Child Abuse Story From Genie

by Genie
(Chicago, Illinois, USA)

What I Am Like

What I Am Like

When I was a little girl I found my mother's childhood photo album. What I expected to be happy pictures of my mother on the shoulders of her father turned a corner. What I saw were pictures of my mother with bruises on her legs and arms. I didn't expect to see that at all.

That night I searched through my mother's old boxes. I found picture after picture of her with bruises. I'd always known my grandfather was scum, but my idea of scum and the truth were two very different things. I'd thought that scum meant my grandfather hadn't given my mom something she wanted; it was that night I found out otherwise.

"Tweetie," I'd heard my own father call moments after. I remember shuddering at the thought of a father hurting their own child. My father had been calling me Tweetie since I was five cause it rhymed with my name "Genie" and I'd nursed a sick bird.

"Coming!" I stuffed the album and my mother's childhood journal in my backpack and prayed he wouldn't tell me to put it away.

Later that night I sat in my bed with the journal in my hand. It held nothing but fairytales and wishes. Then it stopped and there was nothing for three years. It's then things got heated as I read the loopy handwriting of my mother talk about her attempted suicide.

The next morning I told my mother I knew, while she cut a few apples. She stopped and stared up at me. "I'm sorry," was all she said. I slipped off my stool and engulfed her in a hug.

Little did I know she wasn't apologizing for that, but for the fact that my uncle was coming, the man that had sexually abused me as a small child.

Two days later I sat in my bed with tears in my eyes as I watched the man that was the son of my horrid grandfather leave the room.

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Jul 02, 2009
You are NOT alone...
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

Genie, I don't know if you are still in this situation or if you are now an adult and safe. If you are a minor, please tell someone who can help you. If you mother isn't in her right mind to stand up and protect you, then you must find a way to get yourself protected through another source. If you are still a minor, please contact Child Help at 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453) in order to talk to someone about the sexual abuse. They are staffed 24/7 with professionally trained counsellors who will listen to you. They are not a reporting agency, although they can help you through the process of reporting if you decide to disclose the abuse. You can visit their website by copying & pasting the following URL into your browser:

If you are now an adult, I strongly urge you to seek out some form of counselling to help you through the emotional residue, both for the sexual assaults AND for the betrayal and abandonment by your mother. Of all the people on the planet, she knew and yet she continued to expose you to sexual molestation. She basically led the wolf to the sheep; she has much to answer for. If you still have a relationship with your mother, perhaps the two of you can have a heart to heart about this. Perhaps doing so will lead you both on a path toward healing and recovery. You didn't deserve to be molested, Genie. You most certainly deserve help for the fact that you were. You definitely do not have to consider yourself on some rock, sad, depressed and alone. You are NOT alone. And you have the power to get help for yourself. You must do what you must do in order to deal with this, Genie. You're too worthy NOT to.

Thank you for sharing your story with my visitors and me.

A Video Reading by Darlene Barriere
Darlene Barriere
Violence & Abuse Prevention Educator
Author: On My Own Terms, A Memoir

Jul 02, 2009
abuse is abuse no matter how you try to tell it
by: maurice

Genie, my immediate re-action to your telling or sharing your own abuse story was that you knew your mam was abused in the photo album. confusing for me is that I don't know what age you were when you noticed the bruises on your mam in the photo's. were you abused by your father who was your grand parent child. or was your mam your grand parents daughter. Darlene is a great and good woman. great and good professional women. she asks you to acknowledge it was you and how you were abused that you were telling her and her visitors. All in the sharing of your story need alot of love and help. Will you seek that help for you.

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