All 6 Abused

by Sherrie
(United States)

I was born into a family with four sisters and one brother which was very hard to think about because nothing was ever easy for any of us while living with our real parents. Our father worked and our mother stayed home doing nothing like she should have been doing as a mother. Our father always stay drunk throughout the week with some of his other co-workers which was not good for any of us because then leads into problems at a later time in life.

We were all way too young to really be able to understand about what was going on which back then nobody hardly ever knew about the child abuse and neglect within the house. Mine started with my real parents first and then in foster care home. Second i have abused and neglect over the years of living on earth until it is hard to see the real you. Sometimes we went through so much heartaches and pains until when it came to the healing process well it was too late for us.

I have never realized about any of the changes within my family history things that went on through out the years just let me say that somebody should have went to jail for their crime of abuse and neglect. Back then time just passed by without really knowing much because when you are not taught any better while young how could we find the other sides of ourselves. Later on in the world yes our father did work but never took care of us because he always drank his money up on payday each week.

Our real mother made us all do things that we were not old enough to do yet for our ages like the chores on the inside and outside of the house. We had to do as we were told. Our oldest sister had to play the mother role because the real one was so lazy she made us all go around without wearing any clothes or shoes sometimes. Also just like she kept the two oldest one from attending school when they turned five years old we did not know about what she was doing or up to in the household.

When it came to punishment we all had to suffer the abuse and neglect from both parents. We did have someone to keep an eye on the household but never worked out because our parents would always turned them away from being around us which was hard because they were apart of our family as well. When the times came for us we had to do outside work like cut wood for the fireplace which they gave a chainsaw to our brother when he was only three years old at the time well he cut the wood along with the top of his foot along the way lucky he did not lose the foot but has a scar on top from the chainsaw cut.

We were all locked outside of the house in the cold nights with snow on the ground for no reason just put us out the door then locked it from the inside so we could not get back in until the next morning. Also the two oldest sisters had to got to the store for our real mother to get her some snuff which on the day it was raining and lighting outside but she threw them in the yard along the way to the store they dropped the dime into a mud puddle in the yard they had to find the dime while in the storm lucky they did not get struck by the lighting.

When things happen the parents lie about what really had happen to us in the household. We were too young to tell anyone else about the abuse and neglect we just deal with it for years. Our mother had an empty closet that she was not using at the time so when any of us were bad she would put us inside the dark closet then close the door and locked it on the outside. She would leave us there for hours but sometime it was days. Our brother mainly because he was always doing something wrong or bad in the house. One time our brother got a hold of one of our mother snuff cans then went to the bathroom put it inside the toilet then flushed it down. It cause the toilet to stop up he got into trouble with our mother then it was so unreal. One time our brother was playing on the hot stove. Mother made me get him down so when i tried well it caused myself to get burned on the elbow which now i have a scar. Along with her getting mad with our oldest sister about letting the beans burn on top of the stove until our mother took the pot off the stove then faced our oldest sister then pour the hot beans on her leg's and feet. She was burned badly. Back then how was they suppose to explain things about how we got hurt when it was their fault in the first place. Parents are suppose to support and provide for their children. We had got so many beat-ens until we could not keep count of them all. Either our parents were very crazy set of people but we had to live with them until the day when someone else outside of the family called the people on them.

Our real parents were not right in the head because neither one of them got a school education and met each other at a very young age which was not good for anyone to deal with. Our parents had a shot gun wedding. We never was taught to do things in the right way because our real parents could not take care of themselves no longer six children.

We all were different in many ways. Our real parents should not have been allowed to have been parents in the first place because it just destroy our lives as children. What did we have to look forward to? Nothing because we were never given the chances to prove ourselves in the world. We had one big crazy family from both sides. The truth is we never met most of our families. That turned out to be sad. We remember a couple of them which was not too many.

When we went without food it was not good either because we all six turned out way too small for our ages. The sizes were unreal. We could not be around many people outside of the family. Our parents didnt want anyone else to catch them abusing and neglecting us six in the house.

Their was a day when our real father got drunk then came home but before he could get back to the house he felled in the yard in the cold and snow. We found him there the next morning. It was bad but lucky he made it through the cold night.

Some of our real father friends came by the house one day to see him. They got drunk then later some of them passed out from the drinking but for one or two of them well they tried to make a move onto the three oldest girls but lucky we as able to fight them off some how. But where our real mother was at the time is unclear to me because not sure what happen. But later the two men passed out just like the rest from drinking so nothing really happen. Just knowing about what could have happen scares me.

We all were born close together in months and years. We stayed together as well like a family should have done in the first place. We all had lived inside a nightmare. Maybe our real parents did not know any better but still someone should have stepped in for us along the way. But anyway life was hard.

Their was another time when our youngest sister got placed into a tub of hot water by our mother. Both of her legs were burned. Mother had blamed me for putting her into the hot tube of water in the first me. My oldest sister was hit in the head with a sharp knife. We both have scars from the cut by our real mother hands.

We could never had a good life with our real parents. They would hit us with any kind of objects around the house when we were bad in some way or another and our heads would be put into the crack of the walls.

After so many years of abuse and neglect the social services department finally stepped in to find out about what was going on with us six children. In the care of our real parents they seen the truth so they had arranged for us all to be moved into a foster home for a while which was another story to tell. We all six finally got removed from our real parents house. That happen in the year of 1972 when we all were still very young at age.

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