from those animals, I don't even think they should be called animals, they are probably sick or something.
RIP little Brianna, I hope you never feel pain again and hope those memories are wiped out completely. :(

Aug 30, 2011
The death penalty would be to good for them
by: Anonymous

They deserve to live every single day of their natural lives in solitary confinement, And hope that God would replay over & over the image of that poor baby girl in their heads.

I agree with maurice, even animals would never harm their own, as no human being should ever fathom hurting their child or allowing any harm to come to their child/children.

I also agree 51 yrs and 27 yrs were far to few, they deserve "Life in Prison". And the Grandmother...well she deserves way more than a couple months in jail for allowing this to happen and not saying a word.
If this was my child I'd kill anyone who tried to harm my baby, and if it were anyone elses child I'd have taken her & called 911 the moment those sadistic f**ks got drunk around this child and dared anyone to stop me.

Sep 13, 2011
poor baby
by: Anonymous

That story made me cry
i have 6 girls of my own
i take comfort that she is in gods arms now

Sep 18, 2011
poor baby why??????????
by: robert calvert

i have childdren of my own i really dont know what to say i know there will be a time when that family will have to account for everything they have done i just cant understand why someone would have a child just to torture him or her some people deserve nothing but life behind bars and death and i feel each and everyone of them should have gotten the needle

Oct 05, 2011
Sweet little baby
by: Anonymous

My heart melts for you baby bri. I know now you are in a better place. I think of you often, I have two daughters of my own. Oh how i wish i could have found you before that july 19th day and taken you home with me. I wish I could have hugged and protected you. Rest in peace our lovely baby girl.

Oct 07, 2011
by: Anonymous

I just couldn't quit crying when I read this story. What is wrong with this world and the people in it, I just don't understand how anyone could hurt any baby in the way they hurt her.

Oct 13, 2011
by: Beautiful

Poor baby briana :( who would to that to a poor baby!

Oct 14, 2011
by: Motheroftwo

This is why we still need to have the death penalty. These bastards don't deserve to rot in jail. The outrageous part is there are children all over the world that endure horrific events like this and we only help a small percentage of them.

Jesus is holding her now and she is getting all the love this mortal, horrible world refused to give her.

Oct 16, 2011
I would have loved her.
by: Claudina

I would have loved that baby so much. I would have played with her and kissed her sweet cheeks. I would have let her know how it feels to be loved. I Have been very sad and cannot stop thinking about poor baby Brianna. Did she ever smile Did she recieve one single hug in her short lifetime? Why couldnt they just give her to a loving family.I would not let her get a single scratch compaired to the horrible abuse she was put through. She must have been in shock the whole time this was going on. like she was abused so much she just didnt feel it no more.

Oct 19, 2011
Heartbreaking story
by: Nadia

What a heartbreaking story! I treat my pets and insects with more respect than these parasites did with Brianna. This is one of the worst cases of child abuse I have ever read about. What makes me even angrier is the fact that some knew about the abuse and did nothing to protect that beautiful baby. They are just as responsible as the barbarians who abused and killed her. What a sick society we live in, and it is precisely for this reason that I refuse to bring children into the world.

Oct 21, 2011
Death of Animals
by: Anonymous

How could someone do this to an innocent precious
baby like that. What the hell was wrong with them. That was so sad. She didn't deserve that!

Oct 22, 2011
i write a poem for you briana lopez
by: april duncan

i saw it in your eyes
i felt it in your heart
this is the part were we say goodbye
you gave honesty
you gave strenght
i was so sad when i heard your story

i feel so sorry for briana lopez to life a life like that why do people have to do that to a beautiful baby she was so beautiful.

briana's parents she stay in jail for there "rest of their lives"

please make people think before they kill a baby which will turn into human dont do this people its wrong

Nov 03, 2011
Animals do not treat thier children this way!
by: Anonymous

The parents, the uncle, the grandmother, the killers have no place in my heart for any words.
I have seen animals take better care of their off spring! These people were not people. I don't think that any human could do this to a little innocent child!

I guess that these things that killed babay Brianna, were Demons. They are monsters that were in human skin. They might have looked like people. But people don't harm a child like that! These things that did this to this child is and was nothing but Demons or Monsters.

I am so happy that this little angel is in heaven with God now. Rest in Peace Baby Brianna! I'm so sorry you was born to monsters that killed you, raped you and allowed this to happen to you. I want to respect the writers remarks and not get my post removed so I'll go easy and not say what I really feel. I would like to thank her, Darlene, for making this post so that people can leave some words for Baby Brianna. I'm just so very sorry that her own parents, her own family didn't care.

Also to this family that did this to Baby Brianna. You might have a cage around her body. But you have no chains on her soul. I can't wait until Baby Brianna gets to have her say one day to this family! That should be interesting. Yes Karma is horrible sometimes. But I think karma is important sometimes. :)

Nov 05, 2011
Preventing this
by: Priscilla

I do not want to offend or hurt anyone. But having been neglected by my caretakers and fighting myself to a person resembling "normal" people my point of view originates from the idea that each child deserves good parents.

Preventing child abuse tragedies might not entirely be possible, but it bothers me that "we" aren't at least trying to. A comment made by many: u need a license for a car but not for parenthood... Why are people confronted on a daily basis by the nature of their jobs not collaborating to create an anonymous online "parent-test" that is advised to all teenagers in biology class. The test could exist from add tests (quite different from ADHD)combined with other tests by professionals.

Maybe I have a simple mind but "Know thyself" cannot start soon enough. People should test themselves: if u cannot properly take care of yourself then choose (first take another test for it of course :D) the right contraception for your personality and avoid pregnancy untill you pass the test. Because children deserve good parents. And that right weighs much heavier than the right of any idiot to conceive accidentally and messing up bigtime. Yes nobody's perfect but knowing is way better than not knowing and human lifes are far too precious to not give attention to preventing children suffering from abuse because their parents can't cope.

Nov 07, 2011
My Baby Girl....
by: Erandi

First I would want to say that not even an animal would kill another animal like this, I have no words to call these people who did this awful thing to my little baby Brianna, Such a heartless thing, God please if you are true, then show them your self, this is when you are mostly needed by us.
My dear little child, no matter how much they try to keep you caged or locked you will always be filled with all the love that you never knew when you were alive, You are being loved by me as much as I love my own child, we would always love you little angel

Nov 08, 2011
by: Bruise Lee

No child deserves 2 be raped or murdered like this! What did baby Brianna do 2 anyone. The b**tards who did this deserve the death penalty and that goes 4 all child rapists and murderers!
RIP Brianna xxxx

Nov 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

What the hell has the world come to?! This beautiful innocent child should have never been born if she was going to endure such horrible, horrible pain and anguish. This is by far the most gruesome case I've ever heard of and I will never forget it. Children are the future of the world. No child deserves to go through what she did - there's no excuse. I hope that little angel rests in peace.

Nov 19, 2011
baby Briana
by: Angie

RIP Baby Briana "so sad" I cried my eyes out.Animals sould not have children if they cannot care for them or love them. I myself had tried for 15 years to have a child two failed pregnacys,finaly I was blessed with my daughter "Annise" she is 18years old now and I would give my life up for her. I wish Briana was mine.

Nov 29, 2011

All of them deserve death penalty ... R I P wishes baby Brianna reborn with me or better family Love you baby...

Nov 30, 2011
by: Jessica Morgan

I just recently learned about this baby.... I am so thoroughly disgusted.... HOW IN THE WORLD CAN A GROWN MAN... TWO GROWN MEN... HER FATHER.... Look at this baby and be compelled to rape her, you KNOW that baby had to scream.... How do these ppl even fathom that any of the people involved deserve to live? the way i see it, when they are in prison they are being fed, sheltered, clothed. I say deny them ANY and ALL basic human rights because in hurting this precious child whose life was filled to the brim with unspeakable atrocities.... they've given up the right to call themselves what you and me call ourselves... PEOPLE. Even animals take care of and PROTECT THEIR YOUNG.... I AM SO INFURIATED....

Dec 02, 2011
I Just Don't Understand
by: Anonymous

I just don't get how someone can do this to your child. I swear people are so stupid. If anyone even ever touched my son in a way I didn't like I'd kill them let alone even try to do that to my own baby. I'm only 18 so I wasn't anywhere near ready to be a mother but I love my baby. R.I.P Brianna

Dec 21, 2011
Better off in God's Hands.
by: Anonymous

This story is beyond horrific and terrorizing. How can adult men rape an infant besides maul it to death while the family watched and participated?! May the little angle rest in peace and is now in God's safe hands.

Dec 21, 2011
by: Anonymous

Baby Brianna went through a lot. I wish I was there to protect her and hold her can comfort her. I feel like doing something to proctect all the babies.

Jan 07, 2012


Jan 11, 2012
Precious Angel
by: Anonymous

I came upon this story by accident & I am horrified. As a mother of a 2 yr old son & a 9 month old baby girl I could never imagine torturing her to death let alone spanking my son's hand for hitting his baby sister or throwing toys. I got nauseous after watching the video. That beautiful girl deserved so much more. It makes it so hard for me to not blame God & his decision to bless these evil people with this Angel? I don't understand what these people got from torturing her tiny body & raping her?? Hello what sicko does that? She was 5 or 6 months old. I have to stop now I'm getting sick!!

Jan 13, 2012
what was all that
by: badness

i think that was crazy now the parents are lookin stupid cause they are in jail.

Jan 13, 2012
by: Anonymous

Not only was Brianna's life a tragedy, But nobody even took a picture of her while she was living. Not one. The only pictures of her were taken by an officer at the morgue, because he thought she looked like she was sleeping and that there should be some photo of her somewhere to remember her by. It's important to remember her and her story.

Jan 18, 2012
I can't get this baby out of my mind
by: J- Kansas City

I read about Briana in the fall of 2009, a few months after my son was born. Someone posted the video on FB and I started watching it. It was so disturbing and haunting I couldn't finish watching it and cried and thought about it for days. Years later I am still disturbed by this story and confused as to how and why this happened. I don't remember reading anywhere if the parents were on drugs but that is the only explaination I can come up with that helps me understand why parents might do something so horrific to their child. It makes me think about all the other kids out there who are suffering and no one was stepped in to be a voice for them. We are all responsible for being a voice for someone who can't have one themselves.

Jan 18, 2012
by: Anonymous

I just read this story this year and I'm horrified... every time I read the story, or the comments about it, or look at her photos it just makes me cry... I can't imagine what the poor child went through. I have 2 little kids and I can't imagine the pain Brianna went through. :(
I read she had a 18 months old brother. I hope no one from that family got custody and I wish they would sterilize his and Brianna's mother.
I'm starting to wonder if the reason she was born premature was because they didn't take good care of the pregnancy and did stupid things for the Valentine's day, when Brianna was born. I hope there is an after life where she is happy.

Jan 18, 2012
by: Anonymous

I am not a judge, nor a lawyer, nor do I even understand the legal jargon in cases such as these. To me this case and other cases such as these is pretty simple to me, a young child was abused and killed. A young child's life was taken in the most horrific way.... sometimes I think in these cases that is forgotten, the victim. Where a young child is abused and killed justice is NEVER done. This is why CHILD ABUSE and MURDER will NEVER end. The victims can not speak, can not ask for help, can not defend itself, can not tell the jury and judge what these monsters did to her. Their autopsy and medical pictures do tell the story of what they suffer in their short life, but that does not seem to be considered in sentencing the abusers and killers. Could she have been saved? Possibly, every case such as this has its "if only'.....if the doctors who saw the child reported it, if neighbours heard the cries, if friends or family that visited saw the bruises and reported it, yes a little too late to think of these.From the day this little sweet baby was born she was just a punching bag , never felt loved, never cuddled , never kissed. Why did they not just give her up? I do not know how anyone can look into a child's eyes and still harm them, its even harder to comprehend when its the child's parents, the ones that are supposed care for her, to protect her, to love her. It breaks my heart to imagine what this little baby went through, her death was a safe haven, where she is finally safe. 5 months of suffering is TOO LONG! The Sentences to those that abuse and MURDER children needs and must be tougher! These so called parents and uncle should be rotting in jail for the rest of their life if not the death penalty. The other family members who did nothing are just as much to blame. Their own flesh and blood. This baby's screams will forever haunt you! I don't agree with society having to take actions into their own hands but when you are faced with these kind of sentencing from the law that is supposed to protect and give justice to the victims, I do secretly wish that these people will be served some prison justice by their fellow inmates or when they are released people will not take too kindly to having a child killer in their neighbourhood.... why should they be able to live when this little baby did not even get to see her 1st birthday, never go to school, make friends, marry ... live. RIP angel. You are not forgotten.

Jan 22, 2012
Baby Angel
by: Anonymous

I just learned about Baby Brianna's story heart broke down into tiny pieces. I don't understand why God brings little beautiful angels in the lives of these sick people. No child deserves anything like this!!! I'm in high school and I'm taking a early childhood education class and I have learned a lot and hopefully in the future I can help to make a child's life better. Rest in peace Baby Brianna, you'll be remembered and loved forever:)<3 Hope you are very happy in the place you are now:) God bless you and all the little Angels around the world:)

Jan 26, 2012
by: Anonymous


Jan 27, 2012
What is the point?
by: Berry

People that does this type of thing to their kids really makes me sick. What's the point of giving birth to a child just to kill it? They could have just given Little B up for adoption if they didn't want her. There are a lot of people that would love to have to baby of their own but can't and when people go and do things like this, that's a middle finger to those women who are baron or (other circumstances)
I guess giving up Little B would have been too much like right.
Rest in Peace little angel

Jan 31, 2012
Baby Girl I wish I could of helped! );
by: Olga

This is so hard to believe this would even come to mind. I work at a hotel and I only watch HLN on T.V here I see so much babies get kidnapped and still nothing happens to the parents like baby lisa baby sky baby amir baby ayla like come on laws this is getting ridiculous. I think if they have suspicion of the parents have done something they should put them in jail until they talk. Theres people out here that cannot have children and we have dumb parents that shouldnt be.. Im young and I have a baby girl I just dont understand why there so helpless. I told a lady off the other day at payless for leaving her 10 month old child unsupervised while she shopped I told her are you crazy never leave your child out of reach with this world you never kmow.

Feb 01, 2012
R.I.P brianna
by: Anonymous

i am truley disgusteed with the people who did this too brianna she didn't deserve anything that poor innocent baby could have lived a better life but she was born into a family that never loved her and no baby should die that sooon from child abuse and if i was the uncle i would have saved her life by reporting it and at least now she is at rest no one can hurt her anymore R.I.P brianna xxx

Feb 03, 2012
wish she was mine
by: beck

When i read this story my mouth flunge open and i covered it and couldnt stop crying i havent been able to get the suffering out of my head i have a 6 month old girl and i cant imagine what i would do to myself if i were to let her suffer like that .if you dont believe in evil these three demons are proof.everytime i see her i wish she was mine to give her the life she deserved i may not know her but brianna has taken a piece of my heart and will be with me forever i love her and hope she never has to be apart of that terrible family again in the next life

Feb 16, 2012
Beatiful baby Brianna RIP and God bless you
by: Cindy Gonzalez

I just learned about this case few weeks ago . I ws doing research abt child abuse for a college paper and found this one. I'm heart broken, I have cried a lot, poor baby, you really touched my heart. A baby is born to be loved you didn't deserve this. You are with Jesus now. I will always remember you.

Feb 28, 2012
RIP Brianna
by: Anonymous

My husband and I wanted children, but were unable to have them. I live in Albuquerque, and remember the story as it happened, and being hearbroken for this little girl. How is that people need to get a license to drive a car, but anyone can have a child? I am not a religious person, but I know this beautiful soul is in heaven!

Mar 03, 2012
Baby Brianna
by: Amy

That poor child! How beautiful she was! I would of taken her no questions asked! How can anybody do that to that sweet child! Where were the people who were suppose to protect her? Can you imagine what that poor baby was before she died! My heart sinks!

Mar 06, 2012
by: Anonymous

this is not normal.These people are sick in the head. They deserve more than the time they got. It will be hell in prison for them. Hurting for her a precious child of God. An angel. These people will pay the price.

Mar 11, 2012
by: Anonymous

how could those sickos do that. that poor baby it just makes me cry seeing little kids like that getting abused by thier own flesh and blood


R.I.P baby gurll

Mar 16, 2012
Burial Site
by: Anonymous

Brianna is not buried in Albuquerque, NM. She is buried in Dona Ana, NM.

Mar 18, 2012
Venting just a little (I'll be respectful. Promise)
by: Anonymous

To the owner of this site, I'll try to be respectful, I promise. I had to vent a little bit if it's ok. It's beyond me to wonder why I see posts about this poor, defenseless little sweetheart being with "God", because I feel like "How could a God make someone's "family" lash out in such Satanic evil enough to rape a defenseless little child then to blatantly abuse the little sweetheart".
I mean if God was a loving God, then "He" should've loved her enough to not make the "family members" lash out on poor little Brianna, then her murder never would've taken place, so it's stories like that which have changed my outlook on religion...amongst other things.

Mar 19, 2012
by: Anonymous

i just read and knew about this i cant stop myself from crying why ?? that's my question why mother allowed it to happened? i cant figure it out .. when i heard about this i stared at my baby hug her an kiss her and i swear to protect her to love her and care for her that i will hear her heart beat and listen to her tiny voice i wish i was the mother of baby brianna i love my daughter so much.. i will die if something bad will happened to herif i will have to bear another child i hope the lord will gave me a chance to love and care for baby brianna i am so attached to this child .. my baby is just 6 months old and she is 5 months i just cant image her pain.. I LOVE YOU BABY BRIANNA and for the 5 people who caused her pain and allow her to die .. we all have to face our brianna is safe now i know she is GOD is with the and GOD for sure remove those pain and memories of pain she is now happy and baby brianna you are love by so many people see all the comments all the care created only for you..we love you so much.. i love you so much ANGEL BRIANNA ...

Mar 22, 2012
by: Anonymous

People need to realize how children are such a blessing to parents and families. For a woman to bring a life into this world, how dare you treat that little, innocent baby in such a horrible manner. That child looks to you for protection, love and care and for you to just treat her like dirt is a damn shame. Those guilty, I feel that the punishment that was given was not fair at all. That little girl lost her life and now you get to sit in prison for the rest of your life. You are still breathing while your baby is not. This is where I feel that the legal system is not fair because they deserved the death penalty.

Mar 30, 2012
Children are a gift..who earn the chance to live!!
by: A Mother

reading this over and over again has done nothing but brought me to tears and nothing but hate to this disgusting and undescribable words and names for each of these individuals.I have a 2 and half yr. old who id give my life for.I almost couldnt have had him and theres not one nite that goes by where i feel sadness because hes growing up into this lil man i will never get to cradle again. Then i read this story and think of baby brianna who never got to be cradled or loved by a mother the way she should've, a mother who will not feel sadness to see her daughter grow up play with dolls, bake cookies with, have that 1st day of school, the 1st A, the 1st lost of a tooth, the 1st curl, the 1st father daughter dance(which by the way the dad is a f* pervert), the 1st date, nor to wish her a brand new life with a husband who would've loved and adored her. Every child is a blessing an honor to have. A life u give the chance to blossom into a new life and proudly say "ya thats my baby, i creatd her". If i wouldve acknoledge any sign or abuse to this child as soon as possible i would've automatically took her as my own. Everyone who even at slightest knew about this is at wrong and will suffer pain knowing they mightest as well have done it themselves because they are just as responsible as the 1s who did it. Til this very day her story lives on and will always remain in our hearts and will better us to be better people,better listeners, and better parents for every child deserves to be given a full life just as we were givin the chance we must do also.its not really must its a feeling of u need and must want too and if u dont then u have no buisness as a parent yourself! I love you baby brianna as if you were my own. And its because of you may this world not take children for granted nor abuse at the slightest punishment. May you finally be cradled by God and loved by all his angels. LOVE YOU..."now i lay me down to sleep i pray the lord my soul to keep if i should die before i wake i pray the lord my soul to take" baby bri he took your soul and will always keep it safe! LOVE ALWAYS...A MOTHER

Apr 01, 2012
Broken heart
by: Kelsey

I can't believe that a mother could let that happen to her baby. Perhaps she isn't a mother but a monster. How dare she poooor baby omg the pain she went threw is unthinkable. I know she is in a better place. And her mother will forever live with this pain and it one day shall eat her up.

Apr 04, 2012
some people are not meant to be parents-EVER
by: Phyllis

It's sickening to hear about what these freaks did to their own flesh and blood. All I can get out of this, is that they are the lowest scum of the earth. I love kids and they should never ever be abused, redirected and given positive role models yes, but never abused, they are our future, for God's sake.

Apr 12, 2012
abuseing on your own children is not right
by: Anonymous

im so sad of baby brianna. That is not right to do .Her own father abused her and the aunts will throw her up and never cached her. If i was the mom i will send him to jail . this case is all of baby brianna

Apr 12, 2012
Perilous Times
by: Olivia from Arizona

These are definitely the last and evil days. The perilous times that we are living in are getting worse by the day. I will never understand why the adults in her life did this to her. She never knew what it was like to be held and loved. There needs to be harsher penalty laws in the state of New Mexico for this kind of brutality. The victim never stood a chance. I would like to thank prosecutor Susanna Martinez for doing her best to see that these criminals got the dues that they deserve. This crime was not acceptable.

Apr 24, 2012
Baby briana ur in a safe and peaceful place called heaven
by: Anonymous

I have to little gurls ov myown and I luv them to death theres no way for any one to hurt our children in any kind of way tats why we have to be thankful tat god gives us tat precious little gift to bring into the world to care bout them not to hurt them to protekt them but baby brianna ur in a safe place now iwill never forget u may u rest in peace

Apr 25, 2012
shocked to my inner core.
by: Brooke

Exactly what the title says. And this is why I think people should pass a checkpoint inspection list before they can conceive. This story made me sick to my stomach and made me physically hurt for this poor little angel. There are people all over, like me, who can't have their own children, and yet people like Stephanie Lopez who kill their children as if it was nothing. I can barely fathom accidentally running over a bunny when I'm driving, let alone something this horrible.

Apr 28, 2012
by: Anonymous

Poor baby brought in this world to be treated like Animal. They all deserve death,they do not deserve to still be breathing,sickos!.

May 02, 2012
Still Traumatized
by: Anonymous

I have two small girls myself and I cannot understand why such abuse occurs? These children are innocent and need someone who can protect them from this horror. I still think that the grandmother and other uncle or anyone else who knew of this abuse should have got more than 60 days! These people could have prevented a child's life of torture and senseless death. I seriously pray for all of their sick twisted souls...

May 16, 2012
perfect angel from god
by: Anne

I could not belive what i read how mentaly screwed up this family is. It really amazed me how vile and much evil this lopez poeple are i dont even want to call them people more like scum. Brianna is so perfect,beautiful all babies are im so sorry of the horrer you went through im glad your with god and safe in our lords hands no more pain just love and peace as it should have been for u on earth u never have to see them again little angel they will never be in heaven u are so perfect no juudgement for u. I have a pic of u with my baby and pray for your happyness with god he knows how to love rest little angel gods love is perfect no one can take that away from u.

May 16, 2012
by: Brittany


May 22, 2012
by: Renee

I have recently learned about Baby Brianna horrific story. I cannot get her out of my mind. How could someone do this to a child? It makes me nauseated to think about what they put that innocent little baby through. I'm the mother of 2 beautiful little girls, and they are my life. There are so many people out there that would love to have children and are not able to. If they did not want Brianna why didn't they give her up for adoption to someone that would love her and cherish her. I cannot wrap my mind around her death... I know that she is in the comfort of God's arms, and she will never again have to experience pain. She has touched many hearts, and I pray that her story will help save the lives of other children that are victims of child abuse.

May 27, 2012
baby brianna
by: suzie

Poor poor baby. She's in heaven now, with people who cherish her and love her. God had other plans for Brianna, so he needed her back with him. Maybe he sent her to earth to educate us. Just so sorry she suffered. They will get their Comupence.

Jun 06, 2012
GOD let such parents crave for a child in their next life
by: Anonymous

It is very difficult to get this story out of our minds.. i read many comments and see people coming back again and talking about how it still pains them.. nobody can imagine the pain the child must have gone through.. what can be done about these child abuse cases.. i recently read that around 40 million children are abused every year and around 57000 of them die every year.. i think young parents need to have better support system when they plan to have kids.. its usually frustration that leads them to do such awful things.. though some like brianna's parents enjoye the whole experience.. i tend to compare her story to Jesus' story, where GOD send Jesus and made him suffer for the sake of others.. similary i think briana's case is a wake-up call for parents who have been abusing their children not knowing their actions are causing pain to a defenceless innocent child.. I HOPE and sincerly pray that her sacrifice has awakened many and taught them to value precious life.. children are vulnerable and innocent.. they need all the love, comfort, and understanding.. the best way to keep a child happy and non-fussy is by giving her love, food, and a nappy change.. thats alll.. then see how their innoncent smile will make your whole day's stress go away in no time.. GOD please monitor closely every infant and if you think there is a chance of them being abused.. take them away quickly.. dont let them suffer for so long.. there are so many couples who are depressed that they cannot have a child of their own.. make a sensible decision GOD and give those childeren to them.. ultimately everythin is in your hand GOD.. please be considerate to these little ones.. they dont have a choice as to where they are born.. but you do.. let the potential child abusers be the one who end up craving for a child of their own..

Jun 14, 2012
Heartbroken for baby Brianna
by: Shelly

I just discovered the story of baby Brianna a couple days ago and my heart is broken for what this little angel went through. I can't even comprehend how a human being could do such things to anyone, let alone an innocent helpless baby. My only comfort is knowing that sweet Brianna is now being cradled in God's loving arms and is surrounded by angels who love her and cherish her.

Please, please...if you suspect child abuse do something!! The only way we are going to end it is if we all work together to protect God's children. RIP sweet angel. I love you.

Jun 22, 2012
Rest in peace baby girl.
by: Anonymous

I really cant put into words what i want to say, except i am angry, outraged and very teary eyed over what thoses monsters did to you, such a beautyful little angel, THEY WILL GET THEIRS TO, you rest in peace now little one, your safe now with all my love, xxx.

Jun 28, 2012
petit Ange (Little Angel)
by: Nathalie

Atroce, insoutenable, dégueulasse, il n'y a pas de mots assez fort pour décrire l'histoire de ce pauvre petit ange. Paix a ton ame bébé Brianna.


What a terrible atrocity. There are no words strong enough that I can say regarding the story of this poor little angel. I send your soul peace, baby Brianna.

Jun 29, 2012
by: Mary


Jul 06, 2012
by: Anonymous

How could someone go through pregnancy and have such a beautiful baby and abuse it and watch others abuse her that way it sick discusting the baby can't defend its self it trust u to love and protect it from harm what is going through there sick discusting mind I think the mother and grandparents uncle and stepfather all who were involved be executed not allowed to live that has no life any more neither should sick discusting scum trash like them the baby girl couldn't even protect her self from harm they don't deserve to ever have kids if u don't want your baby or thinking bad thoughts give it to the dhs police station give the baby a chance it sickens me they did such discusting things

Jul 23, 2012
by: Linda Storm Drinkwine

I can only say why? I tried so hard to have a child.
I could not, and these monsters can? I will pray for
justice for this innocent baby girl, not from people, from God.
I do not believe the mother got a fair sentence. It
should have been a death sentence.
My dear baby, Brianna...I will pray for you. there are no words to say, I am in shock.

Jul 23, 2012
Mother to be released
by: Anonymous

I was shocked and disappointed to hear that Brianna's mother will be released in just 4 short years. Even though a petition was circulated there is nothing that can be done. She will get out. I only hope she is not going to be able to have any custody rights to her son. He was 18 months old at the time, so he still needs to be protected from this animal.

Aug 17, 2012
omg bad
by: chloe

thats so upseting poor brianna i would of snatched her how could they do that to a 5month old baby and they put a cage around her grave thats disgustinly horrible they should of had a death penalty instead well brianna im always with you i will see you in heavan when i die and we can be friends im so so so so sorry about the story brianna rest in peace your better with the peace than the pain dearie me how horrible of the parents to do this im mean blimey 5 months old for pete sake. no baby at all should be treated like this honey rest in peace stay with god god is your best mate he will always be on your side i love you brianna with all my heart hope you meat frends in heaven hun rest in peace.

Aug 26, 2012
Give Baby Brianna Justice
by: Anonymous

This story is unthinkable, how can anyone hurt a BABY? You have to be sick, REAL SICK! The mother (this animal) is being released shortly, I can't believe justice is not being serve for this child. Who couldn't defend herself and depends on her community to bring justice. So incidents like this wont happen again. This child's life was cut short. Why is this woman being released? She should be in jail for the remainder of her life. What happened to the death sentence for killing a human being? The time she got was not enough! I hope she never ever has a hold of a child ever again!!! God bless Baby Brianna! May she have the justice she deserve and these animals serve the time they deserve!

Aug 28, 2012
I just heard
by: Anonymous

Dear sweet little angel,

I have just now heard your story altho, you'd be almost 11 years old, today. I am confident that you are now at peace and in heaven, where no one can ever hurt you again. May you be safe and loved in the arms of an angel, held and kissed and sang to. Words and tears could never express the sorrow your sad and short little life has brought, the people who have learned , the hell you went thru. We love you sweetheart.

Aug 31, 2012
Brianna My Little Beautiful Angel
by: Ray - from Australia

I am a 65 year old father of a beautiful 23 year old daughter.

I held her gently in my arms 10 minutes after she was born and with tears in my eyes i kissed her on the forehead and promised her i would look after her and keep her safe forever.

Why couldn't i have done the same with little Brianna Lopez.

I have just come across this very sad story and can now rest easy knowing that Brianna is a beautiful angel and much loved by everyone,but her immediate family as this site shows.

Thankyou - xxxxxx

Sep 19, 2012
Dont let them out
by: Anonymous

Why are they only giving them 50years they need to give them life .if that baby was someone famous they would have kild those parent please I ask as a mother of 3 girls please dont let those monsters out of jail since I read this sorry I havent sleeped in day just think I pray to god please dont let them out .

Nov 08, 2012
Sweet little Angel
by: Anonymous

I have read this story before but, even now as I read it again I am so saddened by the horrific things that were done to this child.Whenever I hear stories from people or the news about children being beaten and battered I always think of Brianna and my heart sinks to such a low. She is no longer suffering and being battered because she is living in the heavens with our dear heavenly father. Thank you Father! We are reminded however by other stories of battered children that we must keep our eyes and ears and hearts open so we can reach out and protect Gods children.We must never turn a deaf ear or a blind eye to the horrors going on around us.May God bless the little children and all those who are waiting and willing to save a child.

Nov 26, 2012
my opionion
by: Anonymous

i definally agree that no child or babie should deserve this at all
i also every once in a while think that i could mke the world a better place and sometimes i wish that this world could b peaceful for once.
if any one is trying to hurt little defenseless kids,i honestly think what the heck is wrong with that person!?!? but to all of those out there who are not hurting little kids god bless you.

Dec 09, 2012
they deserve to never be free
by: Anonymous

This is sick i think the mom should of been charged too in cases i seen if ur present you are just as guilty. Wats wrong with the system to let this woman out. I have children now grown n i will guard them as long as i live. Plez dont let her out.

Dec 12, 2012
poor baby
by: jlacava

I saw this story while watching a video for a class. I cried for 20 minutes straight while I held my 10 month old baby. It's painful to see how people could look the other way while a child was beaten and raped. It's horrible stories like this that made me get my degree in sociology. So I can raise awareness and prevent this from happening in my town. I am a preschool teacher for infants and toddlers. I could never understand how a person, even on a baby's worst day, could do that to their own baby. I see my job as free love for all babies.

Dec 15, 2012
truely heartbroken and disturbed!!!
by: Mercedes

i heard about this story about 2 weeks ago on youtube. and i cannot stop thinking about it!! im researching it on google and finding pages that support it on facebook. i put her picture on my facebook. I cried SO hard to the point where my eyes puffed out for hours! the pain that little girl must of endured!! the pain and suffering!! its inhumane! ive got a 4 and a half month old little boy and i could NEVER EVER imagine doing that to him! after reading about brianna i love and cherish my little boy that much more! not ONE single day of her little life did she feel ANY love!! no hugs or kisses, all she did all day and everyday for 5 months was scream in pain of what those SUB HUMAN SCUM did to her! im soo f***ing angry its unreal!! that poor poor little girl i feel so so sorry for her! i want to scoop her up and hug her and kiss her! in a way the best thing was to die. at least she dosnt have to suffer anymore! EVERYDAY every single f***ing day that lil girl was tortered! the things iv read about this case in her autopsy were truely disturbing! i hope you rest in sweet heavinly peace beautiful little angel! i dont know you but i love you!! i hope to meet you one day!! RIP precious.

Dec 16, 2012
brianna child abuse
by: Anonymous

please do not let these monsters out why are they still living why am i still paying for this and they are not what has developed since this gut wrenching child abuse suz

Dec 19, 2012
by: Anonymous


Jan 03, 2013
Words cannot describe my rage
by: anonymous

I dont understand how a "MOTHER" could let something happen to her baby , and even be a part of it. when i heard this i was in tears. how could anyone do such a thing to a beautiful gift from god. Im sorry for her death. BABY BRIANNA R>I>P your beautiful .

Jan 04, 2013
Brianna Wasn't Loved In Life But, Is Loved By So Many Now
by: Greg Landis

Sweet baby girl, you were and are a gift from God, precious Brianna.
I saw your story only today and I know you are in heaven. I remember when my little girl was 6 mos. old; that was only 1.5 years ago. I picture your little smile in my mind and in my heart. I know that your stay was only but a moment with us, but I know you are happy and safe now.
I'm very sorry that you were not loved and adored by your biological parents. In my mind I am holding you and telling you I love you.
Brianna, you looked so adorable and sweet in your pictures.The bruises can't hide your glory. Your story touched my heart. Many people love you sweet heart!...

Jan 08, 2013
Precious Words
by: Olivia from Arizona

Greg, your words to Brianna were so heart felt that my eyes got watery. I know that those words were given to you by the almighty above. These were tender words that only a good father could give to a child. Your comment was truly appreciated and it started my morning off to a very good start. You are certainly right that she is in a good place. It is so sad that her family treated Brianna so badly.


When I go home to be with the Lord one day, I am looking forward to seeing your smiling face and to see that you are finally happy. I send kisses up to you all the time. I have not forgotten about you.

Love You,

Jan 09, 2013
Little Angel
by: Lilly

Dearest baby brianna,
I did not know you but you have a very special place in my heart! I wish you all the happiness in the world now you are safe in gods hands. You are where you belong now with all the other angels. Your family my not have realized what a beautiful gift you were, but millions of people took just one look at you and you captured there hearts. Now you rest easy little one and know that you are very much loved!!

Jan 09, 2013
The "family" still won't let Brianna be in peace
by: Stacey

Her "family" wants the community to forget about Brianna, so they've placed a gate around her grave. Please sign this petition to have the gate removed:[]

Jan 22, 2013
evil trash
by: Anonymous

I accidentally found baby Briannas story on the internet, by google-ing the word-bill-so I found the baby Brianna bill.What can I say,I feel enormous pitty and love for the small,completely exposed and defenseless baby, and hatred for the whole family.They knew what was going on,ababy can cry so loud,it will b heard in the whole street-crying is the only mode of comunication and defense of a baby.I am a mother of 2children,I know sometimes it can be difficult.when a normal woman gives birth then she feels responsible for the baby, she takes action to protect it.a baby is a wonderful gift,some are very lucky to have 2 children, many couples struggle and want to adopt.
This horrible family of primitive neanderthal creatures,are at the lowest level of TRASH. The poor baby suffered so much pain,she couldn't breathe, she couldn't move'she was almost blind- google up Shaken baby syndrome.

The worst part is,the TRASH consider themselves victimes of the judiciar system, of the public opinion etc, I hope the mother stays there the full time and doesn't come out 2016.

I have found no peace for a long time,I cried so much and my heart really hurts that I couldn't be there to save her,to adopt her,to love and cuddle son is 6mo old and looks a bit like Brianna so when I smile at him,cuddle him,kiss him,I also think a lot of her.

An unwanted child can be given to is the US,in the 21.century,there is the internet,all sorts of information,people who seek help get absolutely no excuse for them and for other primitive sadistic neanderthals.

R.I.P. sweet innocent baby Brianna

Feb 13, 2013
by: Anonymous

This has to be the most horibble story ever how could anyone do that to there child it makes me so mad to hear or see the picture ANIMALS that what they are and should be getting death life for a life I say if they couldn't be arsed with that beautiful little girl they should of gave her to a family that would love and protect her if a ever saw them 3 to me they don't have names!
RIP baby Brianna
You safe now !

Feb 23, 2013
i am sorry brianna
by: big angel

i found this because i was researching child abuse for my project for school and i am so sorry for what happened to her steven and your boyfriend and the rest of the people who did not do anything deserve to be in jail for what they did to you brianna

Mar 07, 2013
by: Anonymous

When I first saw this story on you tube it broke my heart and reached deep into my soul like I knew baby Brianna. This sad sick story made me immediately pick up my 6 month old little boy and hold him tighter, because I just could not wrap my mind around how could someone do this to such a little innocent sweet human being. And as a mother to join in and stand by and do nothing is so beyond me. I feel if she did not want Brianna she should have kept her legs closed and that angels with the Lord. I also feel they should have sentenced all to the electric chair, because life is prison is just too good, because they get to eat, laugh, watch t.v., listen to the radio ect. and Brianna never will, kit just eats me up inside.

Mar 12, 2013
in gods hands now
by: cassie

This story bout this child makes me sick

Mar 16, 2013
You will stay with me till the last day of my life..
by: ewa

..why life isn't life??
my mind does not comprehend this...i wish I could hug, kiss and love peacefully...

May 06, 2013
Poor baby
by: Erica

I just don't get why there are really crazy people in this world and when I saw the video and the pictures i swear I could not stop thinking about briana I'd always look at my 3month ill bro and say how could her family member do this to her because she was only 5 months she ONLY HAD A SHORT LIFE !!!! I wish people like them would of never existed but I love you briana and I wish this never should of happened to you sometimes I'd would think and say if you we're my daughter I would care for you and love and never let anyone hurt you.....:') Te quiero <3

May 18, 2013
Defenceless Beautiful Little Girl
by: Anonymous

I have only just learn't about this story. It has left me totally numbed, speechless and sick to the core of my stomach. Rest in peace precious little Angel.

May 26, 2013
pray for the innocent
by: rosa

Ive read this story twice, the second time to my family. As i did, i broke down in tears. It sadens me to hear how the innocent like this beautiful baby's life was given just to be taken by these sick, evil, heartless people who don't deserve to breath the same air that we do. In my eyes, i believe all child abusers and murders deserve death penalties. They shouldn't be allowed to live after taking someone elses life. I pray to God everyday that he not allow evil like this to take place. That he bless an protect our children and that he keep the evil away. And that he open our eyes to be able to see when evil people like that are around us to keep our children away from them and us.

May 27, 2013
I can't believe how anyone can hurt a precious baby
by: a Mother in CA

When I first came across this story I was actually googling my daughters name HEr and Baby Brianna have the same first,middle and last naames. I was so outranged. I believe they should be in prison for life. I have 4 babies and I cant ever imagine anyone hurting them. When my kids fall or bump there head and come crying to me I feel so bad and it hurts me I always tell them it hurts me more than it hurts you. If Baby Briannawas not wanted they sho uld've given her up for adoption That baby would've made a couple very happy and would love her so much. This really saddens me.

Jun 05, 2013
Gods Angel I love you
by: jeniesmommy

I am so sad that I cant express my sadness over
what happened to angel briana, :( I cant imagine
as a 30 year old woman enduring what this poor tiny helpless baby went through. i could not do it. As soon as i read about this I kept having flashes of what happened to baby briana. I feel her pain and i want to sob. how anyone, esp. her mother could do this i dont know!! How they could rape and torment this baby I cant wrap a thought around! I am sitting here with my 6 month old angel baby daughter and I love her so much I would
die for her. Ive loved her before I even thought I was pregnant. No one will ever hurt her! I'll be having a sweet moment with her and during my joy I think of briana! I wouldve loved her and shown her a mommys love. her "family" shouldve all got death! R.I.P Angel Briana

Sep 06, 2013
Brianna will always in my hearth!
by: Anonymous

Oh my god I can't stop crying! How would they do that to a baby! How can god let this monsters to have a baby and let this happenedd to her, she is so beautiful and she be always living in my hearth forever! I love you Brianna Lopez with all my hearth!

Sep 07, 2013
About The Damn Animals That Did This
by: Anonymous

I myself is a mother and it broke my heart and brought tears reading this. I can only imagine what the baby went threw those days she was abused and raped. Words cant even xplain the pain she went through. I feel like they all should of got life in prision for this. Expecially raping her time and time again. And as for the mother there are mothers that blessed to have lil angels like this little girl and this mother sure in the hell didnt deserve this little girl. She had to have known what was going on. And her biting and pinching her is pathetic. I dont know why these ANIMALS would do such a thing to a baby expecially when itz your own child. Thats cold heartess people right there. They were people that didnt deserve kids. Now they probely live in guilt. I only feel sorry for them if they ever get out of jail. I watched the fotage when they were in court they had no remorse for what they did. I mean why do full growning men have to rape kids. But people like that are called ANIMALS w issues. I think they do need to bring back the hanging situation for child molesters and rapists. That way they feel the pain for the few seconds that the child went threw. The death penalityis the easy wasy out I think. I would rather them suffer behind bars for crimes like that. This poor baby had no help from noone although the two people that knew were her blood and they didnt say nothing I hope their living in guilt for not saying nothing. Dumbasses!! This is a sad story and im sure it hurt everyone else that read it as much as it hurt me. R.I.P.Baby Brianna..The Angel Now Rests..

Oct 30, 2013
what ugly monster childern have as parents
by: Anonymous

this make me cry to what babies go thru by the hands of their own family member especailly babies that dont talk and have really no vocies because they are so little what harmful things these monster as parents do to their babies

Dec 20, 2013
u r a beautiful angel in my heart baby Brianna
by: roxanne

My heart hurts for all the pain u suffered at the hands of your own family.No words can ever explain how angry I am at the evil that caused u pain and stole your beautiful life. You are now gods angel and may u rest in peace and know u are truly loved.
As for those who did such horrible unspeakable, heartless, evil things to this helpless baby girl I hope you stay behind bars.

Dec 27, 2013
So sick
by: Anonymous

Who abuses a child like this? Sick twisted people. 50 years in jail is nothing...Ughhhh
Rest in peace Brianna you are a beautiful baby!!!

Jan 05, 2014
The Innocents
by: Nancy

I only could pray that God stopped creating
mammals after flora and fauna. Throughout history millions of people have suffered
horridly in the name of God. Sometimes it is
very very difficult to have faith when you see
innocent babies tortured and brutally killed.
I keep asking where are you God? where are you.
There are many websites that claim the bible
states that all of us have guardian angels to
protect us from danger. Then where are they
for the most who need protection? Why are there
children who have so much, and so many who have
nothing? Of course, every child deserves all the
best that this life can give him or her, but what
about those who cry themselves to sleep in hunger
and pain. I am sorry but I just cannot come to
terms with this life on earth. May all those
babies who were brutalized rest in peace forever
and ever. And may those who committed these
evil acts be forever imprisoned for the rest of
their years.

Jan 15, 2014
by: Anonymous

I'm so heart broken to even read this story.

Jan 15, 2014
beyond dysfunctional
by: Anonymous

Brianna's case is esp horrific...for more than one reason for sure. But what I find most telling is the apathy of the extended family (grandparents and another uncle stood by and did nothing?!) It makes some sort of sense that very sick individuals would conspire together and torture some poor creature or helpless human being. If you were that perverse, you would treasure finding others like yourself, who would keep your dark actions hidden. But the extended relatives inaction points to long-standing problems within this family.
I used to live in South Korea in the late 1980's. It was common for parents to hire spies/investigators to research the family background of their adult children's prospective spouses. I thought it was a bit paranoid, but now it looks like a wise investment.

Jan 27, 2014
Baby Brianna
by: Cecilia Amesquita

May her soul rest in peace in god arms. I have no words to express this horrible crime against a innocent angel. I am a mother of three beautiful girls, and a mother of a angel in heaven and I don't understand why they did such crime to her. But only god will make justice once their time comes. Baby Brianna rest in piece now you are love by many in heaven and now the only thing that you know is love and happiness that you never had from the people that had it to protected you from harm.

Jan 28, 2014
Release of a baby killer
by: Anonymous

I heard the mom has/is being released from jail :( no justice for this angel or any angel this beast comes across!! Protect your child from everyone!! No one can be trusted in this world!!

Feb 05, 2014
by: Richard

What can I say that hasn't been said. I see my baby son and can't understand why anyone could do such things. Punishment should have been the death penalty for all three. Relatives that knew this was going on should have been put away for years.

Feb 18, 2014
Your one of god creations
by: Angela

Haven't forgotton about you if you where still here today you be 12 R.I.P.

Feb 18, 2014
Always thinking of you <3
by: Lilly

This poor little girl, I first learned about Brianna about 4 years ago, and I can't stop thinking about her! I think of you on your birthday little angel. what a sad and very short life you had! what kind of parents don't see the beautiful gift they have been given?? I will never understand!
Rest in peace little one <3

Mar 31, 2014
by: Anonymous

people that disagree with the sentences,they have to go by the laws of New Mexico,but because of her death, they created briannas law,which imposes much stricter sentences foe child abusers. Here in tenn there are 2 sentences flor child abuse resulting in death 1 life without parole or death penalty.What did the rapist murders of samantha runniun,danielle ,van damme,carly bruschia, jessica lunsford,polly klass,they all got death!! If there is any crime that calls for the death penalty it,s the rape and murder of a child.

Apr 15, 2014
by: Anonymous

As a retired psychologist,they weren,t sick they were evil.They knew exactly what they were doing.Why didn,t andy,stephanie,stephen,and robert jr who died in a fiery car crash ,there is a God!,live in their own places.Why because they probably didn,t work and probably spent their$ on drugs and alcohol. Stephanie probably got aid and food stamps. They all looked hard ,no heart ,no soul.I think drugs and alcohol played a bigger part,they may not have suffered abuse ,they were self centered ,narcissistic sociopaths.The biggest punishment would be that they GROW a conscience,unlikely.Can,t figure why they called 911,guess the thought the cops would by she got the marks from her bouncy chair which also bit raped and sodomized her,threw her and broke her bones.

Jan 02, 2015
by: Anonymous

I am sick to my stomach! This evil people have a special place in hell!!!! I hope they suffer in jail for he rest of their pathetic life's!

Feb 12, 2015
why give birth n abuse? could have prevent pregnancy
by: sandie

sad to say this but her mom was one of the luckiest mother to give birth. some of us want to have babies n yet we couldn't for some reason only God knows why.why not give her to adoption agency where some couples are dying to adopt babies.ABUSE?????
I don't get it. to see a newborn baby ,to hold the soft n gentle body close to your heart, sing lullaby rock her to sleep is the most precious n sacred gift handed down to us women on the this earth..just to think about the torture the sweet angel went through is way out of question. its so inhuman treatment.I wonder myself did they have a heart like ours n blood-color like ours too? ANGEL BABY BRIANNA deserved much much more love there was in life to give than what she had. She was a beautiful precious gift from Heavenly Father up in Heaven. She was innocent. Why abuse her n abuse her all those days weeks n months..If it was me who was a presiding Judge, this is what I should have done. Throw those criminals all of them in Jail for 100years for each one of them with no possibility of parole till they rot in Jail..Lord bless her soul Yes she was a sweet little Angel...

Feb 18, 2015
Why ?
by: Angie S

We are hearing more and more of this sick type of abuse, although it's probably nothing new. Just due to social media as it is today, the public is finally hearing and seeing it. I want to know why ? Has anyone sat down with this violent abusive type person's and asked what their mind set was/is ? If it's one person, it can/could be a mental illness, but when you involve more than one persona, let alone an entire can't wrap your head around it. I come from a really large, close knit family, although we've had a couple of cases of abuse to a few members, it always came from outside the family, and the family rallied together to protect the victim. I would really like know.

Feb 25, 2015
I can't believe this
by: Anonymous

Oh my gosh who could have at heart to do that to a baby I can't believe this story it's so scary people like that shouldn't have kids n should never get out of prison HOW CAN A MOTHER LET THIS HAPPEN TO HER BABY BUT EVEN WORST SHE DID IT TO AND SHE WENT TO SLEEP WELL THEY DID WHAT THEY DID TO THAT BABY

Feb 03, 2016
We need to know when this beast is getting paroled
by: Nicki Villasenor

Hello, I am a resident of Albuquerque and I am aware that this beast is up for parole in 2016, how can we find out when this hearing is taking place so we can protest at the prison, courhouse, baby's grave. How do we make sure she does not sneak by us... we have to continue to fight for baby brianna! I also would like to know if the fence/cage has been removed from her grave site? If not this needs to be addressed as well, brianna deserves to have people that love her to have access to clean and prepare her site often with beautiful flowes and loving thoughts. Please respond to me as I am ready willing and able to fight for brianna!

Feb 04, 2016
To Nicki V:
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

I can only suggest you copy & paste this URL into your browser for more information on the parole aspect of this child abuser. I cannot help you with the other questions you've brought up. Perhaps if you reach out to the person who runs the website of the URL I provided above you could get the answers you're looking for. I wish you the best in your quest to ensure Baby Brianna does indeed get justice.

From Victim to Victory, a memoir
Darlene Barriere
author. speaker. survivor. coach
From Victim to Victory, a memoir

Feb 06, 2016
Grandma not in jail
by: mavis


Apr 17, 2016
God's own
by: Anonymous

she is in the arms ofGod now and no vengeance taken on those responsible can match his vengeance or even come close he will judge all at the appointed time. she is no longer in pain

Apr 20, 2016
your going to pay
by: Anonymous

its descusting and she should never get out of jail for letting her infant daughter go through such is absolutely horrific and she will get what she deserves im surprised that she has not gotten killed in jail. Listen to me stephani you wont get away with what you have done. god will punish you

May 14, 2016
brianna lopez
by: huda mansuri

how can parents do such type of Child abuse .It's a request to government of new Mexico that the parents and uncle of brianna should be hang till death . Only few years punishment for the life of the child .Punish them till death.

Sep 21, 2016
She's Out
by: Anonymous

This sorry excuse for a "mother" was just let out today, 9/21/16. She only served 13 years of her sentence. Not even half!!!! She was let out on good behavior. As a resident of New Mexico I am outraged! Laws over here let sadistic people like her out in the public. New Mexico is one of the worst states for child abuse and they wonder why! She only gets 2 years of probation and her baby girl does not get to see the light of day. Now when people get more time for marijuana and this piece of shit only got 13 years tell me there is something wrong here. A beautiful life was taken for no reason and this angers me so much. I will never forget that day. I have a daughter the same age and it breaks my heart. Rest in peace Brianna. Justice will still be served. If not by the hands of man but by the hand of God.

Sep 29, 2016
she gets out
by: Anonymous

the mother is getting out sept 21 2016

Oct 05, 2016
sweet angel
by: mother of 4

I am a mother of 4 children from teenager age to todler. They drive me insane many times but i could never imagine doing harm to my own child let alone another child. My children are a blessing. It makes me sad and angery at the same time when i read stories like this. I have wittness mothers lose thier child while pregnant in all gestations of pregnancy. Many hurting for thier loss and hurting because they are not able to bear anymore childern. To read this is sad. I am a strong beliver in karma and they day will come. Its unfortante in stories like these that there is no law to take life away from a person who took a life, but again karma will bestow thier path. May her soul rest in peace. At least she will not suffer no more and i know all the angels in heaven are showing her true love.

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E-book: Victim To Victory

From Victim to Victory
a memoir

How I got over the devastating effects of child abuse and moved on with my life