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Barriere Bits, Issue #013 Canadian Government Apologizes for Aboriginal Child Abuse
June 16, 2008

Welcome to Barriere Bits, the child abuse information e-zine that will provide you with international child abuse information.

Apologies From Canada:

There has been a system glitch with my website server that has taken up nearly all of my time over the past two and a half weeks. During this time, I have attempted to provide details and information to the server so that the problem of approved-but-inexplicably-trapped-in-queue comments not appearing on my site is once and for all resolved.

I assure all my visitors that it is highly unusual for such glitches to remain unresolved for such extended periods of time. Generally, problems that are site related are rectified within 24 48 hours. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and frustration this now-resolved issue may have caused you as a contributor and/or as a commenter during these trying couple of weeks.

Given the unprecedented amount of time this issue has required of me, I now owe you another apology for this lacking-in-information newsletter.

I regret that in order to meet this month's deadline, I have not been able to provide you with a truly international newsletter. Instead, I am providing you with the link of where to find the focus of this month's news: Canadian Government Apologizes for Aboriginal Child Abuse.

Just to encapsulate: I was disappointed in our Prime Minister's meagre attempt at apologizing; and have therefore included what I had hoped to, but didn't, hear from our Canadian leader.

The reason I've opted to post this article on my site rather than in this newsletter is to provide you with the opportunity to add your own comments. I hope many of you will do so.

You'll find the next issue of Barriere Bits E-zine, with news from around the world, in your Inbox Tuesday, July 15, 2008.

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Author Bio

Darlene Barriere is a child abuse survivor, a violence and abuse prevention educator and author of On My Own Terms, A Memoir. She lives in semi-arid Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada with her husband, John.

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