Acrimonious Divorce Constitutes Child Abuse?

by JWC

Italian prosecutors in Milan feel the psychological suffering inflicted on a 12-year-old boy by a couple going through an acrimonious divorce, constitutes ill treatment of a minor and have requested they be charged. The Milan prosecutor, Marco Ghezzi, authorized the case following a report from a health visitor which indicated the child was "disturbed".

The prosecution charges that each parent tried to "discredit, devalue and undermine the other" in front of him and "project their emotions onto him, above all, anger". In addition, the prosecution states that each of the parents had "manipulated" the child in an attempt to "make him decide between them", using him as a tool in their divorce battle.

Naturally the couple blame each other for their break up and for the arguments in front of the child.

This appears to be the first case of its kind. It could have precedent-setting implications for couples separating or divorcing who try to use their child as a tool in the divorce or have bitter arguments in front of their child or children.

Apparently, in the Netherlands it is now standard practice for interim orders to be made to ensure that parents and children do not live in the same property during a divorce.

I find this case intriguing, and I am very interested in the opinion of others who visit this site. Child abuse or not child abuse? That is the question. My answer? I believe it IS a form of child abuse.

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