A New Category of Child Pornography?

by My Two Cents

Where to start...I was toying with the idea of going back to school for my master's in social work degree (I have my bachelor's degree in social work) and I did some preliminary preparation, like visiting this site and commenting at times. I seemed to find an area of child abuse that sounded like it needed some attention, female perpetrated child sexual abuse and I started to gather some information in that area. I thought I might do some work in that area for a thesis or a research paper perhaps.

Long story short, I don't have the grades to get into the school in my province, so I am looking at a different area of study that has nothing to do with social work.

I did however keep up my informal studies by looking at this website and other websites. I have to say, I find Darlene's site to be the best - it's not too over-the-top, the stories tell what has happened without getting too graphic, and Darlene and the other people who comment seem to be nice and knowlegable.

Now....there's a trend I've started to notice. Some sites are getting a little too graphic. I don't see pictorial pornography on any sites I have visited, but I have seen what I characterize as "textual pornography." For example, if a babysitting site is discussing how to cause erections when they give their male charges a bath, I consider that textual pornography.

I've seen that example I gave above. I've reported it to both my municipal police department and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), but I think the problem is the anonymity of the internet. I have no idea where the website is hosted from. I have assumed it is USA but it could be Canada or Europe for all I know.

So, I'm a little frustrated. Does anyone have any ideas on how this can be dealt with? Is there a central body to report this to, like Interpol? I assume that the RCMP shares tips and information with Interpol but....?

Let me be clear - I don't think it's a problem for a new babysitter to go on a babysitting site and post, "The mom has asked me to bath him when I sit tomorrow night! How do I do this??? I've never bathed a boy before!" I don't consider that a crime. But if someone goes on the site and posts, "Hey, guess what! I'm babysitting tomorrow for a 5 year old boy, and his mom asked me to bath him!! I can't wait to wash his privates!" I think it's crossing a line. I would have the same problem irrespective of the gender of the kid. I really don't see why the parents want a babysitter to wash a kid they're sitting for, what, 3 hours? The bath can't wait?

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