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Child Abuse Story:

This child abuse story from Tina page was created April 27, 2007 and was originally posted on March 30, 2007 as story #100.

Tina is from Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

The following child abuse story from Tina depicts physical abuse, emotional abuse and child neglect.

The child abuse effects on Tina: low self-esteem, the envious question, what Tina calls jealousy, of why her mother loved her sisters but not her and her twin, lack of memory of actual abuse but memories of physical injuries are intact, Tina's family denies abuse and has disowned her for speaking out

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Child Abuse Story From Tina:

Hi - I have read almost all the stories on this site. So many of the feelings expressed are so familiar to me.

I am the oldest daughter of four - one being my twin. I don't remember a time when my mother acted as if she even cared if I lived or died. Not only did she allow my alcoholic father to beat my twin sister and me, she also neglected just the two of us. We were her personal slaves - cleaning and taking care of the younger ones.

The things she said to us - we were horrible children, useless. She told me I was the ugliest human being she had ever seen. It goes on and on, while my little sisters were perfect. I am glad they weren't abused, but at the same time, there is still this jealousy - why did she love them and not me or my twin? Her emotional abuse was worse than Dad's physical abuse.

I honestly don't remember years and years of my childhood - just horrible bits and pieces. I am now learning that it is a coping thing. I know the bottom of my feet were burned so severely that I couldn't walk, my sister's arm was broken somehow, and that I had some sort of injury to my private area at a very young age - can't remember why any of this happened, only the pain.

My sisters pretend our childhood was wonderful, that none of the abuse happened. They have all disowned me because I refuse to forget or forgive.

I am the mother of three wonderful children - two sons, 20 and 18, and a daughter who is 7. God help the person who ever hurts any one of them - I vow that my children will always know how loved and cherished they will always be. They will never know the pain of being all alone.

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