Arrested for Child Abuse

by Name Undisclosed
(Florida, USA)

I was arrested for child abuse. I was sitting in my house, taking care of my 8-week-old baby when I noticed a truck full of kids pull up in front of my yard. I laid my baby down, looked out the back door and saw about 20 kids in my yard. I heard a bunch of yelling. Just 2 months ago, they were all really good friends, until 2 of the girls and my daughter's friend got into a fight. That fight has carried onto a lot of threatening from these girls.

Anyway, I was trying to find out what was going on. I told everyone to get out of my yard and go back to wherever they came from. Everyone left my yard, except the 3 girls that wanted to fight my daughter and her friend.

Well, my daughter and one of the girls ended up fighting. I pulled the girl off my daughter and told her it was enough and to go. Everyone left then.

Well, the cops came. My daughter and I were arrested. I spent the night in jail. The police report says I encouraged my daughter to fight, and I was the primary organizer of the fight. So now if the State Attorney presses charges, I'm looking at 2 counts of 3rd degree felony.

My daughter is 15 and I have a 17-year-old son. Neither has been in a fight before in their lives. I have never been in a fight myself. These girls have been doing this stuff for months now, and they just keep getting away with it.

A month before this fight, the girl that my daughter fought with called my house. We recorded her threatening to bust my daughter up. I called the cops and told them they needed to do something about these girls before they jump my daughter and send her to the hospital with a broken nose and a concussion. The cops did nothing. Now look...they jumped my daughter, and now my daughter and I were arrested and I might get charged with child abuse.

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