Aware of Child Abuse

by Tine
(Ontario, Canada)

Am writing to you today to bring some of my urgent concern to your attention about two people. I was told by an anonymous source an member of Mr. family that on repeatedly occasion that Mr. lost his temper towards his own children there was also an mention that there was yelling and screaming on an day to day basic. I was told by a member of that themselves seen Mr. being ruff towards his own children I also was told that the children would have bruises at times. I was told anonymously that Mr. was abusing illegal drugs on a day to day basic. I was told by an anonymous source that MS. was also abusing illegal drugs on a day to day basic. It was also mention that Ms. left her own 3 children by them self without any supervision and by doing so one of the children fell and roll down 11 step and hit her head on a cement floor. There was also an anonymous source from an eye witness that seen Ms. locking one of her children in a room for countless hours. It was also said that MS. was countlessly losing her temper with the children my anonymous source also confirm that MS had hit and slap some of her children it was confirm that she countlessly was yelling screaming on an day to day basic at her children. Eye witness confirm that Ms. Left one of her child in a high chair not tied up without any supervision and the child fell on the floor. A anonymous source also seen and confirm seeing one of the child piss her pants cause she was so scared cause Ms. was threatening one of the children with a burning lighter. It was also confirm seeing Ms.threw her smoke out the car window and went back in the back door window and burn one of the children. A anonymous source confirm when one of the children was just a few days old Ms. left the new born baby on the couch without any supervision and accidentally fell on the floor. Now I hope you understand to why am writing to you of my urgent concern as a mother of 3 children and one more on the way myself I know I have to take the responsibility to get someone attention when this urgent concern came to my attention I was balling my eyes in tears poor little children so small and so week that they can’t protect themselves from this kind of Physical -Emotional -Verbal –Abuse. I would also like to mention that there is two special need children involve that can’t talk for themselves I hope someone at the Children's Aid Society as a heart of gold and will feel the same way as I do. I also wish and hope that my letter will encourage the community to do the same to stop this kind of abuse.



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