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Child Abuse Story:

This child abuse story from CJ page was created September 22, 2006 and was originally posted on September 5, 2006 as story #32.

CJ is a male from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

The following child abuse story from CJ depicts torturous physical abuse and emotional abuse.

The child abuse effects on CJ: very low self-esteem, trances, and great personal anguish. He describes himself as "tortured".

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Child Abuse Story From CJ:

I'm not sure why I'm writing about this. I'm not even sure I can finish this "story".

I was born in Ireland, far from civilization--as a matter of fact, it was far from the rest of society--36 years ago. We were very isolated and not allowed to socialize with other people.

I don't have a single memory of my childhood where I was okay. I was beaten, set on fire, hanged, and buried alive for days. Often my mom would take turns with "friends". I was referred to as "dog". When I was eight, my mom set me on fire and poured a bucket of urine on me to put the fire out.


Her entire existence was to torture me, just to the brink of death.

Somehow, I'm not a psycho. I survived. But my life is still tortured. I live with a memory or thoughts of my childhood daily. I often drift into a trance and relive moments.

I often think survival has been the ultimate torture. I can't get past the thoughts or pain.

I still carry hope, and cowardly tuck it away. I wish it would all just go away.

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