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Child Abuse Story:

This child abuse story from Mary was created August 28, 2006 and was originally posted on August 9, 2006 as story #26.

Mary from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

The following child abuse story from Mary depicts sexual abuse, extreme emotional abuse, and ritual abuse, all at the hands of her brother.

The child abuse effects on Mary: nightmares, sweats, claustrophobia, and extreme difficulty urinating and defecating due to sexual assault with the use of objects.

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Child Abuse Story From Mary:

My name is Mary, and I was born on November 22, 1980. I was baptized eight days later, at Holy Assumption Church. I was abused by my brother at a very young age, and I have been through a lot of trauma, nightmares, and sweats. He conditioned me into claustrophobia, and to this day, I am still a claustrophobic.

My brother would throw me into closets, and bathroom closets for hours on end. When I was three years old, my brother hurt me further, via the Occult practices. I know how the Occult is, and it is not funny. It is evil, there is no hope about it, and for many years, I was terrified of God.

My brother shoved gears up my private areas, and would tickle me with them. It was horrible. Today, I still get triggers from gears, because of what he did.

He would bind and gag me in a chair, and he never let me go to the bathroom, without pain. I was constipated, because of the endless gears that blocked the passages for the urine, and defecation to pass. It's not funny.

When I needed to go to the bathroom, he would yell, and tell me I was bad. Being a little child, I did not know what to do, or how to react. He told me that mom should have aborted me, and told me that I was an accident.

I was terrified out of my wits to leave the house. The only time I would leave would be with my mom, or dad. I would stay inside, even on beautiful days. Up until the year 2001, I never left the house on my own.

Today, I go out places, on my own. My favorite place to go is the Midway at the Wisconsin State Fair during August. I feel safe there, safe from abusive situations. The Midway has wonderful, thrilling, dare-devil rides, game stands, and food stands throughout the entire Midway.

To me, the Midway is much more than entertainment--it is my sheltered area, my security blanket, if you will. It is my safe haven, plus provides hours of fun.

I know some people who are in charge of the games at the Midway, and they informed me that if anyone [were] to get funny with me in any way that I was to inform them, and they would personally escort these creeps out of the Midway. So, people better not even try to get funny with me, or they will be kicked out of the Midway.

As for my brother, I hate him, and he can rot in Hell for all I care. Jesus said to love enemies, but I hate my enemies--I cannot help it. I love Jesus, but I do not love my enemies.

I went through an awful lot of abuse, much more than what I shared above. I am so glad that I have the Midway to look forward to, and people at the games who care about me, and I care about them, as well. I wish that I could see these people all year. Plus, the Midway is great.


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