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Child Abuse Story:

This child abuse story from Ed page was created February 24, 2007 and was originally posted on February 14, 2007 as story #80.

Ed is from Chandler, Arizona, USA

The following child abuse story from Ed depicts severe emotional abuse and physical abuse.

The child abuse effects on Ed: reports he is still haunted by his horrific memories

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Child Abuse Story From Ed:

My name is Ed. I come from a large family. My father was an alcoholic and my mother a housewife.

From as early as I can remember, maybe age 3, my father hit my mom until she would cry. From one of my earliest memories, I recall my father forcing my mom to kneel on the living room floor, with us kids kneeling as well, around him and her. He held a gun to her head and told us kids to begin praying so that he would not kill her.

I rarely saw my mom sit, watch TV, read a book, or visit friends. She was always in the kitchen cooking, or cleaning, sewing, etc.

My father worked the second shift, and my mom kept his dinner warm. One night, he hit her head against the wall several times. The next day she could barely awaken. Paramedics were called, and my mom was admitted into the hospital due to a stroke. She was 35.

From age 35-37 she was admitted several times to the hospital. Finally, as a result of a cerebral aneurysm rupture, she died. I was 7 years old.

Following my mother's death, my father's beating increased for my siblings and myself.  He constantly criticized, humiliated, and physically beat us. About 1-2 months following my mother's death, my father abandoned my five older siblings, boarding them up in the house. He took the five younger children with him and left home for two days. When we returned to the house, my older siblings were gone. They had gone to live with relatives.

Soon the beatings began with us younger kids. I remember one night; my father pointed a gun at my brother, sister, and myself, threatening to shoot us. He threw my brother and me down a flight of steps, kicked us, punched us, threw objects at us, called us names, etc. At age 10, Child Protection Services finally removed us younger kids from his care. The three youngest kids were returned to my father. My brother and I remained under the state's care until we were 18. My father in died 1994. Looking at his body, in the casket, I wondered if this man knew how much he took from my siblings and myself. I wondered, Does he know or regret the memories he has left to his children.I hope so.

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