Adults Must Properly Supervise Children

by Anne
(Ontario, Canada)

I was in elementary school, and there was a closed off space in the library. The closed off space was a pretend house that was made out of book cases. It was a really cool place to be. We had reading buddies. I was in grade one. The reading buddies were grade fives. When you are in grade one, grade fives look like twenty-year-old people. The group of reading buddies was mostly guys with a girl. I was sitting across from this guy inside the house. The guy started asking me questions about anatomy and I had to identify body parts. Explicitly. I had to do this silently because I didn't know what to say. This made me feel very uncomfortable and very ashamed of myself. I felt so ashamed because it made me feel so dirty. I felt dirty telling this stuff to my mom and I remember crying when I told her. I talked to the grade fives later on and I told them how it made me feel, but there was no adult around for this and I felt that this was an inadequate accomplishment. I have felt so bad and I did not like this at all and I did not like how it was handled.

I have never told anyone about this. This has impacted me today as an adult. I have serious issues with sexuality and men and dating and shame and stuff like that. I hope that no child ever has to experience this and that there will always be a sane adult watching over children to protect them, because this kind of stuff is unacceptable. I wish I could turn back the clock on this one.

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