Abuse Not Punishment

by Rob
(Location Undisclosed)

I agree that baring and exposing a kid for a spanking is a form of abuse, especially for older kids.

I grew up in the 60s when spanking was normal and accepted by everyone for any excuse or misbehaviour. Fortunately spankings at my home were rare and always given over clothes or on bare legs since we wore shorts most of the time, usually with a belt.

But it was a different story at school.

A teacher could take you to a closet or empty class, or keep you after class or during recess, where they would take down your pants and bare you for a spanking.

In first and second grades they would usually spank your bare buttocks with their hands, but from about third grade through 5th or 6th grade you were spanked with a ruler or leather strap, still on your bare buttocks.

The exposure didn't matter much in the lower grades but in the upper grades at age 10-11 it was humiliating and very embarrassing, especially since most teachers in grade school were female. Standing there bared from the waist down while she lectured you sitting on a chair with you standing in front of her before spanking you was a punishment in itself.

We were much too innocent then to think that this was anything sexual or abuse.

Teachers had different methods of spanking. Some would put you over their knees, while others would hold you by the arm and spank you standing up with your front fully exposed throughout the spanking.

Still others would make you bend over a desk, which were how most of my spankings were done, though not all.

Also some would make you get dressed immediately after the spanking while others would let you cool down or inspect the damage they had done while still exposed in front of them. I am sure that some teachers got off these bare spankings, but what would we know about this at that age?

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