Born With Disability

by Marcus
(California, USA)

I am a 14-year-old boy born In California, during the year of 2002, who has experienced physical and emotional abuse from my parents. I was born with a disability known as ADD, (Attention Deficit Disorder), which makes it extremely hard for me to concentrate on something, as well as making spacing out a daily routine, which I could do hours on end.

During my elementary years, if I ever had a tantrum or complained about anything at all, my parents would beat me with a stick, a 20-inch wooden monster with Mickey Mouse stamps on it, as if to make it less frightening to me.

I was beaten by my parents for several reasons, many included my 11-year-old sister. Ever since she was born, she was the "star" of the family, literally. At 2 she became a tap dancer, and currently is working with the top tap dancers in the world, as well as working as a model and an actor ever since she was a baby. Not only that, she somehow manages to keep her grades all A's, which I could not do no matter how much I tried.

My parents were always upset at me, saying I would never be like my sister, and that if I kept my grades like this, (they were honor roll grades!), they would send me to a mental facility. They cursed at me every day, saying I had no future, no talent, and sometimes, no right to live.

My dad has kicked me out of the house several times, where I would run to an empty "for sale house", and stay there until it was dark and I could go back since my parents were asleep.

I've had occasions where I had been beaten bloody, once at 8, and another at 13. Later during my current middle school years, my parents upgraded to ring fists, and metal hangars, which they used to throw at me when I attempt to run away, and I have several permanent scars all over my body to this day.

I've tried talking to people about my pain, but no one believed me, because I always seemed happy and fun at school. I do have one friend, however, who has been beaten by his parents as well, and talking to him really helped me.

As of now, I have just been threatened by mother, just because I complained about practicing a huge SAT test, in 8th grade. She told me I had no life and talent "like my sister", and proceeded to to hit me twice, as well as tape me crying, laughing and scoffing as I sat there in pain.

Many times I have thought suicide, but I have decided I would not let them alter me. Even if my life is painful as it is now, I know I still have a whole life ahead of me, and my childhood is just a small, small, part of it. I will become someone, and show that my parents are wrong about me. This is my story, and I hope other kids like me will find comfort, knowing they are not alone :)

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