Child Abuse Story of Healing and Recovery From Shauntelle

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This child abuse story of healing and recovery from Shauntelle page was created January 18, 2007 and was originally posted on December 19, 2006 as story #4.

Shauntelle is from International Falls, Minnesota, USA

The following child abuse story of healing and recovery from Shantelle depicts sexual abuse.

The child abuse effects on Shauntelle: low self-esteem, feelings of being ugly, and promiscuity.

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Child Abuse Story of Healing and Recovery
From Shauntelle:

I was a happy child, until my grandfather took it all away. I remember I didn't understand why he wanted me to take my clothes off, but I did know he did not want my grandma to know. He hurt me so much, I didn't even realize until I was much older. I swore I would never let it happen to me again. But it did.

My ex-boyfriend took me for a drive. I kept saying, "No, please no." He wouldn't stop until I was in tears.

What happened to me has influenced my decisions in life more than anyone can ever know. I went with so many men, but I was a church girl so I felt incredibly guilty. I let people walk all over me and do whatever they wanted. I convinced myself I was ugly and nobody would want me or even care unless I didn't say no.

Now I am with a man who has shown me that I am a wonderful person, despite my circumstances. I am still healing and it's going to take time. I just want to say that anyone who has been abused, don't go the long way to healing. Sex, drugs and alcohol . . . they only create the illusion of happiness. You deserve so much better.

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