Laws Protect Abusers Part 2

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Buddy - Our Dog- Last night he passed away got hit by a car – con't: 
Buddy was a hero, he protected us from each other
never hurt us, if someone argued, stood in front of them stopped them, he watched the house, he loved us
he was bought for my daughters birthday, and all our family loved him, now taken, i feel because of our abuser more interested in watching a tape to upset us about houses, making fun of that we had to rent our beach house my daughter loved, and even took it further got a tape saying forclosures in county we live and the white house that looks like ours, after me for two days arguing with abusive lawyer and brothers trying to take money again from me. while he put his movie on laughing and upsetting my daughter i said why would you do this, you know this would upset her
yet he says what are you talking about i just want to watch this. mental abuse making it look like nothing happen. then while he was laughing went out too late
left dog outside and a car hit the dog.

This morning me and my daughter we consoled each other talked about other animals family died funny stories
a funeral for her hamster, i had to do. many other funny things around our love of animals. and our losses

then i tryed, i asked her and the abuser, now that this happen, do you think we can change the way we are living. immediately he ran out of room they started on me, making it look like i was wrong something wrong with me, mean to me, i had to leave the room,

it began again all about me not about the issues
more games and more lies, games, and repeated behavior i see each day.

i cant change it or them or the lies

buddy died, i feel i let him down, i am starting to beleive if anyone loves me, they get hurt
animals even, if we want love or to be loved be with the ones we love then, we pay a price

why, why do we have shelters for victims instead of laws for abusers to leave the house they go to the shelters, why cant we prove mental abuse and why is it so hard for good police and medical people to gain control over the bad ones and help do the job not be fooled into lies, manipulation.

they cant help its our laws and our inability to focus on what right to do, what to do about this trouble
we focus on being a victim too much here, and what to do when we are a victim instead of what to do right
to help find the ways the laws change that.
if we cant change the abusers. all about what happens as the victim, i dont care anymore

write about what to do, how to change the laws to help good people help victims, and who can do that.

and what upsets me is, innocence , like nature animals
and things simple, they matter so much in life

and we ignore this, we focus on lies, just getting some answer, or reason, decide thats it, use counselors
police and courts, they lie too, or have liars in court
manipulate, play games, some of our laws are games
if you are smart enough to understand. most victims are too upset to be smart.

protective orders are not enough, either
we need a law about lies
we need a law about things

what i wanted to learn from you here is tell me
what you think, what laws do we need

list them, about all i have said my story and even animals, if you know any laws about my story
houses taken illegally, wills my father willed me a house they want it try to make me look crazy,
laws about, victims, about putting the abusers in shelters not women or men, victims do they have those
anywhere, about disability i see here some info but new laws, school too, where child put in vunerable situation and homeschool but told not to respect that fact, school lies, with either parent or whomever
i dont even know, records lies and medical lies. like the wheel but actually fact true fact.
if there are laws new and what laws you feel need to be passed done what they mean anything

and witness to this,they the abusers even commited crimes in our names just simple credit things
but they did, and entrapped my husband when normal
posing and staging events, they took my name even changed it w/o my permission, on paper they would say misspelling, and then all the things that i was questioned about my husband when happy i told them not true, after they changed the spelling of my name
we went back to beach and he became that person.

why, i cant even prove it or understand why or what they did, two years. now.

we got back to beach told, you dont know what you are up against,

why was what we both asked, i protected my family
we walked on egg shells careful as not to go against one another nieve ect. abusers wanted us all split up

i took responsiblity for thing hard for my daughter while she bravly tryed , we did good last year
this year, each time one of my sons tryed, my husband would take him away, then we end up without him or he come back not nice most of the time just gone
chasing away those we love and those on our page and those want to do good, help, break up family marriages
i know one law family enactment law, keeping families together but they stage it so they represent the family and do stuff bad to break us up

i figured out maybe why, in my fathers will it said married to and living with i thought a living will that one gone, i dont know. or to make sure someone doesnt get money or gets our money.

the very worst part is about my daughter, its only a few years i think she do good anyway with school
but its about her dad.

her dad wonderful man loved her, tremendously
no one beleives me that there is something more to this
its when the lies came that lawyer changed something

maybe they already did something want to stage abuse
to cover up lies,

but what about laws, my husband and i we got orders to say no interference from family and friends , guess what
since we did not know who the famous they are
we had to hand it to them

i thought ok who are they, my husband,
it wasnt, i cant prove it

they make me look crazy,

he is involved , but because they just make the laws
so that you have one option only for abuse
impossible for me to prove anything
the documentation so important because of this the log
the time and date thing that is very true

but, for me, right when i almost had them, had enough things to catch them, show truth of what happen to me and family they made me look nuts

shoot the messenger type thing, i had to start all over
i learned to use what they do in reverse, take the same methods of abuse and reverse it, how you do this i cant explain it but counselor basic saying if you stay
you must learn how to be better at their games see thier games and be better at them
that is not a life, its torture

Thank you

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Child Abuser Dr Bradley From Delaware

by Name Undisclosed
(Location Undisclosed)

Something went wrong, how i dont know lies, first then from there once i thought i did the right thing moving, trying to move on from things i couldnt prove i did report and i did help and i did all the right things it still didnt matter as the mom legally i did the right things and legally i did what i was told to do and not to do. because i did all this i became a scapegoat i ignored that, if i had been told the truth i would have know what to do exactly.

the mom

to this day i question what happen , why and if i do now even question anything well same thing discredited, so that what i presume that if and when anything i find out later as i have found out later no one would beleive me domestic violence and money taken and abuses i cant prove , pretty much all of it. i feel strongly plus i was disabled during one point and that made it easy for more of the above to happen to family

articles and such and cases well the only one where they caught someone is the delaware doctor and i dont know either weather related or what happen just a doctor to family and who exactly other than one i dont know. they caught him is all i know

that was the place i went to start over, and found a place that all the above lies and such going on i didnt know , i was open and normal and wanted a new start for family, ended up right in the middle of more lies and apparently these type of people.

maybe then its destiny maybe i am religious and i kept being drawn back there something wrong i felt i needed to go there, being stopped for years to go back by brothers who yes lie. money things or maybe more i dont know

i was drawn back and i think i did what god wanted me to do as the mom, and let me have a lifestyle needed to heal for us my children who went and visited and me there to figure out who and how to help, i found that out too, i ended up making things happy for my children and got my sons back as brothers and helped my daughter have a happy life.

for whatever reason , that made others mad, then trouble came, same domestic things , just trouble followed us. i did what i guess meant to be helped but trouble kept following us. i am very happy they finally caught someone there. the beach ruined by abusive and sick people the place where you go to relax and a place of healing, and thank god they caught that monster . maybe then will catch all the other monsters there too. different abusive men and women and all kinds of things not morally right, i still love the beach and my daughter she can also spend time there but i wonder when you think about it also, what about HOME

my houses they are family to me they sheltered us and they gave us something to live for something to work for

more of a family to me and us than the father and step dad, they kept us connected and well if you saw them each one now fixed from abuses, and another one, needs same thing fixing you would understand. selfish people they want to even ruin this for us. even so we cant make good out of it share if we wanted to help each other

home, i think home is someplace also to be considered what is a home, little things taken from abusive stuff no dinners together, gatherings and love, why i guess to intimidate us.

my parents died, and after this well it started they held us together the grandparents, family we used to say had each others back and all everyone split up grew up and whats left i dont know or understand they say make a plan. not everyone agrees

i just felt like i made a home for my family both places and as a mom they loved it. i ignored the abusers , i worked around them , i just wanted to see good from the good i did . these abusers in all different ways financial and other they are determined to ruin my life. and family.

i think what i will do is let it go let those i love grown now decide, what is home to them, i dont want them run off our properties anymore, lied to and my our houses portrayed as nothing, i think that was the final blow

the abusive people in our life they knew the houses were family to us, and kept us together, and gave us something to live for and home to us.

i guess abusive people dont understand the meaning of home, the victims do though . i guess the final blow to me was to take all i love and care about and try to take it, this time i made up my mind NO, when i did this it got worse, pressure all ends, brainwashing children and family, lies and well changing records you name it , done, crazy stories used. too , money lies just about anything you can think of. why because we survivied, we lived happy , we got the lifestyles and the happyiness , family , home and such in between the abusive men the dads the uncles and grandads what ones were abusive and they all stuck together, so did we

so what i want to say is , dont give up home and family to abusers , i still cant understand about shelters for women i know if beat you , but lock them up then, what happen , to that idea, maybe easy for me to say, here but still , i think someone knows the truth, hold the key to breaking the abusers at least in this family

why anyone would well, never ever give up your precious life or homes or anything to these abusers they already took enough didnt they. in our case i dont know they are getting caught the money things and record things comeing out , i knew eventually would. i am wiser than adult sons and such maybe they dont realize this. and well i rather them not think what i know true, lies ruin thier life burden them , but i keep my stand i know lied to , someone holds the key to the truth and if told all of us free of this i think thats called a hero. in life. one person told about that monster bradley doctor and many helped. thats the last thing i wanted to say, also tell the truth in life too however hard it could be its best to tell . also defend those who they lied about too, in our family lies enabled the real people who did stuff get away and they scapegoated me the mom and i could have proven this.

i didn t quit either, this site is good one but for me very hard. hearing the stories, it hard to help yourself and family isnt it. another thing dont be afraid to ask for help , that too i learned , very important i dont mean agencys or counseling you know who and how to help yourself , its different for each person. and family sometimes works sometimes doesn’t you would be only one to know the truth of what helps

dr bradley is a monster in delaware this beautiful beach town where he ruined families lives. and also
one of our homes where we lived , i still have not been able to get rid of all the abusers away from the home or the homes of my family the places we have all our happy memeories and family

i am expected to start over, where , i wonder after all this. a plan a bunch of abusers had for me. why well only god knows why. in spite of them i lived my life anyway and made family happy. both homes. our homes

they even took money from us, where we could lose the houses , my father had set up to pay for us, i tryed to find out what they did where the money went, no one cares i had to go over and beyond what normal people do to save them, try to at least.

home is for those in families and so is our towns and places we live, why do we allow any abusers to return lie and steal i just never get over it and the cheaters too. medical people too, around us , lie

i have a feeling today for whatever reason i think its going to end i dont know why but this site seeing these other people i just feel is a sign i beleive a miracle i think some miracles are coming for everyone on this site and for my family i feel strongly.

Darlene Barriere: author. speaker. survivor. coachNote from Darlene: If I have not left a comment on your story, please understand that it is not personal; it's just that my hectic schedule no longer permits me to do so.

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Laws Protect Abusers Part 1

by Name Undisclosed

(Location Undisclosed)

Buddy - Our Dog- Last night he passed away got hit by a car: 
I wanted to say something that I have learned , to make a difference in situations where there is abuse domestic especially emotional. Sadly I feel I have alot to learn. Everything that means anything to me , my houses both family home and beach home, my sentimental things given to me, my history even, my identity , my children brainwashed , my marriage, cars and my animals have been altered by abusers.

What i want to say here is, dont beleive abusers ever. You know who you are, you have in your mind your memories, Be who you are not the victim they try to make you think you are what they say and lie about

Focus on the good things the real you , the real family or person you remember the abuser to be, when only he or she is normal, Live your life given to you dont waste precious time, for me I did do this. Thank God

But there will never be anything you can do about the abuser, only what you can do. period. i found this out and the evil that comes out of others involved with the abusers, you cannot stop. lies , no one has addressed lies, just behavior, as it is seen. and what happens when you become a victim.

Its hard work to not be a victim, very hard work, and being with abusive people i learned you give up things meant for you destiny that otherwise you maybe might be able to be and or have great things

Ok so you can leave but when you leave as they say you end up worse , as in alot of cases as my daughter and as i wanted so deeply a new life for me and my husband and her and family.

what i got started over even counseling they always say get counseling, get lawyers police, well if i did this beleive me and it didnt work then i am sorry, its what you are made of that counts the most

nothing and no one will help you.

History repeats itself, how do you stop it then
we like familiar things home and confortable things we know, we go back because its familiar and happy mememories, or places we love been to happy
normal people dont burn bridges,
yet the abusers they follow you back with you
i was told this, long time ago that if i moved well they would follow me, i didnt go back with the abuser i went back with who i loved and happy,
it doesnt matter if you leave or stay is what i am trying to say here, its you. inside and you can be happy.

the control part i beleive the most key issue
that is where i messed up, independant and being
self sufficiant, if i had that i would be able to say
that i can defeat emotional and any abuser comes my way to ruin any of our life.

our dogs and animals our loving friends, they along with my belongings, treated bad

money taken, and well greedy people see it as well look at her, them, so why not take money
make decisions for us not good ones,
fact is its not theirs to take period even if abuser involved, on top of the fact if you are not indepandant
free money wise from abusers the abuser will go along with lies and evil things makes him feel powerful
like a preditor,

See Part 2 below

Darlene Barriere: author. speaker. survivor. coachNote from Darlene: If I have not left a comment on your story, please understand that it is not personal; it's just that my hectic schedule no longer permits me to do so.

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