Changed Historical Abuse Law

by Tracey B
(Kent, UK)

How perseverance can pay off in fight for justice. It enabled me to no longer feel that it was MY fault.

I was 'taken'by social services in 1972, ran and spent 4/5 yrs on the run, slept rough, was used by strip clubs in 70's, was sold to Arab punters in the Hilton and Savoy and various clubs in Soho. I was contacted by Liverpool police who told me that I was involved in an operation called Op Care and Op Cleopatra. I gave a statement to them but was totally stunned that I had repressed it for so long.

I was taken to an approved school in St Helens, beaten, raped, tortured. I could not take it. I tried to speak out and the staff turned their backs. I was allocated a lawyer and the fight began. That was over 20 years and I was side lined on many occasions. My mother found evidence as they were saying that I had never been at the school. My father had kept receipts as to HOW HE HAD TO PAY £13.00 p w. So I fought and was examined by various experts. I had my case used as just one of the cases to be heard in the House of Lords as well as the lady who took her offender to court for his lotto win. It was helped by a few other cases and the Law was changed on historical abuse.

I then went through hell and had to fight the Social Services for some kind of therapy. I finally got specialised help and it took 2 years and I now have no life. On serious meds just to deal with depression and told I suffered from PTSD.

I am ready for this story to be told as to give hope for the other victims to keep fighting. But also I really want to be able to help YOUNG victims too. But have no funds or help to do this.

I also feel very strongly that The relevant authorities (i.e. police and Social Services) to ask for help from victims who have logical and reasonable answers and help. We need to help. If not for our own feeling of sorrow, for ALL victims. I hope you can help me air it and try to give whatever help that we/I can give. It is NOT new it is endemic in all ares of supposedly helped.

I was interviewed by joint Social Services and police. They all said that they had joined forces to help.I asked the officer why he was doing this. I will never ever forget his words and would love to thank him: "I was involved in this op as I felt that, at the time I was one of the officers who helped to take us all back when we absconded from these places."

My abusers were a man and woman team and had done it at another school but were just transferred to another facility. He was a retired officer in the navy.

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