Autism and Child Abuse

by Michael Katz
(Location Unknown)

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In 1999 I discovered Asperger's Syndrome. For ten years this seemed to be the best characteristic to describe how I am. In 2009 I acknowledged how much I have been emotionally abused by my mother. I started going to a child abuse survivor support group that I like much better than the Asperger's Syndrome support group. Due to the circumstances of the child abuse it is now impossible to say for sure if I was born with Asperger's Syndrome.

Most parents, (not all), I say again, most parents of Autistic children are more concerned about their own rights than they are about the rights of their children. Parents of Autistic children will say that their children did not become Autistic from child abuse. Parents of Autistic children have so thoroughly defended this right that they now have a free and clear licence to be abusive to their children without ever being questioned. Any signs of child abuse will be disregarded and be reclassified as Autism, and thus their children will be subjected to more intensive Autism treatments instead of investigating how child abuse is exacerbating the Autism.

I have a developmental disability that I believe was caused by the emotional abuse of my mother. I believe something like this can be documented. The brains of abused children develop in such a way that they have a developmental disability.

The question to consider is: Did my emotional abuse cause the Asperger's Syndrome? I know for sure I have a developmental disability. I was raised by this very emotionally abusive mother. Due to the factor of the emotional abuse, the odds I was born this way becomes very slim.

If it can be proven that my developmental disability is not Autism, then what is the name of this particular developmental disability.

Child abuse can intensify the symptoms of Autism if the child was born Autistic. Child abuse can cause a child to become developmentally disabled. I can't say for sure if child abuse actually causes Autism, BUT IT SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED.

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