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"Speaking Against Child Abuse" is an e-mail I received July 29, 2007. Eva is a psychologist from Athens, Greece.

Speaking Against Child Abuse

As a psychologist I've learned that I must have empathy not only with the abused child but with the abuser too. Maybe it's true that any of us could be an abuser if we had the same background, the same experiences or the same mental and psychological inability of love, affection, understanding, sympathy and other emotions that make us good parents and generally capable for healthy human relationships.

Well, I don't care if all these are true!

Child abuse is one of the major crimes and must be punished as hard as possible. In my opinion, a huge deficit of the legal system of most countries is that they punish harsher crimes like bank robbery and many others, than child abuse. Most criminals of this kind are punished with less than 10 years or they are getting away without any punishment.

I personally condemn any violence against children. Psychological, sexual and physical. Physical violence, I mean ANY form, even if it's considered as "discipline".

This thing of physical discipline, like spanking, is outrageous. Many of the abuse incidents are the sad outcome of physical "discipline". Many parents must reconsider the way they discipline their children because ANY form of violence, even the mild one, is harmful for the children. The reasons are many, but it's pointless to develop my arguments about this matter in here.

We MUST do something about child abuse! The [least] we can do is to report any incident of any kind of child abuse we suspect. If you are truly interested about this matter, you can read this site for further information. We must realise that this matter does not involve only the victims, even if this should be enough, if we want to be called Human beings. This involves our whole society, our culture, our world.

Imagine how the world would be if there were no child-victims of any kind. Just imagine. One of the benefits would be the huge decrease of criminality. Benefits would also be [for] the economy. It may sound weird, but imagine that most of the victims are not active citizens because they deal with great psychological problems. And these are just an idea of the possible benefits. I know that most of you are already aware of that. I just felt [I had] to write them because this matter really involves me emotionally.

All of you that have been through child abuse, the only thing I can say is just to NEVER give up. You must ask for help. You are still people that can offer great things to society. In my opinion, even greater than the rest of us who haven't suffered as you. I truly believe this.

And you, who are now suffering DON'T TOLERATE THIS. I know it's difficult and it demands great inner strength, but you have it! You just have to discover it. Ask for help and have hope. You DO NOT deserve any of what happened to you! And this is the only truth. You [are] worth as much as other people, and compared to certain people, you [are] worth more. Don't forget that. Claim your freedom.

Congratulations and my great respect to the author of this site who knows how huge this matter is.

Have faith, but mostly, faith in YOU.

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