As The Loss of Innocence Spreads

by Aunt Sandy
(Ohio, USA)

Recently, my brother went upstairs to check on his five-year-old son, three-year-old daughter and six-year-old playmate. He found the three together in the bathroom. The six-year-old had inserted the cover of a disposable razor into the rectum of my three-year-old niece, while her brother watched. The issue was taken to the mother of the six-year-old, who brushed it off as child's play, and commented that she had caught her own daughter and a cousin doing the same thing just the night before, in her own home.

I am enraged, totally floored, that the three-year-old was not taken directly to the ER. Instead, they are waiting to discuss it with the little girl's teachers today.

I could not get it through their skulls that someone has practiced this on the first girl, who in turn assaulted the next girl, who has assaulted their daughter. That this is totally out of the norm of child sexual curiosity. This involved penetration, done in secrecy. The girls all knew enough not to do this downstairs, in front of the adults, but rather behind a closed door. That the first girl didn't just see and hear her mother and her new female partner; rather, someone has initiated her into this using a small slender object. Probably a trusted adult. And since this has been a chain of young girls, that is was probably a woman who did it.

What the girls knew to keep secret, among them, is the literal spread of a loss of innocence that the girl's may feel is appropriate, but in the same stance have not informed their parents.

Today, I am going to the local police. Somewhere along this chain, someone—most likely an adult—has taken a childhood, and in turn it has affected other children in the neighborhood.
As it stands today, because the police were not called and there was no ER room visit, I am taking it upon myself to go to their city and file a complaint. This may very well end my relationship with my brother and his wife, but truthfully, I wish someone—anyone—no matter what the price, had stood up for me and my siblings as children.

I adore my niece. I adore my nephew. I love their parents. But there comes a time in everyone's life when you stand up and be counted, or sweep it under the rug. My sister-in-law's reaction to this being a hand-me-down abuse, and that it is no one's business; frankly, she couldn't be more wrong. Anytime a child is abused, the effects are long-reaching; and it is the business of every adult in their lives and throughout society. This is not child's play.

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