A New Hope!

by Henry C
(Manchester, Connecticut, USA)

Let me in

Let me in

Comeing full circle in life can be a very inspiration way of reinventing yourself as a sexual abused person.I have always found through out my trials and tribulations in life that there is always another corner to be turned - much as ther is in turning over an old rock that has layed dormant for years so is the soul of humans and there way in comeing into resolution with what has occurred in there life -especialy in there yougher years -when things such as trust love, frienship and a safe home is a very important and needful thing to have. I was lucky to be adoped in 1953 yet i never thought that i would end up on disability after haveing such a traomatized chilhood.
So thru the years i have found that art and writting are a great way to to de-stress your days and nights.Not only that but at the same time find peace of mind and some contentment from all that has happenned in this life that i see as ajourney into who we really are as individulas.My true hope is that some day i will
pass on what i have learned in life thru my art and writting and that it will do some good such as this website has for individuals and familys who have been or are going thru what sexual abuse victems have known from there very beggings -and that is that as change comes to thoughs so do people come to belive in who they are as persons of a diffrent experiance.How are we diffrent and how has life changed us for the better to which we as children had no control over.

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