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Barriere Bits, Issue #005 -- Why parents target a specific child for abuse
October 16, 2007

Welcome to Barriere Bits, the child abuse information e-zine that will provide you with current child abuse information and articles.

In this issue:

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What I've Been Doing

Last month, John and I packed up our summer belongings, put our boat and trailer to bed for the winter, and headed home to sprawl out in our spacious abode in semi-arid Kamloops. Alas, we are home for the winter. The whiskey jacks never did arrive at the lake before we left, but the day after sending out my previous issue of this e-zine, the unmistakeable cackling of the sandhill cranes, their flocks of hundreds, greeted us from a mile overhead each and every day . . . always such a memorable way to end our season at the lake. Once we were home, it was time to face the dreaded annual 25 THOUSAND loads of laundry. Heaps upon heaps of clothes and linens and blankets are finally clean, dried and folded, and are now hibernating in cedar balls in their respective corners of our basement storage room.

We celebrated our wedding anniversary last week on our Canadian Thanksgiving day; 27 blissfully glorious years together. We agreed not to buy each other any gifts, but instead, treated ourselves to dinner at a local riverfront restaurant. The setting was picturesque, the atmosphere romantic, and the company was gallantly charming. Next came a bottle of Merlot, then a seafood dinner of crab-stuffed prawns, all rounded out in a fabulously delicious death-by-chocolate dessert. If I have to go, I want to go eating chocolate!

Just as we were devouring our last forkful of chocolate-sauce-smothered chocolate cake, a couple with two young children got up to leave. The couple's little boy, who couldn't have been more than 4 years old, stopped dead in his tracks right next to our table. His eyes were the size of our dessert plates.

The father was visibly concerned. "What is it?" he asked his young son.

The boy pointed at the white-haired, bearded man at the table right behind us. "Daddy, it's Santa," he whispered excitedly. "Santa's here! Can I go talk to him? Please Daddy. Can I go talk to him?"

John and I watched with heartfelt delight as the white-haired, bearded man, with a wink and a smile, leaned over and replied, "And what would you like for Christmas, young fellow?"

Yes, Virginia, there really is a Santa!

But from riverfront to website front, I have not been idle. There are loads of new stories, commentaries and articles posted since last month. Traffic to the site has nearly doubled and visitors are continuing to offer supportive comments to the many courageous story contributors. If you are one of those supportive souls, I thank you for your part in making my website one of the most compassionate and comprehensive Internet sites that cover the subject of child abuse. I applaud you all!

Ask Darlene

The following question has been asked of me many times and from a multitude of visitors: Why do parents target a specific child for abuse?

This month's question is the subject matter of my feature article.

Feature Article

Why Parents Target a Specific Child for Abuse

What do you think? Take the poll.

October's question: Do you believe that some parents specifically target a child for abuse? Poll now closed

Poll results from September's question: Do you share my enthusiasm for including a page that is "on the lighter side?"

  • 83% Yes

  • 17% Can't Decide

Thank you to all who registered votes in September's poll.

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    Author Bio

    Darlene Barriere is a child abuse survivor, a violence and abuse prevention educator and author of On My Own Terms, A Memoir. She lives in semi-arid Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada with her husband, John.

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