A False Perception

by Arthur J
(Brooklyn NY, USA)

I was severely abused growing up. I had my nose nostril ripped in half, I was pushed down a flight of stairs, had a bag of black licorice jammed down my throat making me permanently sick of the candy. That's only what I don't remember, I learned of them later in life. What I do remember is, being constantly beaten, repeatedly knocked unconscious, starved, isolated, and verbally assaulted every day.

I had a good start to life, but when I was 4 1/2 years old, my mother brought in my soon-to-be stepfather who proceeded to beat the living crap out of me.

What drove me crazy though was not the abuse, but the denial of it afterward. That it was all in my mind and it never happened. That my stepfather was a good guy and I was the bad one. It drove me crazy until I saw the same abuse as mine all around the world and in the corporate world and government.

I learned that society taught my family to ignore my abuse and all the facts and logic I could produce. This worldly denial was everywhere and what compelled me to write my book. The easiest way to change oneself or a society, is to change our perception. The way I healed myself was to openly look at my past. The easiest way to change a society, is to openly look at our past.

Don't be afraid of a new perception, it can help make lasting positive changes.

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