I Relieve Stress by Sorting

by Oda

From when I was a little kid, I've always been very emotional and stressed. I lack the extra "layer" most people are wrapped in that sorts through all the impressions one gets every day. If the dog of my mother's ex-bestfriend died, I cried. If I was in a room with many people, I couldn't breathe and so on. This led to several other problems, like the fact that I stopped being social, for instanse.

I noticed that sorting things, putting things in order, helped me relax. To take a stack of cards and sort it into piles based on colour, type or number. And then do it again.

This may sound like OCD to you, but I assure you it is not. It's not something HAVE to to, but want to. Reading helps me too.

Oda (17)

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Nov 11, 2010
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

I agree that you can "sort" without it being OCD. And I completely understand the way it can be a stress reliever. I often do a version of this myself. Hours can pass by without me hardly noticing when I'm de-cluttering and sorting. It's a way to dissociate and detach from the stress. It allows me to cleanse the clutter out of my life in a lot of cases, and then I feel as though I've accomplished something when I'm done. Perhaps it's different for you, more in the way of creating a sense of order, but if sorting is something you want to do and like to do, then sort away, Oda. It's not a problem unless it interferes with your ability to function or move forward in your life. Thank you for sharing how you de-stress with my visitors and me.

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Darlene Barriere
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From Victim to Victory, a memoir

Nov 17, 2010
Nice one: ''wow'' I thought I was the only one who gets stressed out
by: maurice

Oda nice one, I like your way of destressing yourself: Nice to know you and now Darlene are both ever so human: Ah sure there are none of us born perfect: We are born to set our goals and our horizons as pefectly as we can: I too stopped using a shredding Gadget: I take time out at least once a fortnight and shred to my hearts content let go of the pile of what ever I though was important: I let go of all you know what in tearing pages, stuff, that keeps cluttering up my room space and my thoughts: It stresses me out at times saying what am I carrying all this clutter around with me: So tearing up is one sure way of destessing the mind and the body. then away out into the wilds and where I can't be seen by another human being blowing in the wind away the inner mind stuff: throwing leaves onto a river and naming everything I let go: Good bye till I return: Thank you Oda we all have to find our way of letting go: Hi having a good and true friend who is prepared to walk and listen with you is trully a fab way too: who'll be firm fair and a friend to you being gentle and kind at the same time@ Hug and cuddles go along way too after one has completed the shredding or the letting go: Darlene Than You too:

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