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Convent Role Questioned in Child Abuse Case in India

by Joseph Anthony
(India New Delhi)

Child Abuse Case in India
Christian organisations demand enquiry Against Convent
New Delhi: 27 December, 2009

Two Christian organisations Indian Christian Righteous Action forum (ICRA Forum) and Poor Christian's Liberation Movement (PCLM) demand an inquiry by the India's federal agency CBI against the Sacred Heart Convent School for their role in Ruchika case. The organisations have also demanded public apology from the Sacred Heart Convent School of Chandigarh (Punhab) for throwing out a 13 year old girl Ruchika Girhotra out of the school instead of helping her after she was molested by a then high ranking Police official.

The ICRA Forum president JG Anthony and PCLM chief RL Francis consider the role of convent as "un Christian act" and "shameful" as the convent sided with the rich and powerful instead of taking side of justice. The convent shamelessly sided with the powerful official instead of following the teachings of Jesus Christ. "No amount of explanation can exonerate convent authorities of this crime against child", the statement added.

Ruchika was only 13 years old when she was molested by the high ranking police official. Out of frustration Ruchika committed suicide. The incident which took place 17 years ago is today in the centre of public agitation in India.

If this kind of behaviour by the convent had taken place in the West there would have been uproar. Why is the Catholic Diocese of Chandigarh observing "criminal silence" in this case?

As a Christian we feel ashamed that a Catholic institution, which is supposed to be a custodian and champion of human rights, sided with the perpetrator and did not help the child victim.

Both ICRA Forum and PCLM urge the campaigner seeking justice for Ruchika and to hold school also 'responsible' for the suicide by Ruchica and include their name in the case.

Issued by JG Anthony

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